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Where the heck have I been? I did return from Costa Rica , and the winners were pronounced (very quietly) and the answers to the questions were gleaned from the secret vault.
Did you win? What if everyone was a winner? Read on…
Cherry Lorenzana wins the big prize of $300 cash. Yea!
Warren Jones takes it home with a fabulous $100 gift certificate
John Flaherty and Monika get to feel the unbridled passion of a $50 gift certificate
Janice Feldman shares the joy with a $150 gift certificate.

If you are on the list and have not been contacted, please email and she will set you right up.

Will the joy and abundance never end? Not at this moment.
Please enjoy a free trance session on me… as my way of saying sorry for my slacker ways. I admit to a temporary lapse in brain function, a creative block possibly. Hmmm… I sure could use a hypnosis program to help me overcome my writer's block. Something that would enhance creativity, open my mind, allow me to see things through a creative expert's eyes, give me an entirely new avenue to pursue. Now, where could I find something like that?

Oh wait!

I have an idea. (a creative one at that) And if you read down further you will see that you get to take advantage of the fruits of my labor for a mere pittance.

Costa Rica was beautiful and exciting and full of bugs. Being in a beautiful remote place with cold showers really makes you appreciate the wonder of hot water. I sucked at surfing, excelled at jelly fish bites, dove with sharks, made friends with monkeys, rode a horse that had only one speed on the beach (and it was NOT slow) and surfed the waves on a kayak. I decided that this would be an amazing place to hold a seminar. Toes in the sand, waves lulling you to sleep on your hammock, a margarita firmly embedded in your hands while the hypnotic language patterns are embedded in your mind. Sweet. I will take that into consideration. Any takers?

Back to the contest.
Everyone's a winner. Come hither. Lend me your ears and your brain.
Listen to this MP3 of my double induction. Yes, it is the one that we now call the Brain Massage. But please use headphones. The layered voice will only work with headphones. I have been doing hypnosis for 10 years and this thing just trips me out. Click here to listen .

Our inner circle people have been enjoying this double induction as a prelude to their other sessions. So after you get tripped out on this, just imagine what your mind might absorb if it had entire sessions of this lulling you to sleep. You can be the proud owner of our double induction and double voice sessions. Get all four- totally double layered voices that will massage your brain right out of your head. Here they are.

Conscious Creation. A morning meditation to create what you really want for your day. You decide each and every day what you will attract, experience and jump up and down about. Learn more

No More Anger. Be patient, compassionate, kind, and understanding. React to others in a calm and peaceful way. The zen of anger, indeed. Learn more

Mover and Shaker. Be a person who loves to get things done. You are a mover and shaker, just ready and waiting and salivating to do the next big thing. Learn more

You Big Flirt. Be sexier, more flirty, funnier and playful. Learn more

If purchased separately, they would be $116. But since I am begging forgiveness this month you can have all four for only $49. Click here. Brain turns to mush. I promise.

How to be a Creative Genius
How can we consistently reach into our creative ideas, dreams and potential?
How do we consistently put ourselves in a creative state?
What allows us to access this state of effortless flow consistently?
Begin by anchoring the state when you are in it. If you find yourself in a wildly creative state, notice what put you there.
Create a ritual (no animal sacrifices please) that is the same each time. Prepare yourself to get creative.
Light a candle, use the same scent each time. Make a cup of tea, with a unique flavor, but have the same one each time. Put on music that you love. Classical, especially baroque, has a tempo that will put you in trance. Creativity is a state of trance. Einstein knew that. He got in trouble for daydreaming too much, ya know. So, spend a few minutes daydreaming before you begin.
Let's review-
Candle (fire and scent, great anchors),
Tea (more scent, flavor, warmth)
Music (sound, tempo, trance inducing)
Daydream (your mind exploring and expanding your awareness)

If you make a creativity ritual you will be able to go into it more easily each time, since you are igniting many senses. See how many senses you are aware of as you imagine using all of these elements to enter your creative state.
Highly creative people know that they go into a very different state when they are in the flow. And how about that hot shower state? That is the craziest thing. Who has not wished they had a waterproof pen and paper when you are in the shower. Personally, I think I know why this is. The hot water stimulates the blood flow to your brain and you are all a buzz with life in those brain cells. Anyway, I just take my magna doodle in there with me. I have a scuba diving magna doodle that works well in the shower (is she serious?). If you can imagine me and my kids sitting on the ocean floor with our magna doodle, writing notes to each other, you pretty much have it. An entire ocean to explore and we are busy writing funny bits about the fish.

Recognize your creative time of day
For one week be committed to being creative during the same time each day.
Anchor your creative state with music, candle, tea, daydreaming.
Blocked? Look for negative anchors. In the past when you have been stuck you have linked this state (of stuckness) to things around you. Objects that were present when you sat and felt stuck became negative anchors.
What? You didn't know that I have a CD to release negative anchors? Well, I never…
Click here to listen to an audio clip from a very wonderful woman who used the Releasing get html from instant audio contest page (new page) Negative Anchors CD. Beautiful.
Buy the CD, click here.

Now for the best part.
New! Just for you. Everything that you could possibly want to be a creative master of your universe.
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I just love each and every one of these new CDs like they are my own children. ;) You can see all of our newest delicacies if you click it right here.

You can enjoy looking at the description of each one individually, or you can simply enjoy the package that I have so lovingly crafted for you. It includes the entire Creative Brain Blast for $89, and these CDs- Lucky you, Sunlight, and Wake up Sleepyhead- They are yours for free.
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Let your mind soar. Take your magna doodle in the shower sometime. Show us what you have created!

Peace on earth.


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