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Sir Paul says it best, and I guess it all means so much more now that I am not a teenager. Loved the Beatles back in the day, but hearing Paul McCartney in concert gave me a brand new feeling.
If you get a chance to go, and you are old enough to know stuff about the Beatles, you will have an amazing experience. To see this billionaire sing for over 3 hours without a break should give us all something to think about.

If you had all the money you could ever want, what would you do? Would you continue to work? What would you do to find happiness?
Paul seems to do this just for the heck of it. I can’t think of one good reason he would do it, other than to feel his passion being expressed and enjoyed by fans. Performing is his heroin. He can’t function without it.

Will you find your passion during your lifetime? Do you continue to do a job you hate? Have you ever tried to find out what you are great at, that you would keep doing even if you were a bazillionaire like Paul?
FIND YOUR DREAM cd- if you read down, I will give you this CD for free this week.

Second to last song was Let It Be and this took on new meaning for me.. It struck me at that moment that this is the essence of emotional peace. No matter how deep the doo doo is in your life, if you could just step back and take a deep breath and learn to let it be, you might have peace in that moment.

Just let it be.
At that moment I was overwhelmed with the peace, grateful to have my two brothers on either side of me, happy to let it be, and grateful that my work is something I love doing.

If you are grinding away at a job that is any other than passionate, what are you willing to do to change it?  You certainly don’t have to be Paul to live a passionate life (although it would an amazing journey)  and you don’t have to make a bazillion bucks to be a success. (Although it could be worth experiencing)

What do you feel passionate about?  If you knew you could never change your job or career and you had to find something to love about it, how would it change?

A passion for garbage-
This morning ( I swear this is 100% true) I was our for a run with my little dog. Now I think that being a garbage man has got to be the worst job in the world. You never see anyone, people never say thanks for showing up, and it stinks.
The sun was just coming up and when the garbage truck passed me he slowed down, stopped and said hi and we talked about the weather. After my loop around the block, he passed my house, stopped the truck, got out and handed my dog a biscuit.

Even with a less than glamorous job, he takes time to make it something special. He may not be passionate about garbage, but he is passionate about taking time to make a friend. My dog was thrilled.
Not sure I would have eaten a free snack from the garbage man, but dogs are different that way. For some reason they just don’t care where your hands have been.

What are you passionate about?
Go here and tell us.
Got nothing? Go to the forum here and complain as well. in the Passion topic.
Make a post about your job, how much you love it on a scale of 1-10, and what you are passionate about. If you have nothing to be passionate about, decide what you WILL find joy in, even if just for this week.
A challenge of passionate proportions. Inspire each other to feel some satisfaction for a job that you thought was less than glamorous.

As Paul said in the very last line of the very last song of the concert, (sing it with me)
”And in the end, the love you take, is equal to the looooove you make”.
So true.

Webinars, Yes!
We have so much fun in our Tuesday webinars and we get to talk dirty, get hypnotized and actually change a few minds- hopefully for the better.
Join us, won’t you? And if all goes well you can help us earn our R rating.
In the evening seminar we are serenaded by our wonderful friend from Poland who sings us all a hypnotically enhanced love song.
Go here, join in.  It is free.

This is where it gets good.
We launched our new shopping cart over the weekend. After changing 1000s of links and redirecting 100s of webpages we are hoping all the links are changed, that they go to the right items, and that the errors are few.
But since the empire has grown beyond the scope of our ability to achieve perfection, we must enlist your help.

Half off any one item.
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NO limit. You find ‘em, we love you!

The catch- you must copy and paste the link of the page that contained the bad link, not the page you landed on. Try to make it easy on us. We have about 2000 pages on the net.
Mail to

Let’s review-
1- You go to our site
2- You buy ONE item for HALF OFF Just use the coupon HELPUS
3- You find bad links.
Links from our website should start with this
Links that are bad would have this in them
4- We send you gift certificates.

If multiple people report the same bad link, only the first one reporting it gets the gift certificates.


Random acts of insanity.
Last night I was driving by Target and noticed a long line of teenage boys with blankets and sleeping bags in line for the new Xbox. I stopped and asked them if there were staying all night. They said, YES of course! It was already cold and being boys, they had not planned well. One was wearing shorts. (where is his mother?)

I looked appropriately shocked and told him he would freeze out here.
I said, “You need a bigger blanket” and he said “well you can bring us cookies if you want” and I said “ok, I will”.
I went to Trader Joes, bought two big bags of cookies and a gallon of milk (the mom in me wanted to get cups, but I restrained myself) and went back to the line of cold boys who were now huddled around their monopoly board and said “I’m baaaaack”.

I handed them the cookies and milk and once they realized that I was at least partly insane, they said thank you a thousand times as I drove off. I could only envision my warm snuggly bed and them all drinking out of the same milk carton.

I am not sure who had the bigger smile- them as they realized that they would still be cold but less hungry, or me as I drove off knowing that I blew their minds.

This week, find a way to commit a random act of kindness. Email me and tell me what you did. I will post them in next week’s newsletter.

Have a fabulous week, and for those who are celebrating Thanksgiving, enjoy your feast!

Peace on earth!

Wendi Friesen

PS- Remember, half off anything. You can add additional items to your order, but you must cruise around on our sites looking for links in the process.
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NY times article about hypnosis.
Read it here.


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