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I love to sleep. I don`t nearly get enough of it. But when I do sleep, I like to use that time wisely. Sometimes I listen to the radio at night when I am awake- usually Art Bell, and it makes me have the strangest dreams. (since I advertise on Art Bell I often hea r m y ads, which is really weird in so many ways)
Our dreams have the power to work through issues, create solutions, and bring answers to problems and conflicts. If you use your dreams to help you, you can make use of all that sleep time and be more creative and brilliant. I once asked my mind to dream about a way to fix a non-working cassette deck and when I awoke a voice told me to turn it upside down. Weirdest thing was, it worked great upside down. Don`t underestimate the ability you have to program your dreams.
Need help? Try our Intuition CD set. There is a session on there that will help you have lucid dreams and program them as well.
Own this handsome set now, and get the LIVE YOUR DREAM CD and the PROBLEM SOLVER CDs at no cost to you. Even if you don't use a CD for this, you might want to play around with your dreams. It might be better than what you are currently playing around with.
Go here www.wendi.com/intuition and use the coupon DREAM when checking out, for your gift.

Programming your dreams is rather simple.
Before you go to sleep
Run through the problem in you r m ind slowly.
Review it again to give you r m ind the juicy details.
Put it away in a box (in you r m ind, not for real).
Ask you r m ind to come up with the best possible solution.
Ask you r m ind to make you aware of the solution upon awakening.
Have a pen and paper by your bed just in case this thing hits you over the head in the middle of the night. That happened to me once. This big booming voice beckoned to me to do something right then. It was not only strange, but very enlightening. Big voices from invisible sources should be listened to, don`t you agree?
The solution may appear in a dream, so be sure to write down the details of your dream.

Remember to come to the forums to share your wisdom and insight. You can also ask questions. I try to respond to all the forum questions and it gives everyone a chance to learn and ask questions. We have one for Weight Loss, and for Alcohol Freedom. Ask me anything, you can be anonymous. Rant if you like. See how fast I can find the delete feature.
www.wendi.com/alcoholforum and www.wendi.com/thinforum

Your Holiday 2 for 1 sale is finally here! Order any item we have and you will magically get 2 copies of that very item. You can even order our special packages and get two of them.
This means-

  1. You will have an extra set of CDs that you have no idea what to do with.
  2. You will instantly have a new friend who thinks you are so very clever and generous
  3. You will realize how brilliant you are when you have a gift for a friend and also keep one for yourself.

Use the code TWO FOR ONE at checkout. If you forget, you are pretty much screwed. You have to put it into the order.
When does this expire? Glad you asked. Sunday December 5 th , at midnight .
Need ideas? Try our holiday gift guide. You want it, bad.
When does it end? Yes, that is right! This Sunday at Midnight .

Our last newsletter asked for your letters telling us about someone who really deserves to have a gift of a CD set to lift their spirits. We offered to send out 30 of these, and wrap it and send it at no cost. Even to Iraq .
Jen nifer is handling your requests and she loves reading your letters. We are very honored to be able to light up someone`s life in such a special and unexpected way.
Jen nifer said to me- Let`s send them all! (not just 30) And not only that, let`s give them something that would be most helpful for their needs, not just the standard CDs that we mentioned.

Hello all,
I have enjoyed reading all the heart warming letters from you. Compassion is one of the most important qualities to have in our hearts and minds. It goes along way in helping to heal those that are suffering so badly. It's a beautiful thing, cherish it! We have decided to honor all of your letters. We will send out a holiday pack that will have an appropriate program to help out your loved ones. We will send out all the gifts by next week. Thank you for remembering these people. They will receive a very special gift from us.
Jen nifer

If you are listening to the LEEZA show on your radio in the evening, you might be able to catch a series of interviews I am doing with her. Next week I will be talking about Alcohol, Breasts, and much more on the juicy, se*xy topic of gettin some good lovin.
Tune in!
Need good lovin right now? Try our LOVE OF YOUR LIFE CDs and have a shiny new soul mate under your Christmas tree.

Thank you again for your wonderful and touching requests. We here are wendi.com are very honored to be able to reach out and make someone`s world a better place.

Wendi, Shawn, Nicola, Jen nifer, Winfield, Bennie, Michael, Laura, Taryn, Bryan , Tim, and Chip

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