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I don?t know? if you know? how easy it is to solve problems in your dreams. You could spend loads of time stressed about a problem, but if you have a nifty method of solving problems in your sleep, you could let your mind quit stressing about it. How good would that feel?

If you have never tried Dream Programming, well, why not? It is easy and it is free.

As for me, my dreams have occasionally been a prediction of the future. I have solved a few complex problems as well. Many of my clients report precognitive dreams as a result of the hypnotherapy work we do.

One problem I solved was to fix a cassette tape deck that would only record if I hit it really hard with my hand. I figured that was probably not good for the tape deck or for my hand. The interesting part was this- I would get all relaxed and ready to record a nice hypnotic bit, and before the deck would go into record mode I had to hit it.

Hard. Thuwaaaaaap!
So much for my inner bliss.

I asked my brain to come up with a solution in my dream. The next morning I awakened to a voice saying ?turn it upside down?. Since this voice was not Mel Gibson waking up next to me, coaxing me into a new sexual position, I figured it must have to do with the tape deck. Guess what? I turned the tape deck upside down, pushed the button and it worked perfectly.

I certainly wouldn?t have come up with that scenario on my own. (to be honest, I would have come up with the Mel Gibson scenario- no problem)

If you want to program your dreams, you can do it very simply.
1. Before sleep, ask your mind to recall your dreams. ?when I awaken in the morning, my mind will recall my dreams from my sleep?

2. Create an environment for learning and state the problem simply. ?In my dream I will find answers to solve my problem. All resources needed, will be accessed during dreaming. The solution will be clear and obvious?

3. Present the problem to your mind. Bring all the aspects of the problem into view in your mind. Put them in a box, or in a machine (an imaginary one of course- don?t go and bring your cuisinart to bed with you) (although some of you would probably like that)

4. In the morning, when you first wake up, find the machine or box in your mind, and open it up to find the solution. Sometimes you will be awakened during the night with the solution. You might want to have a pen and paper handy so you can write it down. Dreams can be elusive.

The box, or machine creates a place for your brain to work on the information and to store the answer. Creating the storage mechanism gives your brain a place to store it, and retrieve it. This is very handy for studying for tests, or remembering names, etc.

If you would like to know more about the DREAM PROGRAMMING method click here. You can also learn to build magical mind machines and enhance your memory and IQ here.


What fun we had! There were about 60 people at the evening session that experienced the process for releasing self sabotage, overcoming fear of success, the future timeline journey and manifesting abundance. The webinar is presented in voice and video (in a perfect world) During the webinar the participants are able to type their answers to questions in the chat window as I led them through each process. I am really intrigued with the power of this format.

People around the world (some were up at 4 a.m.) could listen and interact with voice or text to get feedback, share their results of the hypnosis processes and bring new ideas to the abundance training.

For those of you who attended, remember to get the outcome form and the seminar notes at www.wendi.com/abundance. Look for the little tiny secret x at the bottom, click on it and it will take you to the page with the homework and notes.

The most important of all this is that you ACTUALLY DO IT! (yes I am shouting) You might think this is a GOOD IDEA, and you might agree that THIS STUFF REALLY WORKS, but if you don?t take action? well you might have to settle for the same old results you?ve been getting. If you need more stimulation- like the kind that come from hearing my voice saying nice things to you while you are hypnotized- just buy the abundance set. You can get $50 bucks off. Right now.

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Self Hypnosis II ? the revenge

Ok, so it isn?t really called the revenge. It was either that or ? part deux (for our French readers), but alas, it ended up being named, THE POWER WITHIN. I think I got a little crazy with this one. We filmed a ton of stuff, and barely fit it onto the two hour format and even included bloopers and outtakes. Of course, you get a special pre-sale deal on this item. It is not yet available on the web site. It is in stock in VHS and DVD format and ready for you. If you use this link and order it before this MONDAY you will get a free SUPER STRESS BLASTER CD which has several stress busting hypnosis and meditation tracks. Offer ends on Monday at midnight. California time.

Here is what?s on the video:

Fractionation- how to make the trance state deeper and deeper and deeper?and deeper (you get the idea)

Parts Therapy- find the positive intention behind a negative behavior. Excellent for pain, illness, abundance, frustration, even that pesky headache that you get when you think about the impending holidays.

The Wall- Feeling up against the wall? Find out what the inner meaning is of your very stuck state.

Timeline- My favorite thing ever. (except for waking up next to Mel) Explore your past and your future. Heal the past, get excited about the future. Find those lotto numbers for next week.

Sports Excellence- In the zone- anytime. You will become an expert at creating anchors for that elusive zone state. Not so elusive anymore, you will say. Every athlete needs this.

Create Abundance- The Money Magnet techniques revealed. And I filmed it on a way cool private jet. Was John Travolta the pilot? Buy the video and find out the naked truth.

Circle of Excellence- Master any skill, trait, quality, or ability that might make you ready to be master of the universe.

Temple of Wisdom- Find your inner guru. Contemplate your existence. Ask for sage advice. I love this one as well.

Detachment ? Stressed out? Make it stop. Detach!

The Switch- Wouldn?t it be so cool if you could just turn on your brain to do something cool? This just might work.

And... Hilarious Outtakes you won?t want to miss!

Get this video before anyone else. Order it now. Get your gift. The gift of bliss.


By very popular demand, I will hold a stage hypnosis training. Yes, you can become a stage hypnotist. What does it take? Other than guts? You have to learn the real techniques that make it look easy. So many of you have asked for this, begged for this, offered to sell your soul for this? ok, ok. Keep your soul. I will teach you everything I know. .

For one full day we will learn about stage hypnosis. Inductions, suggestibility tests, creating expectation, choosing your volunteers, show routines.

On the second day, you will learn more show bits, advanced techniques and marketing methods to get shows booked. Attend day one for $250. Attend day two for only $100 more. Bring a friend for free. How good is that? December 7th & 8th. Sign up here.

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Today- I had a pleasant morning- the cat brought in a live baby mouse for the kitten to practice on. My kitten was very enthusiastic about mastering the sport of catch and release. The baby mouse, was not nearly as enthused but the kitten sure was enjoying watching it run through the house.

I was not nearly as pleased as the kitten.

The dog has always felt a certain responsibility to remove critters from our house, having previous tackled many rats at a house I used to live in. (no rats here, thank you) So, in this interesting mix, is me, mother cat, kitten and large dog, all having an interest (albeit differing levels of interest) in the baby mouse.

Bad day to be a mouse.

The dog would love to take charge, and would have immediately and happily taken the mouse outside. But being the kind and thoughtful dog that she is, decides to wait until the well-meaning kittens are done having their fun.

In between my screams and squeals you can here the constant squeaking of the poor little mouse. God knows it is not a pleasant sound.

At one point when the kitten had mouse firmly embedded between her teeth, I grabbed the kitten and put her and mouse out, ushered the dog and mother cat out and closed the door. The cats lost interest and the dog promptly ate the mouse. It is now 7:32 am and I have to get my son to school. If I drive really fast we won't be late.

This story pales in comparison to the rat, dog, cat and naked screaming Wendi at 3 am story. I will tell you that one another time. It was louder and lasted much longer. Mel should have been there.

Peace on earth.


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