Wake Up America

I`ll Drink to That
Newsweek says Hypnosis Rocks!
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Wake Up America

Hypnotists- register your event now.
On January 8 th , there is a really big hypno event. You are all invited, naturally, to the mass hypnosis of America . It is all for a good cause, of course.
Hypnotists in hundreds of cities across America will hold two free hypnosis seminars to help you fight the fat and to stop procrastinating.
Tickets are free to both seminars, but you cannot sign up just yet. At this time we need all the interested hypnotists to register at www.hypnotizeamerica.com . In December we will begin issuing the free tickets to the public.
And just to set a shining example that reflects your ability to get things done quickly, go to the web site and be the first in your city to register. If we have multiple hypnotists in one city we can combine your event. In Los Angeles the sleepwalkers group is having a huge hypno bash that should be something you will never forget.

I`ll Drink to That

The responses to my radio ads fo r m y Alcohol Freedom http://www.nexternal.com/wendi/?Target=products.asp&ProductID=455 program are nothing less than passionate. In one corner we have those who are devoted to the belief that alcoholism is a disease and the only proper way to overcome it is by proclaiming yourself as an alcoholic for the rest of your life. In the other corner, we have the people who feel that life is made of choices and that drinking is a choice, and not drinking is another choice. This group believes that once you stop drinking you are simply a non drinker.
Defending your beliefs is healthy and expressing yourself well is a skill to be proud of.
The folks who believe that alcohol is a disease are very upset with my ads on the radio, since I present Freedom From Alcohol as a choice. However, this being a passionate bunch, they mostly choose to communicate in words that should get their mouths washed out with soap.

Defending your beliefs- not a problem.

Calling me names and having a potty mouth in emails- less than effective.

People quitting drinking without difficulty- priceless.

It seems that for those that have adopted the belief that alcohol is a disease have a need to make sure that drinking is not seen as a choice. I do feel that it is a choice, but I also feel that YOUR way of creating health and happiness is the best possible one for you. However, taking shots at me for creating a choice is a stunningly ineffective way to communicate. Didn't your mama tell you about those flies and the vinegar and the honey?

Bottom line- we all have choices to make about how we live our lives. When we find something that works, we stick with it. Some of those that have not found success with AA have had surprising success with hypnosis. Al most instantly in most cases, people stop drinking, or cut down to one drink a week, and then just forget about it.

So, the reason I made this Alcohol Freedom program is due to the overwhelming requests for a way to cut down, or stop drinking by making a choice to NOT DRINK. So far the results are quite amazing. I had no idea it would work THIS well.

Please continue to send your testimonials. This is such an inspiration to others who are not sure where to turn and would like to look at their options.

Newsweek says Hypnosis Rocks!

Here is just one of the articles from a recent Newsweek issue that was totally devoted to Mind Body Health.

There is also a great piece on the effect of Relaxation Therapy (hypnotherapy is in that group) on diabetes. Many of my customers who are diabetics tell me that their glucose levels go way down when they are using my CDs.

I told ya Newsweek rocks. Get your relaxation therapy here- for free. http://wendi.com/html/double-induction.html

Sham surgery affects Parkinsons. Fascinating.

Your surgery outcome can be greatly improved with a positive expectation. Get our Surgery healing CD for half off right this very minute. Peace of mind is here. Read the Harvard article about hypnosis and healing after surgery.

Let us learn relaxation therapy.

Close your eyes.

T ake a deep breath. (open your eyes to read the rest of the instructions) (but then close them again)

Hold it while you slowly count to 5 or more (when you turn blue it is an indication that it is time to quit)

Blow it out, through your mouth, slowly.

Congratulations. You are a master at relaxation therapy. Now, you might want to take this a step further. Deep trance states affect your immune system, speed healing, and releases the stress that fries your brain. If you would like to achieve this for yourself, I have several suggestions.
Continue to take slow deep breaths, and locate the feeling that is causing you stress.
Notice the feeling and let it have a look or feel. Simply imagine that it has a form, color, or a distinct feeling. As you exhale, consciously release this imagined ball o` stress from your body. Repeat this three times, and the Zen will come to you.

The problem with stress is that most people focus on the stress. It expands. You are more stressed.

Focus on releasing it. Identify it and consciously let it go. Simple, ce n`est pas ?

Fountain of Youth- T his CD takes you into a place where you imagine healing waters. Each healing pool is a release and healing of one aspect of your health. Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Energetic. T his is a profoundly relaxing and refreshing and energizing session. For some it is a highly spiritual healing, and for others it relieves their physical pain and anger. Learn More

Release the Past- This one was created due to the overwhelming requests to find a way to forget the past. (What is up with the past anyway, that it will not go away?) You will let your mind gently take a memory that bothers you, find the positive lesson, create an image that represents that positive lesion and the new value you have as a result and replace the old negative emotions with a new powerful one. Learn More.

Find Your Dream- You are stuck. You know not where to turn. You stand motionless and unable to move. Dream, schmeam. You cannot get into anything remotely resembling your life purpose while you are huddled into the fetal position on the floor. However, you might get a glimmer of hope when you peek into the dream that could be your life. Learn More.

Order all three, only $49. Click here to buy.

When you find your dream, remember to take action and make a step toward creating it. That may mean taking a nap. Not a bad choice when you think about it.

Sweet Dreams!


PS- Please remember to go and listen to the double induction session. Click here. It is free and it will smooth out the rough edges. Peace on Earth.


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