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What you believe you can achieve. How do we create the belief that lets us achieve?
Hypnosis seems to have worked just fine for Barry Bonds. (home run record holder, the San Francisco Giants. For those not in the USA you can just yawn real big now), He just keeps on nailing those home runs.

Even if you are not interested in baseball, you should find out how you can hypnotize yourself to be your best. If you are an athlete you will make your biggest advances after learning self hypnosis.

Barry (we are on a first name basis, of course) uses self hypnosis every time he goes up to bat. He told me (in my fantasy) that he puts himself into his trance state and visualizes the pitch, the hit, the sounds, the run, everything... and then goes up to bat.

When your mind has experienced an event as real, it generates the electrical activity to find all the resources it needs to fulfill that task. If you read the article from last weekís newsletter you remember how the brain creates this wiring even if you do not do the actual activity. So in this case, every moment Barry spends imagining his home run is actually growing neural pathways and increasing brain matter in the areas of his brain that can make him a slugger. (He likes it when I call him slugger)

If you are a golfer, you probably know how profoundly your mental game affects your stroke. Probably the most influential aspect of any game is the fear that you have about failing.  This fear doesnít apply to just to sports. It affects everything we do. When you focus on the fear, or the lack or the uncertainty you have about your ability, your brain will create more wiring, grow more grey matter and access all the emotions, beliefs and abilities that support that fear.

If you are using my sexual enhancement CDs then you also know how it affects your stroke in that department, as well.  Iíll help you take a few strokes off your game, and add a few in the bedroom.

Confidence is something you learn. Fear is something you learn. We are only born with 2 fears. We are born with the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises.  I know this because I have kittens- 4 of them. They are all deathly afraid of the sound of the vacuum cleaner, and to prevent falling, they have perfected the art of blood letting when they imbed their claws into my skin so they wonít fall! See? They have only two fears.
All the other fears are learned.

Which means- our brain has to grow in  ways to support everything needed to have that fear.
If you learned all your fears, this means that you can find the cause and unlearn them.

If you have a fear of snakes, and your brain has developed a most excellent system of finding all the triggers, emotions, and scary stuff it can possibly imagine about snakes, you will only have one response when you are in the presence of a snake.

You have probably never tried to create a different response, other than fear, when you see snake. So how is your brain going to find a pathway to any other reaction? Makes sense. Oui?  (that was for our readers in France)

Of course this isnít a lesson about snakes, but you probably already knew that. This is about every fear, panic, anxiety, or insecurity imaginable. If you are holding yourself back, sabotaging your success, feeling out of control, it is the result of a fear. And unless you are falling, or close to an explosion, you learned this fear that is causing your problem.

A few weeks ago I gave you all some homework. The homework involved writing down what you want, in detail, with the time frame for when it will happen. The next step is to take yourself into that future moment when you already have that ability, or no longer have that fear, and experience it as real. You put all the sights and sounds and feelings you can- into this future moment. Your brain is all a buzz with this new exciting ability that it builds more brain mass, wires up this new ability with other parts of your brain that support the same outcome, and finds the physical, mental and emotional resources needed to achieve this.

This is one very effective way to resolve a fear. Find an imaginary time in the future when you are no longer having the fear, let your brain wire it in, anchor it kinesthetically.

So, now you have no fear of a baseball being hurled at you 95 MPH. Your visualized swinging the bat. You hear the roar of the crowd. Now you are ready to hit a home run, right slugger? Well, not quite. There is still more work to do.

You did your homework, your brain got all excited, you went out to the ballpark that is named after some humongous corporation, and didnít hit a home run? What a wuss. You leave with your tail between your legs, wondering why  your hypnosis session didnít work. As proud of you as I am for doing your homework ONE TIME, you can see the disappointment in my face, canít you?  Sometimes we humans think that if we try something new and it doesnít work instantly, that it isnít going to work at all. When doing your self hypnosis, more is better. (like pizza and sex) Repetition is key. (Sex is like pizza you know? When itís good, its really good. When its bad... its still pretty good)

The more you teach your brain how to grow the new wiring, the greater the path will become. Be persistent and make your future vision powerful. Use visual, auditory and kinesthetic modalities to get the most brain activity involved. 

Every night before you go to sleep, envision and imagine yourself doing the very thing that you do want.

Every morning when you wake up, spend five minutes envisioning already having this ability, with no fear. Viola- no fear. (again, for our French readers0 canít figure out how to make that little accent thingy))

Here are a few ways that I can help you-
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Itís All About the Guns

There were a couple of readers who didnít like my comments in the last newsletter, about the movie Bowling for Columbine. You will notice that I may or may not be saying anything about being for or against gun control.

I said this:

******Bowling for Columbine
You must see this movie. Michael Moore won a Cannes Film Festival award for this. I was at the screening last night in Nevada City (it premiered in NY, Los Angeles, and Nevada city- his sister lives there). The movie explores our violent nature in America, and our gun ownership laws.  Michael Moore is creative, insightful and will make you wonder what planet Charlton Heston is from.  If it is playing in your area, do yourself a favor and go.

******   Some pf you interpreted this to mean that I am against guns and that I took this opportunity to get on my soapbox. I do appreciate your emails, but you may have read more into this paragraph than there is to read.

Notice this about your reaction- the way we experience our world is a result of our interpretation of the events around us. Some of you interpreted the paragraph to mean that I am against gun ownership, and some of you took quite a bit of time to tell me how wrong I am.

Interesting interpretation of my comments, donít you think?

We all have a choice of how we want to see the world, using our filters that color and shape our beliefs. See, the movie. It is not for or against gun control. Michael Moore is a lifetime member of the NRA. The interview with Charlton Heston will make you curious about what makes him tick.

By the way, I am a pretty good shot. At least thatís what they tell me at the range.

Sleep On It

Here is something snooze worthy! Next time you fall asleep after studying
Research suggests that a good night's sleep can help you remember and improve upon a newly learned movement skill, such as piano or tennis.
Practice with sleep makes perfect: sleep-dependent motor skill learning.

Laboratory of Neurophysiology, Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School

Improvement in motor skill performance is known to continue for at least 24 hr following training. Here we provide evidence that a night of sleep results in a 20% increase in motor speed without loss of accuracy, while an equivalent period of time during wake provides no significant benefit. Furthermore, a significant correlation exists between the improved performance overnight and the amount of stage 2 NREM sleep, particularly late in the night.

****** Your skills improve when you sleep, especially during REM sleep. In hypnosis you are experiencing REM. Practice your skill, then do a short self hypnosis session to improve accuracy.

Too Many Books
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Last Word
I got HIJACKED! Apparently it is the latest trend in web site theft. The URL financialabundance.net was taken over by evil doers. My abundance site is now at
www.wendi.com/abundance. To celebrate the unfortunate occurrence, I will give you $50 off the Financial Abundance CD program this week. Type in the code LUCKY on check out and get $50 off the abundance program. I love this program. I created it as a result of my pitiful poverty state that made me helpless and miserable for many days of my life. I am now grateful everyday that I discovered how to change my mind and change MY life.

To your abundant life,

In health and wisdomÖ


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