Wendi Friesen
CHT - Clinical Hypnotherapist

Fix Me Fast

You want it now. You want if fast. You want to get it in every way you can. You want it in your brain. You want to feel it deep in your body.

You want as much as you can stand.

And then you want to come back for more.

As you breathe and relax now, you hear these words floating into your head, filling your mind, surrounding your soul.

Yes, it’s true.
I know you so well.
It’s like a drug.
And I am your dealer.
“Hypnotize me, Wendi”, you plead.
“Make me feel good again”, you beg.

A very symbiotic relationship we have, don’t you agree?
The best part is that, as your dealer, I am going to treat you right.
I will give you the thing your brain craves and I won’t charge you a cent.

Watch the video and get your fix.
A fast fix for what ails you. Works like a charm.

Watch the video.

If you want to fix even more, learn EFT. Don’t go to a workshop for 3 days, don’t attend a conference, and don’t order a high price program for hundreds of dollars. Do it the easy way.

I made two videos that are the very MEAT of the process. One is an explanation and overview, and the other is the process that you will do with me.

Cheap, fast and easy, just like your last girlfriend. Hee hee.

Learn EFT right now, and download this video. Not only will you be able to do this for yourself, with me or without me, but you will be able to do it with your clients, friends, kids and loved ones.

Here’s the deal.
I did the EFT videos just a few minutes ago. On the video I explain how this crazy tapping thing somehow ignites your libido and makes you have more energy and feel, well, ready to get busy. (Just can’t find the right words that won’t get filtered by your email program).

I am all tingly all over.

I think that is what accounts for the extremely joyful moment I am having right now.

You want it too, you know you do.

This video instantly is yours, download it now. And a fourth of what it should cost. And it is a fraction of what those other scoundrels charge for teaching you EFT.

Seriously, if you want to stop pain, get your energy back, feel better fast, chase your sleazy friend around the bedroom, this will get you up for the job.

I’m bad, I know. Can’t help it. That dang EFT did it. Get yours now.
The 75% discount ends on midnight Sunday, after that, no discount for you!


Remember to tune in!
Monday, Thursday, Sunday.

See details here!
We have a lot of fun on the radio show and you get to win prizes. Sunday’s show is live on 650 AM in northern California.

How cool is that? Find out how to listen.


Desperate times call for desperate measures. After you have done your EFT, you will be glowing and tingling just like me. The logical next step is to get the famous HYPNO MOJO DVD. It is smokin hot. Watch the preview here.

Order it now, and you also get, at no charge, the entire Yes, Yes, Yeeeeessss…CD set for you.

  1. See the Hypno Mojo here.
  2. Order it.
  3. Use the coupon PLUNGE
  4. We toss in the Yes, Yes, Yeeees CDs. A $99 value!
And on that note, you are free to go.

Peace on Earth,



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