November 8th 2006
The Kirstie Alley Challenge

Is the bikini clad Kirstie Alley a weight loss success?

Wanna know what I think?

They say she lost 55 pounds in 2 years and when Kirstie Alley appears on Oprah she is brave if nothing else. Would you be willing to wear a bikini on TV?

With support hose (she calls stripper hose) to hold her in tight, and swathed in carefully placed cloth to hide the full width of her body… it is just an “oh my” moment.

Kirstie, you need me.


Two years- lost 55 pounds, let's do the math. (Some sources say 75, but not if she started at 220. C’mon folks… That girl was pushing 300.)

The Math
That’s a half pound per week.

My God; if anyone is paying Jenny Craig that kind of money to eat processed, microwaved, prepackaged food to only lose half a pound per week, they should have their head examined.

Watch the video
Learn a simple hypnotic technique to jump start your weight release.

All in your head?

Well, then…have your head examined!

That’s where the problem is anyway. And if you get your head in the game you will release 2-5 pounds per week. You will WANT to eat nutritious fresh foods that will never see the inside of a microwave.

Hypnosis does that. Makes you get your head screwed on straight. Workout more - eat less.

Now- about the Oprah Show.

I recorded the show. Watched it carefully. What I am about to tell you is the truth. First time out onto the stage you see Kirstie with her full figure. Then they replayed the scene and guess what?
A slimmer version of Kirstie, with the camera work slimming the video footage.

Aaaah… the magic of television.

One big promotion for their diet food.

Men and Women - Take the 60 day BIKINI Challenge!

You will NOT wait two years to look and feel better.

You won’t have sweat and tears, only joy.

Commit to having your bikini picture featured on my website. Sixty days from today. Get on my laser focused, 60 day, cut right to the chase, weight blaster plan. Start today. Get the Zen of Thin. Download the first 3 sessions. Get on the Forum and join the others who are going to blast their fat by changing their mind.

Win One Thousand Dollars!

Put your new body on the internet for all to see. The most creative, unique and joyous bikini wearer (men- you gotta do a speedo) will win a Big Fat Gift certificate for $1000 for new clothes, bikinis and accessories. Email us your photos here!

You game?

You must use the Zen of Thin to be eligible.
You must send a “before” picture to us right away.
If you are already a size 2, this entire contest is not for you. : )

You, the fine readers of this newsletter, will vote in 60 days. You will choose the most creative, happy, and inspiring photo and story. You vote for the winner. It is not based on total weight lost, but rather on the joy and uniqueness of your story and photo.

You will need new clothes!
You are going to be getting into some really fine shape by using hypnosis and will be sharing it with the world. Your eating plan will feel natural and will make you happy. You will want to workout because it feels good. You will feel full and you will watch your scale drop.

Get the Zen of Thin, with download sessions to get you started immediately.
Just to sweeten the pot, you get a gift of my favorite CD, Sweet Surrender.  See it here.

Use this link for your Zen of Thin, including the downloads and the gift.

Divorce Court for dummies

Brittany and Kevin, our adorable little sweetheart couple is <sniff> getting a (I can’t even say it without tearing up just a bit) divorce.

Don't let this happen to you. Keep your marriage fresh and fun. If only Brittany and Kevin had listened to my Happy In Love CD set, they would be humpin like bunnies (oh wait, they are already pretty good at that) and glowing as they gaze into each other's eyes.

Need a fresh look at your love life?

Happy in Love- a therapy CD that is a great way to gain a new perspective and get inner wisdom. You will hypnotically experience your relationship from the mindset of an outsider. You will let go of your need to be right, or to win, and bring compassion to your partner while you learn what they are really feeling and wanting.

Get it today and get the Magic Touch and Bring Back The Passion CDs at no charge.
68.00 value, all yours. Free!

I want you to feel the love. I am serious.

Don’t spend another miserable minute wondering. Stop being jealous, angry, or annoyed at your partner.

Time to feel the love. Just use this special link.

Sessions on the Happy In Love program include:

  • Reflective Perspective
  • Future Vision
  • How Do I Love Thee
  • Bring Back The Passion

London Love

Thank you to all the wonderful people I met in London, who gave me their minds and bodies for 5 hours. 90 people, all eager to be tortured while hypnotized. Pain experiments were balanced out with the Big O training, which produced ooohs and aaaaahs all around.

Thank you all for coming! I had a blast in London.

Read more about it on my blog.

Need a Big O in your life?

Starved for stimulation? 

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