November 16th 2006
Love the French, Hate the Smoke

Ciao!While in France a couple of weeks ago, as much as I loved the baguette and Perrier thing… I was choked by the smoke.

Everyone, everywhere smokes.

For us Americans who have given up all rights to smoke anywhere, including outdoors in many cases, it is brutal to have to breathe the smoke.

And now this-
French Government Bans Smoking in Public Places.

Shocked and amazed. This will be a huge change for these people. In the US we had a gradual decline in smoking, and the regulations came about gradually so most of us were unphased, but grateful, to have the non-smoking section extend to, well, everywhere.

For the remaining few who still smoke like a chimney, today is your day.
I know that just because it is the Great American Smokeout, you are probably not going to put those stinky buggers down for good.

But ya know, Linny and I care about your health. And we want you to join the ranks of the horribly annoying ex smokers.

She is willing to give you a super secret gift, right smack in your box.

Order our Hypnosis CDs and quit smoking with no cravings.
Read what happens to people who use my Hypnosis to quit smoking right now.

Smoking is Bad for You

You already know this. Case closed. Time to stop.
If you knew that you could stop, with no cravings, and feel great, why wouldn’t you?
The reason you HAVE to use MY program. – other programs that use direct suggestion can often make the problem worse. Your inner mind is smoking for a reason. Direct suggestion will usually fire up the conflicts and make them rage within you and you will smoke more. My CD method takes care of that. It is therapy to uncover the conflicts and resolve the inner turmoil.

I promise, this is different.

Even if you have failed at quitting in the past… pleeeeaaaassseee do this today.

You have me, loving you.
You have Linny, giving you gifts.
And a one year money back guarantee.
Do it.

FRANCE and ENGLAND RESIDENTS- check this out.

If you are in France or England and want to stop smoking, Linny will put a huge gift, worth over a hundred American bucks, just to bribe you to stop smoking.


Bikini Challenge

Get on Board!
Bikini ChallengeWe will be baring it all in 60 days. There is a One Thousand dollar prize, if you have the most creative and unique bikini picture to share with the world after your 60 days of doing things right.
Remember, it is not about how thin you are, nor does this challenge require muscles.
It requires commitment.
You stick this out for 60 days and change your habits, your health and lose a lot of weight.

What does all this have to do with Kirstie Alley? Read on…

(there is a rockin offer for the Zen of Thin, still waiting for you, by the way)

Abundance tonight, with my buddy Joe

On Larry King tonight, my friend Joe Vitale will be on, with some other experts who are talking about Positive Thinking. Jack Canfield (who I think is a little sleazy… but we can let that go for now), James Ray, George Pratt and Jayne Payne.

No love for me from Larry. But I think he just wants to have me on without all those other rascals.  He will be calling… any minute now.

San Francisco, December 6

Get your tickets now. The Learning Annex ( you may have seen me on the cover this month- Woooo hooo!) is putting on my abundance training. We will find your fears, blast them away, manifest amazing things, and make you a magnet to money.

If you have never been to my Financial Abundance Seminars, you are in for it!

It is cheap and easy.
Get your ticket today. It will sell out fast.

Learn more-

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All attendees will be vying for a One Thousand Dollar prize at the seminar. Be there. This very well may change your life.

That’s it for now.

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Peace on Earth,


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