November 28th 2006  

Selfish Christmas (best deal of the year)

The holidays do it to me every time.

When I go shopping for other people I am always finding things that I would love to have for myself.

I did it just the other day…I bought two remote controlled UFOs for my son and myself and we played with them the moment we got home. We couldn’t wait to open the packages, insert the batteries and fly them around the room. The cat enjoyed them as well.

Drum roll…………
As you know, every year we have the ultimate self love sale.

Double your pleasure again this year! 

If there is a CD or DVD you have been dreaming about, but you feel you really shouldn’t be shopping for yourself at this time of year, help has arrived.

Everything you order on Wednesday before midnight, will get you a second set tossed in at no charge.

Every program or CD or DVD you order gets you 2 sets.

Wrap one up for your friend, and wrap one up for yourself.


Bliss For You During The Holidays

If you are feeling the stress already, dreading the crowds and the rush, I have just the thing for you and I will give it to you as my gift.

Because you are special, we are going to include with every order - The Karma of Kindness . This will melt away your stress and frustration when that pesky aunt shows up at your door. You might just want to give her a hug!

The Karma of Kindness CD will help you let go of judgment, anger, and blame and let you feel more understanding and compassion for others. We can all use a little more of that during the holidays.
The Karma of Kindness is included in every order that we receive on Wednesday., before midnight (or at least before my staff arrives early on Thursday, with strict instructions to turn off the coupon).

Easy. Get all your shopping done now.

  1. Go to the gift guide, see something for everyone

  2. Choose things that you want

  3. Enter coupon 2for1

  4. Take a deep breath

  5. Imagine how wonderful your friends will feel

  6. Smile when you realize you have an extra one to keep

Coupon 2for1 not valid toward any discounted package specials

Lets Go Shopping!

10 things you can do to stop depression

Holidays often bring on depression and confusion.
Here are MY top ten tips to start feeling better.
Choose any ONE thing and commit to doing it this week.

1- Morning and night, imagine the future you want. If you can only change a tiny thing about your life, create a future moment with that tiny change and imagine it with living color, with emotion, and feeling -- notice why it makes you feel so good.

2- Gratitude Journal. Write down 3 things every day that you are grateful for. Even if you feel you have nothing to be grateful for, write SOMETHING down… different thoughts every day.

3- Forgive someone. If you have held onto resentment or blame, write a letter that describes the ways you understand and are willing to release and forgive. You don’t have to send the letter; just write it as if that person is reading it. (after you are done, you can toss it, burn it, or keep it)

4- Commit to one small change.  Keep the commitment. Exercise every day for 10 minutes. Start eating veggies for snacks. Clean up your office. Toss out the old things in your closet…One small change can lead to amazing things.

5- Volunteer. The effect of helping others will lift your spirits more than you can imagine. Call the children’s hospital and offer to read books. Visit a nursing home for those who have no visitors. Wrap presents for an elderly neighbor. Get creative… you will love the feeling.

6- Change your posture. Stand up or sit up straighter, breathe deeper, hold your head higher. Our posture and body position triggers our mind to feel good or bad based on how we hold ourselves.

7- Clean out your car. Completing a small project like this will make you proud of yourself and will make you feel better every time you get into your car.

8- TV off, Music on. The TV can be depressing. Music often lifts our spirits and forces our brains to think differently, produce endorphins and change the chemical balance in our body.

9- Sing. In the shower, in the car, in your house, anywhere that you are sure you wont scare anyone. Sing loud, sing bad, sing at church or out in the rain. Singing is good for your soul.

10- Learn something new. Find a class to learn a new language. Learn to paint, learn to sew, or learn to juggle. Use your mind in a new way and your depression will lift. Guaranteed.

11- Join a Laughter Club. Or, start one yourself. This rocks. See it here.

Need a real boost?
MY LIFE is a program to lift you out of depression and sadness. It works. Get it now.

If you know someone who is stationed in Iraq (or anywhere overseas), remember that we send a special package of CDs at no cost to our service men and women who are stuck in that godforsakenhellhole. Reply to this email. Give us the name and address, and we will send our CD package to help them reduce stress, power nap and feel a little better at night.
Peace on Earth,
Wendi Sig

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