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Have the Guts to Lie?

Interesting article- your stomach knows the truth.
Researchers discovered that changes in the stomach during a lie, may be better than a lie detector test in uncovering a lie. Researchers say the stomach and gastrointestinal tract are extremely sensitive to stress, and this mind-stomach connection may betray even the best liars.
Read the Article here.

Our emotional conflicts have an effect on our bodies. Nothing new.
 But I betcha didn’t know that your lies might just be making you sick. Some people feel fine about lying. Their bodies might be suffering from it, since this study shows measurable changes in condition of the stomach.
Telling the truth is good for us.
Being honest with ourselves can be a challenge, since a common human trait is to take denial to new heights. Maybe it is a survival instinct, maybe it helps us function without having to face reality, but the truth is being in denial is not healthy. Secret stress is running through your body as your mind tries to overpower important truths, by avoiding honesty,
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Rehab- I’ll drink to that

I joined a friend of mine at a local rehab center for their group meeting that includes friends and family. During that meeting I observed the mindset and the methods that the group uses to try and recover from drug and alcohol abuse. My experience and belief about how the mind works is vastly different than the way they are going about it.

You can bet that I had to sit still and zip my mouth up during their meeting. Spending two hours that night indulging in fear of relapse and discussing past weakness and situations that made people drink and use, was less than inspiring. I know that rehab centers and AA are available places to go and work on your issues and get sober. But are they accomplishing that?
Think about this, especially for those of you who have been in rehab.
The Brain Goes Where We Tell It To Go.
When we dwell on a thought, or spend time discussing a fear or weakness, we energize emotional memories and give them power. This emotional memory seeks out other emotional memories that support this feeling and those become energized and have more power.

Now, the brain is flooding the body with the ONLY response it knows, which is to fill a need to satisfy the emotion that is fueled.

Shutting down those emotional memories is a real challenge. Where does the brain go to find something else to feel? What pathways (the dendrites and axioms) can the brain find to feel something different?

During the meeting I noticed that I really, really wanted a drink.
With all that talk about drinking and past failures that these people were sharing, I couldn’t help but want to drink. I could wait to get home a crack open a bottle of wine.
My point- Recovery in general has a high relapse rate. I have seen AA success rate listed at 5% for 1 year of sobriety. Some recovery methods are probably better than others, but from my observation as a guest, I can see why the method could set people up for struggle and failure rather than success. It is the only feeling that they are taught to feel!

A comment from our forum, from a member- (www.wendi.com/alcoholforum)
I can hear Wendi telling me how proud I should be of myself and the way I am changing and am so happy to be alcohol free. I am proud of myself! The funny thing is I have no desire to drink. When I was not drinking and going to AA meetings my mouth would actually water at the site of a cold beer. Now it does not bother me in the least. I can still play golf and tailgate at games without any desire to join the drinking.
And… a question for you if you have been to any rehab program. Enter your comments here, and read everyone else’s as well.

The method that I use for the Alcohol Freedom program is to create an emotional future memory in the brain that has all the emotional elements, feelings, thoughts, and beliefs of the person as a non drinker.
Now for the indulgence. Rather than subjecting a person to talk of weakness and failure, we condition the brain to activate the success and strength and all the emotions that would accompany this new SUPER MEMORY.

If I ask you where you were and what you were doing on June 8th, 2002, you probably would not have a clue. But if I ask you where you were on the morning of Sept 11, 2001, you can probably tell me exactly what you were doing. The emotion is attached to the memory and the brain can easily find the emotion that is anchored to the memory.

If you are a drinker, or an addict, how can your brain find an alternate -and useful- memory that will energize a new feeling, or expand your brain in a better direction?
It can’t. Not if there isn’t a pathway to an alternate emotion.
I think that anyone who wants to change anything about themselves must first master this concept.

Create the outcome you want.
Add emotion.
Plug it in with all your senses.
Activate it often so your brain burns a pathway.
Anchor it with powerful emotion.

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Seeing without eyes. Great article. One that makes you go Hmmm…
Can the brain really see if the eyeballs are not engaged in the activity? Read this article here. Next week I will create an experiment that we can do online to test your BLINDISIGHT. We will do it online before and after hypnosis. How fun!

Begging will get you everywhere.
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If the follicles can be reactivated by hypnosis, or a placebo (yes it’s true) then maybe they can be deactivated.
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Have a peaceful, passionate weekend.


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