WAKE UP AMERICA- This Saturday

I cannot fathom the depth of sadness and sorrow that is felt by the people who have been devastated by the Tsunami. For all of us here on safe, dry ground- this is a time to put your life in perspective. The things that seemed so big and important in your life, the arguments and problems, the misunderstandings and anger... are nothing really. Our challenges make life interesting, and force us to grow in new directions.

Look at the challenge that these people are going through and realize how grateful we can be that we are in a position to help. You and I have the luxury of meeting our challenges, finding spiritual renewal, shopping for new soft sheets, or opening the fridge to consume food within seconds. These millions of people mourn their lost families, hope for a morsel of food, watch as their remaining loved ones fight infections and disease with nowhere to go, no comfort, no peace.

We argue over who took our parking space, complain about slow service at the restaurant, get angry that UPS lost your shipment.
They lost their homes, families, children, food and way of life.

Donate if you can. If you have no money to give, call the Red Cross and ask if you can volunteer for one day here, helping in any way you can.
B e grateful for those that love you and for the warmth and security you feel when you go to bed each night.


Wendi.com, inc will send a check for $50,000. We will need your help.
Here is what we propose- buy this CD, Karma of Kindness , for only $10 and the entire $10 will go to the Tsunami relief through the Red Cross.
There are 30,000 people reading this newsletter.
If 5,000 of you order the Karma of Kindness CD we will send every penny you spent to Red
Cross. There is an additional $2 for postage, so you will see that your total is $12. Buy it here .

To encourage you even more, we will have our
ANNUAL NEW YEARS one day blowout.
Order any ONE item at HALF OFF. Only one. If you have been waiting to get that Abundance CD course, or that Big O dvd, or the Alcohol Freedom, or the Zen of Thin, this might just be the time. Go here to see the entire list.
Use coupon BIGDADDY at checkout for half off one item.

Any single item, half off. Sale ends Sunday at Midnight . After which time, whiners and complainers will be shot.

Add the Tsunami Relief CD, Kindness, to your order while you are at it.
We will send the entire $50,000.00 check with your help! *

*If proceeds from the sale of the Karma of Kindness CD are less than 50k, we will send the amount that we collect.


Raise your glass of sparkling mineral water! The success of our Alcohol Freedom program is beyond our wildest dreams. We all at wendi.com are so happy to be part of your healing journey, and we love to read your stories of healing and inspiration. Join us and read about it here. It is a beautiful thing.

And while our glass runneth over we would love to help a friend of yours. If you know of someone who could use a little freedom in their life, and you think they would benefit from a break from alcohol, tell us about it. We will send out 20 packages of Alcohol Freedom for free, no charge, no shipping, gift wrapped with a nice note that says a friend is thinking about you.

E-mail morelove@wendi.com tell us about the person that would deserver this gift.

WAKE UP AMERICA- This Saturday

Wow, what fun this has been. http://www.hypnotizeamerica.com is Saturday January 8 th . Join us in a city near you for a free seminar, free gifts and a hypnosis session that will blow your mind right into 2005.

I have done a lot of radio and newspaper interviews this week, so hopefully you have picked up on some of what we are doing. About 100 hypnotists are offering to make your world a better place. Join us! There is still time.

And that is all she wrote!


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