January 1, 2003

Free Your Mind- a little new year news from Wendi.com

A NEW YEAR- and those annoying resolutions

What do we want for the new year? The CNN Survey says:

Lose some weight 44% 

Save more money 26% 

Find true love 14% 

Get a new job 16% 

So, now it is time to make your resolutions. I will tell you what I think. (you knew I would)

Lose more weight-

Two things you can do.
One is to eat more veggies and fewer carbohydrates. (Anything white is pretty much a carb) Eat protein regularly to regulate your insulin levels. Exercise more.
Write down your weight and exercise outcomes. The last time I did this, I took up running without really knowing why. Then a few months later I found my outcome list, and it stated that I wanted to be running 2 miles a day and enjoying it. Dang it all, it worked!

Writing your outcomes has power. Here is a link to the format I like to use for writing them out.
Listen to this- one of my clients told me that you shouldn?t listen to my Love To Exercise CD at night before bed. She had to get up at midnight and exercise. And that woman who was on the TV show with me had to got up at 2 a.m. to go to the gym, cuz she listened to it at night. ONLY use the LOVE TO EXERCISE CD in the daytime, OK?

You might also enjoy the BODY BUILDER program. Be stronger fast.

Save More Money-
The easiest way to do this is to make more money.

Rather than creating more anxiety about how you are going to save money, create an abundant mind that will attract more opportunity and raise your income.

Where do you start? Simple- start by writing it down.
You know where you go to find the simplest way to do it? Of course I will tell you.

One of my most amazing months in business a few years ago, was a result of a financial goal that I wrote down. It was way more money than I thought I could make in one month. But, an amazing thing happened. I got on a national tv show, in a national magazine, and on a big radio show. All of these aired in that one month. And made double of my intended goal. Cool, huh?
Here is the outcome form that you can use to make your dreams come true. Also, this secret page includes the notes from the last abundance webinar. YOU WILL NEED THIS FORM for the upcoming abundance webinar. http://www.wendi.com/abundance/Testimonials/homework/homework.html

Find True Love-

At least one of my clients found true love with hypnosis. (She has been on two talk shows because of this) Seems that the mystical powers of the universe will willingly comply with the booty call if you focus on what you want. So, get your hand out of your pants, and start using your mind. Perhaps you could find true love. (and put your hand in someone else?s pants)

Here is one way to do it.
Get your warm, fuzzy self into trance.
Go on a journey on your future time line. (those of you who have my free CD, can use the timeline journey for this)  (WHAAT? You don?t have it? Shame on you)

Now in your future time line, ask you very nice brain to go to the place where you are meeting your soul mate. For some of you this will be one of those wet, slippery moments. Others of a more conservative nature will be enjoying a moonlit walk on the beach. ( Moi? I am naked and surrounded by raspberry jello? with Batman. Yea, I know it?s weird. I am a Sagittarius.)

Get a new Job-
Well, I love mine, so I am not sure how to advise you on this one. But I will tell you that this is true: Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life. Well, that is partly true. There is still work involved, but it is fun. Most of the time.

It is never too late to find your passion and do what you love. The money will follow. Especially if you get your abundance principles in order. 

Now I will help you even more, for free.


Beginning in January I will host four live seminars each week. They are one hour and this is how they work.
1. you get software from PALTALK and install it.
2. you go to this site to see the schedule.
3. you attend the live voice seminar and get hypnotized to your hearts delight.
4. you ask questions from your very own microphone on your very own computer.

Some of you have attended the two seminars I did with Steve Boyley. Now I am committed to giving four each week. Weight release, abundance, smoking, and confidence. Each week is a new process so you will want to try to attend all of them.

In February the topics will change. Golf, Public Speaking, Sexual Enhancement, and Memory, and Love of your life.

Go here to fully appreciate the most unattractive web page I have ever made, but loaded with the info you need to attend.

Also, if you subscribe to the yahoogroup WENDI, you will get email reminders just before each webinar. Nothing else, just reminders. Clean, simple, no jello. No love. Do that here- http://www.wendi.com/webinar


The way I see it, you have two choices. You can do things the same this year as you have every other year.
Or you can commit to doing it differently.
And what if you decide to do it differently and discover that this is the coolest year ever?

After all, you already know what it feels like to do things that same old way.

 What if, just before you fall asleep each night, you focus on the very thing you want, with all the wondrous joy and health and love that you would like in your life? and what if you focus on this when you first wake up? and start your day expecting good things to happen? (like in my CD with the morning meditation) (what? You dont have it?)
I wonder, as you may also be wondering right now, how good this universe might be in granting your wishes.

During my darkest hours, when life sucked the worst, i found out that I could turn it around by focusing on the very thing that I wanted, rather than staying stuck in the fear.

When you hear that little voice saying ?you become what you think about?, well? you might want to take a look at what you are really thinking about, what you are manifesting. Maybe think a little bigger. And more positive.
Would you like help with that? Visit our new shopping cart- sweeeeet!
http://hypnosis.wendi.com Order something. You?ll be glad you did.

THINK BIG - after all, bigger is better (.com)

Attend my free webinars, tell your friends and share the love. Get way out of your comfort zone and expect more than you feel is possible. That way, if you fall short of your goal you are still doing pretty good.


Are ya?ll tired of hearing about my cat? Well I just have to share. She is about 4 months old and has been extremely pleased that I got her a Christmas tree.

It really is the perfect play toy for a cat.

She learned to climb almost to the top and get the glass ornaments that were placed high and out of her reach. She realized that the cloth ornaments at the bottom didn?t make that really cool sound when she rolled them across the floor of the marble entryway.

So being a cat of the curious variety, she wouldn?t settle for the boring cloth ornaments that master had placed on the bottom branches.

Voila! Climb higher! Never give up! That must surely be my cat?s motto.

She couldn?t help but notice that the wire hooks were bent closed on the glass ornaments, preventing her from tossing them to the floor.

Problem solved- she climbs high into the center of the tree, perches precariously on the branch with the shiny blue one within reach (the blue ones are her favorite) and puts both of her paws on top of the ball, pushes down and releases it from the springy little wire inside the ball. Problem solved.

And now, day or night, even at 3 a.m. she can be heard tossing ornaments about the house, hearing the delightful sounds they make as glass flies across marble.

Everything I need to know about life, I learned from my cat.
Never give up.
There is always a way. (to claw your way to the top- of the tree)
If you are willing to climb a little higher, reach a little further and push a little harder, you can surely wake up the master in the middle of the night.

Happy New Year! Walk on the moonlit beach, bathe in raspberry jello, and dream of world peace.

Wendi Friesen