To err is human -- but it feels divine - Mae West

All we are is the result of what we have thought.
     The mind is everything.
           What we think...
                 we become.           Buddha


Rewire Your Brain- the proof
What a Pain
Moving Day
Bowling for Columbine
Intuition stories wanted
Last Word


It is good to be wanted.   For all of you who wrote to me in the last couple of weeks, wondering where the newsletter is, well… I have a good excuse. Well, maybe not a good one, but a fair one. And it is nice to know that so many of you are actually reading my rag.

 Wendi.com has been growing very rapidly this last year. We outgrew my garage, then outgrew the new office, and had to move again. This time to a far better place. 
Our new office is spacious, brand new, and full of boxes and desks and wires.  If you have ever moved an office, you are now feeling my pain.
We had to build new office furniture – that stuff that comes with several big bags ‘o screws- had to learn many new swear words, and just learn to get along amidst the disaster. Things are coming together now.
Finally. Anni, Bethani, and Wendi are all happy and snuggling in. Immense thanks to Tim and Sean and Chris for their hard work.  As soon as we clean up the mess, I am going to put in a couple of web cams. Then you can see what slackers we really are, and you can watch us fill your orders. Just remember, Friday is really casual day, and Anni has been known to show up in her pajamas. Maybe I could declare an official Friday really casual day, to be pajama party day, and we can all wear our jammies and have a pillow fight or something. That might make a good web cam day, don’t ya think?  When the cam is up, you will be able to observe the Zen experience of wendi.com. Just outside our office door there is a waterfall, garden, putting green, babbling brook and a place to sit and eat our sushi lunch. We are soooo California. I’ll send a picture in the next newsletter.

Now, for something more important than us in our pajamas having a pillow fight…

Rewire Your Brain- the proof
Our thoughts are things- you knew that right? It turns out that our thoughts result in brain growth in the areas of our brains that need to respond to help us improve our performance. A Wall Street Journal article explains how you can get better at something by only visualizing the activity, resulting in brain wiring (dendrites) and growing the part of your brain that will perform that function. (wendi just says, “duuuh”)  That is why my golfers improve their game tremendously after hypnosis, and why body builders can lift more weight after visualizing the increased weight being lifted..

One of my young flute students (10 years old) was having great difficulty mastering the most basic skills. Then one morning she woke up after having a dream that she had played a song perfectly. She grabbed her flute and music book, turned to that page and played the piece perfectly. Her brain did the wiring and perfected the skills in her dream even though she was not able to play the piece the day before.

One boy who played the sax had no rhythm. I made him a rhythm machine in his brain that kept time for him, and he was able to get down with his bad self. His rhythm became an internal mechanism that did the work for him.

Why are we able to make changes by only visualizing an activity? Because your subconscious mind does not know the difference between a real and an imagined event. Imagining, visualizing and hypnotizing your brain creates the SAME response as doing the actual activity. Physiological changes are made as wiring is being created along with growth of grey matter to support the new ability.
Read the article.

There is a difference between the real activity and the hypnotic practice session. When you are doing the real activity, you are doing it RIGHT and WRONG. Every time you slice that golf ball, or miss that putt, you are also growing dendrites and grey matter that support that slice or missed putt. Your brain doesn’t know which one is right or wrong. It doesn’t care. It will increase the ability if you make it or miss. So, the fastest improvement in any skill is going to be the repetition of doing it correctly, in your mind. You can certainly use hypnosis to speed up the process. Hypnotists have known this f o r e v e r, but now there are cat scans and MRI’s to show the actual physiological response to thought. Those of you who bought the new INTUITION program last week, are going to be growing your brain to enrich the sensory ability to know stuff. How cool is that. The “know stuff” part of your brain is gettin busy.
Read the article.
Mind machines are part of the Memory Magic Program. Just more amazing stuff.

What a Pain
So, I was sitting at my computer last week, and sneezed – just a little sneeze- and felt that most familiar shock in the small of my back, as I groaned and moaned to waves of the gripping terror of back spasms. Aaarg. Now stuck in that position, afraid to move, I spent the next 30 minutes creeping inch by inch out to the spa. I have been very happy about the fact that I have not had back pain for many years, even though it was a big part of my life a decade ago. Just one sneeze later, it all came back to me. If you have ever had back spasms or disk pain, you are now my faithful sympathizer.
A decade ago, the back pain would have knocked me out for 1-3 weeks. Now it can only last a day. While I was laying in the spa I meditated long and hard on the healing of my back.

I visualized my cells repairing the damage rapidly, releasing the stress (that is always the culprit) from the tissues and muscles, healthy blood and oxygen flowing, swelling going away, and so on. I deepened my trance state and asked my back to restore itself to a state of health by the next morning. I also did
EFT (emotional freedom technique) to release the electrical activity that might be out of balance. (EFT IS AMAZING- it not only releases pain, but it makes you very horny).

The next thing I did is parts therapy. Those of you who have my CDs with a parts therapy session in it, know how important this is. I asked the “part” that was causing the pain, to tell me what it wanted. Behind every negative behavior or outcome is a positive intention. If you learn to negotiate with your “parts” and find out what they really want, you can resolve a lot of really deep issues. Some of those issues are causing you anxiety, ya know what I mean?

So, I asked the pain inflicting part, “what do you want?”  (other than to really screw up my week)
The first thing it said is, “I want a cherry on top” (I have no idea what that meant)
I asked again, “what else do you want?” and it said it wanted me to not continue with a certain business project. OK then.
I asked once again, “what else do you want?” and it said it wants me to get a housekeeper, so I wont have to ever do housework again.  (yipeeeeee!)

The next step is to negotiate with your part and find out if it will make a deal. If your part looks like Monty Hall, it is not my fault. (you have to be as old as me to understand that one)
So, I asked the part, which we will call Fred, “Fred, what your saying is that if I give you a cherry on top, and not work on that new biz project, and get a housekeeper, you will let all this crazy back pain be gone?” 
Lo and behold, that old Fred, said “yup”. Just to make sure, I asked again- “Fred, could you make it be gone by tomorrow morning?” “Yup.” OK, then. I was happy, Fred was happy, and I was stuck in the spa until the next morning.

I actually did make it out of the spa later that day, and yes, I had my ice cream with a cherry on top. I suspect that the cherry message wasn’t about a real cherry… most likely it was a metaphor for some deep seated need to indulge myself in immense amounts of pleasure and satisfaction that involve sweet sticky foods. Who knows. If you have any interpretations you would like to share, I will put them in the newsletter. Analyze that
. E-mail me.
Get the Pain Release CDs.

Bowling for Columbine
You must see this movie. Michael Moore won a Cannes Film Festival award for this. I was at the screening last night in Nevada City (it premiered in NY, Los Angeles, and Nevada city- his sister lives there). The movie explores our violent nature in America, and our gun ownership laws.  Michael Moore is creative, insightful and will make you wonder what planet Charlton Heston is from.  If it is playing in your area, do yourself a favor and go.

Intuition stories wanted

You want Intuition? my, my, my. I had no idea that our pre-sale for the intuition program would be such a success. When ya’ll get all wise and intuitive and amazing things start happening, let me know. Email me. I am building an intuition site and would love to put your stories on the site. If you have some great intuition stories from the past, send those along as well. An interesting article in this month’s Psychology Today was on Intuition. Exploring our ability to have intuitive thoughts goes nicely with the previous writing about the Secret Life of our Cells. If you read my previous newsletter you may remember the research on how our cells and the cells of plants, and even inanimate objects, respond to thought and intention. When you use your Hypnosis sessions for intuition you are not creating that ability, rather creating a sensitivity that allows you to be more perceptive and receptive to the thoughts and activity around you. 

Check it out. The pre-sale price is long gone, but you can still
order the program at an amazingly low, mind blowing, just crazy monkey ask me why I would sell it so cheap kind of price. I know, I know… you would like to pay more, but I just won’t let you. Don’t beg.  I like it when you beg, of course… just not right now.

Last Word
Today, find something that has been an issue for you… maybe something that you have not been able to resolve with all your analysis and effort. Maybe a behavior you have had that you don’t like. Or you might want to find out what is behind that pain in your neck. Imagine that there is a part of you that is doing this to you for a positive reason. Use the parts therapy I outlined above to ask the part what it wants. Find the positive intention behind the behavior or pain. Ask the part 3 times what it wants. Each time, wait for the answer and then say thank you to the part. (our parts like it when we have good manners)
Next, ask the part what it wants to resolve the issue or release the pain.

Then proceed to your bowl of ice cream with a cherry on top.

Blessings and hugs all around.
Heartfelt hugs to all….


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