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The Hypnotic Robber

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The Hypnotic Robber
I keep telling you and telling you, but now I am starting to wonder. Hypnosis can NOT make you do something against your will. I can’t make you rob the bank, take off all your clothes or make you dance naked. Unless you actually want to, on some level.

Nobody hypnotized this Vladimir to rob the bank but when he got to the teller he hypnotized them to give him all the money.
Not sure how he did it, but apparently the hypno robber is becoming quite a pest in Moldavia. Here is the article.
Apparently, this is a real story.

How’d he do it? Not sure, but after much pondering here is how I would do it. I have no idea if this would work of course, and I assure you I won’t be trying it anytime soon.

Prerequisites- Your are a mysterious looking man with a serious look on your face, As you approach the teller you remove your sunglasses and look directly into her eyes.

Say in a serious monotone-
"I am a hypnotist and you are now in my power. If you try to resist my words your body will instantly go limp. Listen carefully to my voice. You want to take out the money and put it this bag, and your mind agrees that this is the right thing to do. When you hand me the money your will awaken, be unable to speak and remember nothing".

Let’s say that the person he approaches has a fear of hypnosis or thinks that hypnosis really is mind control. Combine that belief with the instant commands in a hypnotic voice and a person might just comply.

Either that or the hypnotist says in a serious tone-
“I am a hypnotist, you are in my power. Put all the money in this bag or I will shoot you." That approach is also very hypnotic. :)

We all need it, and we need it fast. We are rushed for time, stressed and hurried and behind on everything. How on earth will you find time to get the therapy you need to massively change the bad things you do?
I have an answer!
Ten Quick Steps to fix your problem.

1 Create a state of mind where you have made a peaceful place for yourself. Of course this needs to be done when you are actually feeling quite blissful.
2 Make a doorway that leads to this place.
3 Give the doorway a specific color and shape. (this becomes an anchor to activate that state of mind)
4 After you have closed your eyes and floated around in search of the doorway and are ready to enter, imagine a very bright light streaming down from above, directly over your body as you stand before the doorway.
5 Make the Light brighter- Clear out the crud, as you feel the soft yet intense light releasing negative emotions, releasing stress, melting you and boom, you go instantly into trance.
6 Enter the doorway and step into a scenario where you feel and react the way you would like to react.
7 Imagine that you observe yourself feeling and doing, noticing how you stand, speak, respond, etc.
8 Step into the body and mind of the person you are observing and feel it, absorb it, and become it.
9 Poof, you are magnificent!
10 Bring yourself back to reality, keeping the experience and state of mind intact.

Do it now, seriously, it should only take about 3 minutes and the more you do it the more you will love your naughty little self.

Therapist in your pocket
You are going to love me for this. Really.
This will be the best thing ever.

Imagine this-
You are stressed, angry, scared, stuck, have writers block, have a date, nervous about a speech or maybe a few hundred other dreadful life events that you suffer through every day.

You have the magic, right there in your pocket.

You put your headphones on, tune in to the precisely perfect BrainStorm and in 3 minutes you are a puddle of warm fuzzy happiness.

It is true. It can happen to you.
Order the BrainStorm series and you will get a very cool MP4 player or MP3 player that is so tiny it could actually be implanted in your brain. To avoid the mess and the blood, we are going to implant it in your pocket.
On the subway, in the taxi, in your driveway, at the office, on the street before your date, in the airplane, and just about anywhere that you can carve out 3 minutes, you will instantly fix your tired brain.

Are you game?
You will receive the cutest little MP4 (plays videos!) loaded up with 16 BrainStorm sessions, each only 3 minutes. That adorable MP4 player is yours as our gift. Cool, huh?
Start for only 99.00

Or get the MP3 player (no video) loaded up with 16 BrainStorm sessions and pop that little sucker into any opening that will accommodate it. Of course, I am thinking pocket.

On your way to an important meeting? In 3 minutes you will:
Have excellent rapport
Be confident and effective
Feel strong and in control

Feel frustrated and stressed on your way home from work? In 3 minutes you will:
Let go of the tension
Separate your work and home life
Feel the love and laughter

Not in the mood for a little crazy monkey loving? In 3 minutes you will:
Become a saucy temptress
Fire up your libido
Feel like getting the goods from your honey

16 of these Quick Fix topics will get your brain moving in a new direction quickly. The more you do them the more your mind is conditioned to change.
Here is the best part-! You can choose 3 extra topics of BrainStorms at no cost. Each topic uses 4 approaches; you listen to the ones that fit your brain just right. (these extras are an 86.00 value)

Go here now. Become a charter member of the BrainBlast and have an instant therapist in your pocket anywhere. I am going to be right there, at your fingertips, pumped directly into your head, anytime you feel the need.
Just hear yourself saying “aaaaAAAAaaahhh" as you feel your shoulders relax, your head clears and a smile spreads across your cheeks.
More Info here.

Webinar Tuesday

Oh yea, it’s on.
Contests, hypnotic ramblings and most of important- your mind like clay in my hands.
join us-
Spend an hour with me. No cost, just fun.

The Challenge
Two challenges actually.

Challenge 1-  
Spend a week banishing negative thoughts. Join Richard Friesen (my big brother) in his teleseminar to challenge you to see the good. I am thinking this will be harder than it seems. Are you game?
email  (Indicate 11 or 6 time slot) 
Thursday, Oct 20. 11 am OR 6 pm pacific time.
 A special teleseminar with Richard Friesen from Leadership Magnetics. You will be stunned and amazed at yourself.

Challenge 2-
Get serious about your business. Commit yourself to creating a weekly newsletter, growing your list and becoming a creative writer. You will create loyalty, be an inspiration and your business will grow quickly. People will get to know you, feel connected to you and learn things about your business that they would not be able to know in any other way.
For 2 months, write a weekly newsletter. Every week. Don’t skip a week. Get in the habit and when you realize the impact your weekly EZINE has, you will drool as you type.
Get this EXCELLENT newsletter system. You will create it, and send it, and see the stats. I love this software and best of all, it has a high delivery rate. No blacklists.
Need help with creative ideas for your new ezine? Get the CREATIVE BRAIN BLAST CD set today and take $10 off.
Use the coupon called CREATIVE
It is brilliant- if I do say so myself. I have never had such a flood of creative ideas, and it has a great session for creative writing. Fun in ways you never imagined.
Go here to see how brilliant you are.

Every day we learn something new. What did you learn today?

Peace on Earth,



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