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Defiance and dangerous hypnosis
Inner Circle, back with a vengeance
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I do things differently.
I know there are many paths to the top of the mountain, and mine is not the only one… but Janet’s story about quitting smoking is a great example of how hypnosis can be dangerous and why some hypnotists are not successful when working with clients.

My methods on my CD programs work because I help you find the internal conflicts and positive intentions behind the problem. Here is a great example.

Janet called in on my radio show, and said she had been to 3 Hypnotherapists to stop smoking. Each time, she walked out a lit up a cigarette. (You could hear the delight in her voice). And she felt more determined than ever, to be a smoker. No one was going to take that away from her.

Watch the video
- Learn a little something about how your brain really works.

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(clarification on the video- her father died when SHE was 11, not when HE was 11)

Listen to the archive of this radio show, here. Her session is in the second half of the show.

Inner Circle- Wendi is back in your brain!

The inner circle membership has been on hold for a few months and now it is time to fire it up, bigger and bolder than ever before.
For all of our loyal members who have been patiently waiting for me to get my act together, your membership is still intact and you will get your next inner circle in the first week of each month.

Ready to join? More fun than ever!
Get the inner circle, which is actually a combo of three great CDs, made fresh each month.
You receive all three topics, each month. A full hypnosis session on-

Love and passion- a juicy exploration to wake up your naughty side.
Power and influence- create confidence, wealth, rapport and belief.
Health and strength- peace in your body, healthy mind, letting go of conflict.

You get all three hypnosis sessions each month.
Only 29 US dollars.

But wait, there’s more. (the best deal is at the bottom)

Pocket Therapist, monthly brain storm sessions

A fast blast to wake up your brain and make you instantly change that nasty habit, become a stud, or get a rapid dose of confidence.
The topics vary each month.
You get 3 BrainStorm sessions that are each 3 minutes long.
My BrainStorm sessions put you in trance fast and are great for getting out of a bad state of mind, stopping pain, creating a brilliant idea, or solving a problem.

Download them -
Put them on your Ipod or digital MP3 player.
Put them on the desktop of your computer.
Hit play anytime you need a quick fix at work or at home!

Only 19 US dollars each month

Whispers in the Dark- daily
A cool new widget that goes on your computer.
Every day, this little thingy will pop up and give you a personal message from ME, in my voice. I will remind you to do something important, or to think about something in a new way, or to close your eyes and follow my voice for 2 or 3 minutes.

You will see it blinking on the desktop of your computer when I want to whisper a sweet something into your ear.
Put on your headphones and let’s have a little “me time” together. I will remind you how wonderful you are, or give you a quick kick in the butt to focus up, or make you find a new way to look at a problem… just about anything. It’s like a surprise for your brain every day. (caution- occasional adult content of a sensual nature)

All you have to do is this:

  1. Download the widget to your computer.
  2. Click it when you see it blinking (once a day)
  3. Put on your headphones and let me whisper into your ear
  4. Breathe, smile and daydream with me

Every day, you will get a Whispers in the Dark message from me.
Not a bad deal for 10 bucks.
Only 10 US dollars a month.

Get a monthly membership for all three-
Inner Circle  29.00
Pocket Therapist, BrainStorms  19.00
Whispers in the Dark  10.00

A $58 value, only 39 each month.

Here- let me explain it a little better.
Watch the video
dial-up users can listen to the video

Choose One

If you are a previous member of the Inner Circle and want to upgrade to GOLD, please reply to this email and we will take care of it!

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Have a wonderous weekend!

Peace on Earth,


PS- remember, if you really want to stop smoking, you can do it this week.
Just Say Yes!

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