December- 12-2002

PLAYBOY RADIO- the naked truth

We Have a Winner- the essay contest
In Wendi?s world, the game?s the thing.
Excellent work on the essays one and all. I will tell you that it was difficult to choose the winners. Heck, it was difficult to read all the essays. We have some excellent writers at Wendi?s world. The contest was about your life changing moment Your essays were beautiful.

We laughed
We cried (seriously, we cried)
We drank. (seriously, we drank) Not because of your essays, but because we recieved a really cool bottle of Liqueur called HYPNOTIQ that is the most beautiful turquoise color- like an azure sea, only on ice, in a glass. At least one of our readers has dutifully changed his name to gain access to our secret clubhouse. Wendi, Anni, and Bethani (you don?t have to spell your name with an i to work here, but it helps) want to thank Ralphi for the Liqueur. The pillow fight that followed was stunning. I know, I know- web cam. Patience.

One of our golf contest winners has not yet stopped playing mini golf.
read this-
Received your package on Body Mastery today, thank you.I have been practicing the golf game as I am sure you have many others doing likewise. (no we really don?t- you are the only one. -Wendi) I could not see how anyone could legitimately get under 25 no matter what. So to prove this hypothesis, I chose to keep at it for a half hour a day and see what transpired. Well the long and short of that is I disproved my previous statement and now have attained a score of 18 legitimately. I average 19 and 20 regularly, but have hit 18 once! So it can be done!
I shall go through your material with great interest and will look forward to the results.
All the best, and a Very Merry Christmas to you and all your staff and friends.

Stu, it is time to stop playing golf. Really. Take a deep breath, relax, let it go.
Very Good. But just in case you need a little help visualizing... I have a CD for that. Mmmmmm, beeee the baaaalll. Buy HypnoGolf....

The Winning Essays-
These are beautiful. Read on...

First Prize
Someone is Looking For You
I was adopted from Korea when I was 18 months old and have lived in California ever since.? Although, I had a happy childhood with loving parents and adapted quickly to American life, I often wondered and fantasized about my birth parents.
On September 27, 1998, I moved into a new home.? Two days later my adoptive mom passed away after a long struggle with Parkinson?s Disease. I was honored to be with her during her passing.
On October 23, 1998, I had a dream. Read the rest of the story...

Second Prize
The Little Boy Who Could
Ok since I can't golf worth a lick and I want that Body Mastery Program so bad I can taste it here goes...I will win this one, I am now visualizing myself now placing my new and wonderful body mastery cd in the machine.......oh how I digress...
My most life altering moment does involve hypnosis and a little boy name chad.......Let me start from the beginning..Back in 1989 I worked for the biggest jerk on the face of the world and I was stressed to the max. I had just read an article about how hypnosis could help with stress and I thought to myself "self go for it what have you got to loose but the stress and several hundred dollars". So I made an appointment with the hypnotherapist. I can tell you I was more nervous then ever before and when I walked into the office... read the rest of the story...

Third Prize
Music, Feathers, and Chickadees
?Mom, when you die, will you send me a sign that you?re okay?? It was a beautiful New England fall day in October of 1992. In fact it was my most favorite time of the year and yet my mother was dying. Neither she nor I knew that when she walked out of our family home that morning for a trip to her doctor?s office that she would never see ?home? again. However, I intuitively felt that this was the end of her cancer struggle and I absolutely had to ask her ?THE? question, regardless of the intense will power it took to keep me from breaking down into deep sobs. Read the rest of the story...

PLAYBOY- The Naked Truth
I did a four hour radio show on playboy radio last monday. I went to L.A. and did it in the studio so I could hypnotize those naughty girls. Well, you all know I have a very open mind. But not THAT open. This show is on XM radio, and well, anything goes.
I was first asked to hypnotize a couple who were of the variety that like to share the love with many of their friends. She wanted to share the love right there in the studio with one of the hosts, Julie. (yes, that Julie) O H M Y G O D. Not in front of me, please.
So, to entertain her and make her keep her clothes on (I know, I am spoiling all the fun of your visualization here) I created a spot on the back of her hand that would be her erotic pleasure spot, and had her boyfriend rub it in a nice little circle as her mind got all caught up in the very fine feelings. I guess it worked quite well for her, because the joy was heard around the station. Over and over. To tell you the truth, there are scripts in the Hypnotize Your Lover book that explain how to do this, but I have never seen it work THIS well. (this book makes a great gift , by the way)

Next they brought in a couple who are porn stars and I was asked to hypnotize her so she wouldnt feel so jealous when she would watch him do a ?scene? with another woman. Oh my goodness. Somebody take that girl to church.
I was not nearly as succesful as I was with this problem, as I was with swinger girls hand. In fact the peice with the porn start brought up some issues for her (naw, say it ain?t so- a porn star with issues?) and she wouldnt say another word. Radio doesnt work well when your guests won?t talk.
But on the upside, the porn star taught me something. (gee, I wonder what Wendi learned from the porn star. You ponder this, I can see) I learned what a (You dont know? Neither did I. Go ask a guy)

The next morning a film crew came to my hotel to film a piece on Breast Enlargement Hypnosis. That was a lot of fun, and it aired on GMTV, which is Great Britian?s #1 morning show. I think they were trying to highlight the whacky california people- like this is what we do all day. Hypnotize our breasts. C?mon... we do other things as well. (insert your punch line here)
If you are really ready to find out how to use hypnosis to enlarge your breasts , well this is the time. A bit of advice- this might not make a great holiday gift.

The little elves are hard at work at and they are still commited to getting your order shipped the SAME day if we recieve it before 3 pm, pacific time. Try these to make your holiday hypnotic.
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Thank you all for the very touching essays. (There were a lot of them) We read everyone, and I have to tell you, it was a really nice to take the time to feel so close to our customers and friends. Thank you for taking the time to send them, and for sharing a piece of your life. We were happy to share the love.
Bethani is now the contest goddess. She will be cooking up some good ones for next week.
By the way, if you have read this far, and you feel you must order that totally cool life changing program for your friend, I will reinstate the GIMME coupon for four days. It expires Sunday night. If you enter it at checkout, we will double every item on your order. One for your friend, one for YOU! Amazing, wonderful, deserving, YOU.
To all a good night. Peace on earth.



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