Bad news, Good News about the Webinar
How to get those dandy half off items

The Big Oops!

The WEB INAR scheduled for today, turned out to be a very covert, silent, subliminal sort of experience.

I had some software and microphone issues (that I should have worked out well in advance) and since I didn't get the software to open the room in time, those of you who tried, couldn't find the seminar room in Pal Talk.

I am sooooo sorry.

The Good News-
We will do it tomorrow- at 10 am Pacific Time.
Saturday, January 22, at 10 am . All will be working and we will have a totally rocking good time.

It's free, it's about letting go of ALCOHOL and feeling freedom in your life.
What are the attitudes, ideas, and beliefs that keep you weak? What will you need to feel powerful and leave it in the past? How do you create a time line that has your future programmed in?

All this and more, and HYPNOTIZING YOU will you sit and ponder the amazing and curious wonders that exist in you r m ind.

Here it is-
Saturday- January 22nd . 10 am , pacific time. Alcohol and hypnosis. Can you really just forget to drink?

Monday- January 24th . 11 am pacific time, Zen of Thin. Find out why you need to gain it all back!

Wednesday- January 26th 11 am pacific time, The B ig O. The webinar that will make you warm.

How to get in- info here . It is free for all, and you can participate with voice and text chat during the webinar. Fun -in ways you never imagined.

And just in case you are still confused about how to order the half off specials from the newsletter, you must use this link
Order here- Newsletter special
Use this link to get it- <--must use this link for special.

Yup, that one. The links below just DESCRI B E the programs, and do not have the discount.
So, to all of you who couldn't figure it out, now is your chance.
1 Pay attention to number 2 and 3, and 4 if you are really in love with yourself.
2 View the descriptions of the lovely items at the links below
3 Use the link above to order ANY of these at half off.
4 Gaze into the mirror and notice what a smart one you are for figuring it out.

And if you are bored, stressed, or frustrated, take a moment to listen to our insanely wonderful DOU B LE INDUCITION that will relax you and energize you in the strangest sort of way. Now in High Quality Stereo so you can feel the wondrous magic swirling in your head.

Peace baby,


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