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Maybe you remember how good it felt to be in love, to feel the passion that made your partner drive you crazy at just the sound of her voice.

You know that feeling- it was the best thing ever, sent chills up and down your spine, made everything else take a back seat to your never ending quivering loins.

But now, it is somewhat different.

You sit across the room from your partner/wife/husband/what'shisname and grunt. He scratches his butt. You pick your nose. You no longer caring about how fetching you are looking tonight. The thrill is gone, and that flannel nighty has worn out it's welcome. No surprises, no spark, no vacancy at the fantasy inn.

I know, I know… you are wondering if I have a webcam in YOUR house. How did I know about the nose picking? I have to admit that I have seen this problem (not the picking) once or twice in my therapy practice. Most couples tell me that they would like to have the passion back, and feel that thrill of surging, pounding desire in waves of unending pleasure. Well, lemme juice it all up for you here.

Yes, you can feel IT again. Here is what I do fo r m y clients who are no longer have that lovin feelin. (and faking like they are asleep at night. Ha. Caught you!)

You can do this to yourself. This is a self hypnosis sessions that will connect the old jump the bones feelings to your relationship now. (It might be better than what you WERE doing to yourself, don't you agree?)

Relax… breathe… close your eyes- you know the drill. Deceptively simple, amazingly powerful. You will take a hypnotic journey back in time. Create a time-line that you will take you backward through time, and imagine floating back on that time line… to a very special time, when you were powered by lust.

THE KISS, THE QUIVER, and the MONKEY THING YOU DID ONCE. THE KISS- ask you r m ind to take you back to the moment where you wanted him/her the most, just before that first kiss, just in that moment when your lips almost touched, when you felt the warmth of your breath combining with his… (is it warm in here?) As you linger in this moment, bring in all the senses- the touch, the smell, the temperature of the air…bring in all the details you can.

Enjoy every delicious sensation as real as it was in that most lusty, irresistible moment when you knew you would get your first kiss from him/her. As you reach the peak moment of desire (but not allowing yourself to get to the really good part) you will create an anchor. You can use any anchor you like, but here is one that I think is extra nice.

Put both of your hands on your heart and breathe in. Hold that feeling of desire in your hands. Now as you take that breath, float forward on the Time Line, back to right now, and imagine your lover in front of you.

Create an image of you and he/she/it locking eyes. (just kidding about the IT, please don`t bring your sheep into this)

Now take your hands off your chest- Go back on the time line again.

THE QUIVER- The Ask you r m ind to find a time when you were about to get the goods for the first time.

Take yourself to the highest moment of desire, but NOT engaged in the actual act. You want to capture the JUST BEFORE moment of most desire. Recreate the pulsing, pounding, reckless wanton desire.

Put your hands on your heart, breathe, and travel back to NOW on the timeline, imagine locking eyes with your partner.

THAT CRAZY MONKEY THING- Do this another time, go back to a time when you had the best ever, most over the top, crazy wild naughty adveSEntureXY (see how cleverly I snuck that word in?) with this partner. Go to the moment- just before you're all consumed in the joy. Be in that monkey part thing that you did so well. Only with a little romance this time. Now, hands on heart, breathe, zoom back to the present moment, lock eyes. This oughta just about do it. You have now captured the emotions of the first kiss, the needs of your loins, and the crazy unstoppable monkey excitement of the past, and anchored it in the present moment. Fun? You betcha. Email us and give us the juiciest details. Just clean up after yourself.

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Yup it is true. After all your begging and pleading, I will once again attempt to take over the world, by hypnotizing the masses, around the world, on the internet.

Here it is-
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