Let the Games Begin- Putt for Dough
Allergic to Work
The Holographic Mind Body technique
Merry Christmas- free gifts for YOU
FIRST for women, article
Last word

Let the Games Begin

Putt for dough, or doh, for you simpson fans.
(test your skill, win big, waste large quantities of time)

The best score by Wednesday wins the Body Mastery CD set, a $100 value. Free, yippeee! Here is how ya do it.
Go here
and putt like there’s no tomorrow. Get your best score. Mine was like bad. Stunk up the place.

But you are magical. Talent beyond belief, you have.
Beeee theee baaalll.
Putt, putt, cha ching.
When you have your final score, send me a screen shot. (Go to FILE, then SEND, then PAGE BY EMAIL) (don’t know how to do it for you MAC losers… I mean users.) Enter my Email address
contest@wendi.com and the lowest score received by Wednesday wins the the big fat CD set. I will even put it in a box and we can call it the box set. I will even pay the shipping. Don’t think that HypnoGolf is going to help you here. But just in case you want the HypnoGolf system, feel free to buy it with the instant download. Seriously, if your game is in the crapper, this will fix it RIGHT NOW.


I recently created and completed a new allergy hypnosis program. Just to prove how psychosomatic allergies are, we inadvertently did the placebo thing to Anni. While she was designing the covers, the CD labels, and literature for the allergy program, she was forced to look at artwork of cats, flowers, fields of green grass, dogs, dandelions in bloom (some of you are wiping your disgusting runny noses on your sleeve already).
While she was choosing just the right theme for the covers, she began sneezing, her eyes got watery, she even wiped her runny nose on her sleeve. Just the thought and the sight of the things she is allergic to, started her sneezing.
When I have worked with allergy clients I have discovered the same thing. If I suggest that they are in a field of beautiful flowers, they sneeze. If I suggest they are at the ocean, they feel great. Nose, eyes, lungs... all systems return to normal.

What does this all mean, Wendi? Well, I will tell you. (you knew that I would)
Allergies are a mistake that the brain makes. The brain, through its infinitely complex series of strategies to complicate our lives, creates a code in the cells for certain substances The brain tells the immune system to respond, good or bad, to these substances. Does this mean the code can be cracked? {big gasp} Why yes, it does. {I smile... as if I hold the keys to the universe}
I will tell you how.
But I don’t really want to type it all here, so you will have to go to this very informative site about allergies and hypnosis. While you are there, if you would like to get in on this very new program, I will give you a delightful discount. Use the coupon BREATHE and you will, almost magically, be relieved of your allergies forever.
This will set you free.
Remember the coupon- BREATHE

The Holographic Mind Body technique

I recently posted this technique (which you can also find in the BIG SCRIPT BOOK that you want to buy right now) for creating changes in the cellular memory of your very receptive body. I love this strategy for accessing the healing system in your mind and body, and I have tested it in the trenches with clients over the years. (Really, in the trenches. I have a nice trench just outside my office. Make an appt, find out)
What I have discovered is an amazingly powerful method for resolving major health issues, making your body younger, banishing pain, and sooo much more. You can see the outline and if you are fortunate enough to be a Hypnotherapist/NLP junkie you will love using this with your clients. Use it on yourself. Command those lazy bones to become more youthful and seriously healthy. I created this mostly because of the zillions of requests that I get for removing wrinkles, tightening the tush, enlarging the unit... (ya’ll are soooo vain) and found a way to adapt the intense healing hologram to the intense vanity program. You can even learn about hypnotic exercise and the massive effect it has on your muscles. Run, don’t walk.
See it here. The outline is at the bottom of that page.

Merry Christmas to YOU

Happy Hanukah, Chanukah, Kwanza and all ways of celebrating love.
Are you tired of buying presents for all those people?
Do you wish you could just keep the bootie for yourself?
Do you want those gifts so bad that you switch the tags under the tree?
Are you in a country where there is no Santa, no Christmas, no presents?
Well, stand up brother.
Hold hands sister.
It is time for YOU.
Yes I said YOU.
This year, if you do your shopping at Wendi.com it will rain gifts upon you.
Anything you buy when you use the coupon GIMME will double your order.
Order one for your so called friend, and you will get an identical item for yourself. To keep! Let the greed begin.
So, lets say you get the
Hypnotize Your Lover book and CD set for your weird uncle, and guess what? You get one FREE for your weird self.

How cool is that? (yea, I know. I am a goddess)

Remember the code. GIMME. Enter it on checkout. Click the redeem button.

FIRST for Women
There is an article (about me, me, me) in the December Magazine FIRST FOR WOMEN which may be on the newstands at your grocery store. It is about breast enlargement and hypnosis. So, read it as fast as you can before the checker gets done ringing up your ring-dings, and checkin out your chex mix, and totalling your total (cereal). Don’t get it all sticky while you are standing in line, OK? They dont like that.

Last Word

I love all the comments and ideas that you all give me in E-mails. Sorry I cant respond to everyone. I try. Honest I do.

We had a WEBINAR last Monday night, which means we all get in a chat room, and I have voice and you all have chat. What fun that was. Our topic was using hypnosis to create change in the body. I said the word “penis” several times. {gasp}
There is another scheduled for Nov 18, at two different times of day. This next one will be about making yourself a MAGNET to MONEY. I will teach you the abundance method that I feel will change your life. Here is what someone said about the last webinar:
I was in the NLP room last night and heard you
--- WOW – you are my new idol!! :-)))

I got my hypnotherapy certification about 13 years ago, then into NLP

Anyway – I “gave up” on hypnotherapy since it seemed lacking in it’s helpfulness for finding the cause/solution of a problem. But, last night you reminded me of the benefits of “programming” the mind with it. I forgot about that aspect!!

You were absolutely wonderful – the way you dealt with the people in the room … especially since some of them got a bit rowdy!! It was great fun!! Thanks for sharing your work with us!!!
You are very welcome!

I will send you all a notice of our next webinar. It is done through paltalk.com a voice chat and video (yes you can see me if you are into that sort of thing) that works very well.
And it is free! Free is good.

Love and peace,


Remember the coupons
BREATHE - gets you 20% off the allergy set
GIMME - will give you 2 for 1, a duplicate free item for every one you purchase (except videos) One for your so called friend, one for you.
BIRTH - $75.00 bucks off the HypnoBirth Video and CD set.

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