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NYC, here we come


Yesterday was a great day. (Today is as well, since there is champagne and cake involved)
I am very proud of our staff, our success and most of all YOU, our friends and customers. The Sacramento Business Journal awarded the top 100 fastest growing companies this year. As you can imagine, I was thrilled to be in the top 100 at the awards ceremony last night, being among the movers and shakers for four Sacramento area counties.
That was a big honor.
BUT, when they announced the awards I was shocked, thrilled and elated to be the number 3 out of the 100 top companies.
And for that, I have our clients and customers to thank for your support, enthusiasm and direction.
My commitment is to make you happy. Your emails and phone calls and ideas on our forums and seminars help us to figure out how to make you happy. And with that as our goal, we forge ahead!
Thank you immensely for your support and dedication. I am very proud to be the #3 fastest growing company in the Sacramento area. Huge honor.
We want to make you happy. J
And that leads me to our next article. If hypnosis is hooey, then why is catching on like this?
It is about your happiness. If hypnosis can make your life a little better, then the question surely is…

I was alerted by one of our readers that my name, again, appears on James Randi’s site. It says that hypnosis is worthless.
Al Franken isn’t so crazy about me either. He thinks hypnosis is a bunch of hooey. (he refuses to play my ads on his show. No big loss, however)
I just have to defend myself and say, “whatever”.
You may know that Randi is the skeptic guy that offers a million bucks if you can prove, among other things, that hypnosis is real. This would be a well earned million.
But if he ever feels the need to unload that million, I am up for the job.

I go back and forth about whether or not hypnosis really exists.
I know, I know- I am actually a hypnotist who uses the brains of people around the world to experiment on and it would seem that I, of anyone, would say that hypnosis really exists. It is just weird though, that you can get the same effect from the brain without hypnosis as you can with it.

So, let’s say I am doing a pain control experiment and I am ready to stick needles into flesh to prove that they can numb their skin with hypnosis. It is possible that I can do this without putting someone into trance. I can also make someone jump higher, run faster, hit a golf ball straighter by using my hypnotic powers. But it is also possible to do that without hypnosis.
If you believe I can do it TO YOU, it will happen even if I hypnotized you in Greek. (assuming you don’t speak Greek, and since I don’t, it would be extremely weird if this ever happened)

Is Stage Hypnosis real? When I have done stage shows, people would whisper and point "there's the hypnotist. I've heard she is really powerful" or some such thing. (including the obligatory “don’t look in her eyes”) 
At this point many people believe that whatever I tell them to do will be so expertly crafted and include the super secret sauce that only hypnotists have, that they will instantly do anything I ask. ANYTHING.
It is the weirdest thing. A good hypnotic suggestion only takes expectation, plus permission.

Expectation means there is group of people and Me- the hypnotist.
Expectation also includes a bunch of empty chairs on a stage waiting to be filled, and that if you are chosen to fill them, you will do as I say.
Because you will be… hypnotized. Yea!
Permission happens because hypnosis is an excuse. Your mind agrees to do these things on stage because you silently have permission to be outrageous.
It’s all good. Especially if you are the hypnotist.

Often, people who order my CDs will email me BEFORE their CDs even arrive, to tell me how they have changed just from ordering them. Weird, but good.
When I did Hypnotherapy in my office with clients they would change before they even got into my office. Expectation is everything.

What is hypnosis? As far as I can tell it boils down to only these 3 things
Expectation, desire, and belief.

Expect that hypnosis will do it to you.
Desire to make the change. (doing it for yourself, not for other reasons)
Believe, in your mind, that it will happen. (or has already happened)

So do you need to be hypnotized to change?
If you believe that you do, then you do.
Can you change on your own and make yourself stop smoking or get rid of headaches? Yes of course you can, but very few of us have the ability to believe that we have this power.
Truth is, when I want to make a change and want it fast, I go visit a friend of mind and say "hypnotize me now" and we are off and running. Lucky for me, she is a hypnotist.

Six Elements of Change- A CD that explains my version of the way the mind works. This is a valuable and massively important piece of work. If you want to know why affirmations suck and why most people will NEVER be able to change no matter how much willpower and how many resolutions they make, this splains it all.

Because I love you all, I will give you a little kick in the @ss so you will get this CD. You will learn more about your brain, your life and your struggles and successes than you ever imagined.
Get this CD- THE SIX ELEMENTS- with anything you order. No cost, just place any order and use the coupon SIX and le pouf, it is yours. We will add it when your order is lovingly boxed up.
Or, order it by itself for only 29 dollars.


Three days to learn the secrets, the techniques and the art of hypnosis.
On the 3rd day we do experiments on unsuspecting people.
If you have any unusual hypnosis experiments you would like to suggest I just might carry them out. I will report back to you on the results after we return from NYC.


Thank you for your survey participation last week. To see the results, just go here. Interesting to some… mostly to us, I suppose. There are some very interesting things that you may or may not care about.

Now, it gets juicy.
This week, I have for you another survey and another BRIBE! You do like bribes, don’t you?
This survey is about your feelings, your fears, your disorders and your S-E-X life. And for those of you who do not have a s-e-x life, we have questions just for you!
I will post the results next week. Please be honest.
TAKE the survey, and get the DOWNLOAD of KARMA OF KINDNESS at no charge.

Thank you again, for your support and for sharing your journey with us. Everyone here is honored to be part of your life.

A special message from my good friend JOE VITALE. Please read it. He is an amazing and intelligent man.

Every Tuesday, free internet seminars that will hypnotize you right out of your mind.

See you in NYC next Friday!
Peace on earth!


Jennifer, Shawn, Winfield, Bryan, Melissa, Rod, Adam, Ali, Paula, Ashley, Mark and Riley.



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