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WEBINAR announcement for Monday, November 18.
FREE Seminar!
INVITE ABUNDANCE into your life.

JOIN my voice and video internet webinars this Monday 11/18 at 11:00 and/or 19:00 (7 pm) Pacific Time.

Create Abundance. Become a MONEY MAGNET!
Release your fear of success, fear of failure, self sabotage.
Discover the secrets of wealth in your subconscious mind... manifest abundance, release a poverty consciousness, stop self sabotage. Find out how good it feels to be free from fear and pain about money. http://www.wendi.com/abundance

PalTalk. Fully moderated VOICE, VIDEO AND TEXT conference room plus temporary rooms for exercise groups. You will need a windows computer connected to internet, speakers or headphones, microphone and optional web camera.

Go to http://www.paltalk.com for the software.

1. Log on to PalTalk
  >> PalTalk window.
2. Click 'GROUPS'
  >> GROUPS window.
3. Select 'SHOW ADULT ROOMS' our room is R rated.
4. Click 'CATG' button for a list of categories.
5. Double click DISTANCE LEARNING category.
6. Double click NLP MIND TRAINING group, to enter.
  >> NLP MIND TRAINING Group window.
7. Hold the Ctrl key to talk.

Links to time zone charts: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NLP-mind/links

These webinars are hosted by
Steve Boyley MCHt. NLPT. http://www.nlpmind.com/nlp-online.htm

Wendi Friesen

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