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Wendi Friesen
CHT - Clinical Hypnotherapist

Could 5 Hours In London Change Your Mind?
What Makes You Stressed?
Releasing Negative Anchors
Self Discovery
Cant Make It To London ?

Could 5 Hours In London Change Your Mind?

I am counting on it.

You, me, and a lot of hypnotic experiments.
We will plunge into the vast depths of your mind and test out some of the more requested phenomenon.
Time Distortion

The Big Hypnotic ‘O’

Psychic Influence and Seduction
Covert Hypnosis
Pain and Torture (mmm, my favorite)
See the entire list here

Friday night
5 – 10 pm
November 3

Hurry, seats are going fast, and we will have to cut it off at 80 attendees.

Bring a pillow, you will need it.

Travel cheap- from the USA under $300 round trip from the west coast!
See details here.

Yes, I know this should cost about $200, but I want everyone who is curious to have a chance to experience a hypnosis seminar that they will remember.

Only $49 if you sign up in time.

Come have breakfast with me on Saturday Morning. We will talk about the results of our Dream Programming from the night before.See the topics here.


I can tell you what makes me stressed. Easy checklist of daily events. But I have a solution, read below.
What makes you stressed? Are you freaked out by the little stuff, or does it take a real disaster to get you crazy? Enter your stress du jour here, and read everyone else’s at the same time. Good times.
Go here and bang away on your keyboard as hard as you like.

(hold the applause) is a CD process that makes you find the negative associations, bring the feelings forward and change them to something positive.
So, imagine this – (start applause now) When you realize that all these things were bringing you down, and you make new associations that will make you feel good about your formerly bad self, what kind of dance will you do to celebrate how much you love yourself?

If you are not grasping this, take a moment to go back and reflect and absorb what I am talking about. Some of you already have this CD and you are on your chair saying Hallelujah.  And some of you might never find out how your environment is affecting you if you don’t get this CD right now.

Get it as my GIFT to you, this week. Order ANYTHING and I will include the RELEASE NEGATIVE ANCHORS cd at no charge. (continue with your applause)

Use coupon KABONG and I will gladly help you smackdown those bad memories.

Start here -

Then go here- ( I will reveal my dirty little secret)


We are constantly reinventing ourselves and finding out who we are in the changing phases of our lives.
I have combined a few of my CDs that are great self discovery tools and put them in a package for YOU.
What is self discovery?
One of my lowest points in my life was about 10 years ago. I simply lost myself.
I spent 3 months on the couch (literally) after I realized that the phrase I repeated to myself really had come true.
I remember often saying to people that I could no longer put one foot in front of the other. And so it came to be…
I was walking down the aisle of a flea market and suddenly started walking slower and slower until I stopped.
I stood there and felt unable to move. I was just empty and unable to find the emotion I needed to make my feet go in that one in front of the other order.
I contemplated my need to get to my car and my stuck feeling that held me motionless. There were no tears, no overwhelming sadness, just nothing available to give me a push.
I made it home, and planted myself on the couch. Stayed there for months, I did.

Why am I telling you this?
Because I think it is important that we all know that the human experience can have some really low, lows. No one is immune.
And that is where my self discovery started.

Now, of course, you are probably not standing in the aisle of a flea market, wondering how you will get your feet to move, but you might be metaphorically feeling stuck and lacking direction. I’m still not sure how I made it back to the car and to my couch, but I do remember it was a slow and mind numbing process. I felt like I was looking at myself from the outside.

Do you need a little self discovery! Start your journey now.
This package of 6 CDs is a value of 179.90 and you can get it here for only 59.90.
Each of these CDs has a specific purpose in your self discovery. All are hypnotic journeys that will explore who you really are, find purpose and direction.

Walk in the woods, Conscious Creation, The Board room, Find Your Dream, Temple of Wisdom, Clear Plastic Bag. Read about them here, and get in on the special this week.

The obvious problem was the depression that cemented me to the couch. Some of you are in your pajamas on your couch right now, wondering how it got this way.
Some of you have pulled yourself up and recovered, but you always remember what it was like during those dark times.
If you need a lift, please consider the MY LIFE Hypnotherapy program.
Your life doesn’t have to feel bad everyday. Get it today and I will include the Walk in the Woods and The Board Room CD.  Use the coupon MYLIFE and these two CDs will be included.


One shot deal for the weekend. Ends Sunday at Midnight.
Half off the already way low price on this.

Read on…. Too good to be true really.
I LOVE this DVD.

Filmed in Sacramento, on DVDs.
3 days of learning how to use hypnosis on yourself, others, for beginners and for those who already know a thing or two. Here is a list of the topics in this seminar.
See it now!
I assure you, it has been expertly edited, to eliminate all the stuff that usually makes seminar videos unwatchable. You wont have to watch Rod eat lunch or nuthin! The 20 hours is edited down to the 12 most riveting, eye popping and educationally worthwhile hours.

Great sound, multiple cameras and editing that should win us an academy award.
Get it at this totally amazing introductory offer, good through Sunday.
12 hours of hypnosis training and experiments at your fingertips.
Originally 450.00. Get it now for only 249.90 $125!!.
Go here to see the details.

Hope you weekend is wonderful and filled with love.

Peace on Earth,


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