If you are like me, you always think about how great it will feel to get your holiday gift shopping done early. For those who are proud owners of our DO IT NOW CDs, of course this will not be a problem for you. I like to think about it for a while, and then all of the sudden it is Christmas/Hanukah/Kwanza/etc. and suddenly time is up and I am late.

My Procrastination program teaches you to attach good feelings to a task that you find unpleasant. The real key is attaching this good feeling in your subconscious mind, so you are driven to get it done.
The best way to attach the driving force of good feelingness, is to close your eyes (you know I was going to say that) and feel the senses explode with pleasure as you imagine yourself having completed the task. In this case, having completed your holiday shopping. Use the following method for any task you have been putting off.

The more senses you involve, the more power your subconscious will have when it comes time to fuel the fire.
Step 1- Think about the task.
Step 2- Notice the feelings that are negative
Step 3- Take yourself into the future moment when you have completed the task.
Step 4- Create an image that represents the task being done.
Step 5- Notice the first feeling you have about finishing it, notice where that feeling is in your body.
Step 6- What does it mean about you, that you have completed this? Make it a statement.
Step 7- Find a piece of music that represents how happy you are about finishing the task. Play it in your mind LOUD.
Step 8- Create an image of yourself jumping up and down with joy, arms in the air, dancing the DO IT NOW jig.
Step 9- Attach this entire scenario of great joy, to the thought of getting your task done. As you are relaxed, think about it, say DO IT NOW in your mind and let those feelings of completion explode. Got it? Anytime you look at that mess, or think about that task, you will explode with desire to do it now.

Now that you are all ramped up to the idea of getting things done, we will attempt to get your gift giving done, wrapped, shipped and on the doorstep of your new best friend. And if we ship it and get it there early, your friend realizes you are one really organized guy, thinks very highly of you, recommends that your boss give you a fat raise and a promotion to a great job in Italy, and then you move and live happily.

All this, because you made a wise choice in getting a jump on your holiday shopping.

Here is how it works-
1.- Get off the couch.
2 Use our handy MIND CHANGING list of gifts which you will find here.
3 Order as many things as you like. Just below the ADD button, drop down the menu that says SHIP TO:
4 Choose the shipping address for each item, order as many as you like.
5 Smile, as you realize that shipping is free, and gift wrapping is free and we will include a special bonus CD for each gift you send.
6 Order at least $300 in gifts that are sent to friends and we will give you a $50 gift certificate that you can use for yourself after December 15 th .


You have friends, lovers, and co-workers.
They need gifts.
You have no idea what to get them.
You see that there are some Mind Changing CDs that will make them think you are the smartest human alive.
We wrap em, ship em, and bless them and include an additional FREE CD for them.
The world is a better place.

The staff here at labored laboriously to bring you a mind bending list of things that we know you never would have thought of yourself.
Read more about it here, do it now, get it done, breathe easier.
Deep breath now. Iiiiinnnnnn. Ouuuuuuut.
Now go to our gift list


The holidays often bring out sadness, blues and depression. One factor is the lack of sunshine. Family problems, difficult memories and loneliness make the holidays unbearable for some.

Here is a holiday blessing that you can give to anyone that you feel deserves to have a little light shine in their life.

You tell us who needs it, we will send it for free.

Our special CDs will include LET GO OF THE PAST, SUNLIGHT, and FIND YOUR DREAM.

We will send them to anyone you ask us to. No charge, no Shipping- Anywhere in the world.
We will send 30 of these packages in a nice little gift bag as our way of spreading a little joy. We can sign the gift card in your name or we can send it anonymously. No strings attached, no promotional materials, just a gift that might make a difference to them.

If you know someone who has a little frown that needs to be turned upside down, let us help you brighten their day. Send an email to and tell us why you think this person should receive the gift. We will choose 30 of them and send them out.


If you have not yet experienced the blissful, peace of mind you can have when you let go of anger and judgment, now may be the perfect time. Our new CD set, CHILL OUT, is great way to become patient from the inside, let go of the things that used to make you angry, and enjoy your relationships a heck of a lot more. Get the CHILL OUT set now and let the melting of your bad mood commence.
The CDs include Conscious Creation, No More Anger, Anger into Power, Bullet Proof, Release Negative Anchors, and Depression Buster. Take a moment to look at this program. I can transform you into an angel for the holidays. Use the coupon KARMA, and we will include the KARMA OF KINDNESS CD that helps you release judgment AND the RELEASE THE PAST which will help you let go of memories that used to make you mad.


Our alcohol freedom program has been an overwhelming success. We have received many wonderful letters from people who are relieved and excited about the freedom that they now feel.
Time to share! (Anonymously of course)
Come to the forum and support others, tell them what is working, ask questions and learn how to get the most from your program. Your experience will inspire others to feel the freedom.
You can register totally anonymously, of course. See you there.
Ready to order? Go here.

I haven`t forgotten about you. Zen of Thin- $50 off until this Friday. So as you step on the scale after Thanksgiving (here in the USA ) take heart. Help is on the way. Coupon is TURKEY .

Give thanks to your friends and family this week.


PS- Hypnotists- remember to get registered for our big WAKE UP AMERICA, and WAKE UP UK event. It will be offered to the public in December, so get signed up now to hold your big event on January 8 th .

PPSS- If you haven't tried our Double-Induction MP3 now is the time. It's free. Get it on!

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