WE WORK HARD.  It?s true. We are going to help you impress your friends, and be so very thoughtful with your gift giving.
Here?s how-
1st - We will drop ship any item ($39 or over) to any US address at no charge. (that means we ship it directly to the person you almost forgot about)
2nd - We will gift wrap it in beautiful sparkly paper, that will impress any friend you have and will cause them to think more of you than they actually do.
3rd - We will sign your name, with your personal message, showing your amazing thoughtfulness and insight and personal attention.

You can?t lose. UPS, ground shipping. If you wait too long and we think it should be shipped 2nd day or 3rd day, we will punish you severely. And charge you a nominal fee.

GO HERE to see some items that make great gifts.
Intuition and dream programing
Videos - DVDs to learn self hypnosis
Hypnotize Your Lover book sets
Speaking Mastery
Love of Your Life
Body Builder Extreme Strength
Allergy relief
Childbirth Hypnosis
Memory Magic
Money Magnet
and sexy, sexy, sexy stuff at
And 120 other magnificent programs for expanding your mind.

So even if they have been naughty, there is a little something that would be unique, unusual and EXTREMELY USEFUL. Get it? No shipping charge, gift wrap free, personally signed card. Jeez, do we have to do everything? :) Of course, we?d love to. We live to serve.


Public Speaking. Number one. Worse than death. I used to be afraid, very afraid. And I am telling you, that there are things you can do to build a core state of confidence, charisma and magnetism that will make you an excellent speaker. I posted the CIRCLE OF EXCELLENCE session right at the site. Just go there and do it. Really, do it. It is one thing to read it, think it is a good idea and then go grab a beer. It is a far better thing to read it, close your eyes, imagine and anchor all the things in the process, feel better about yourself in so many ways... and then go grab a beer. Go here


(cute headline, huh?) Did you know I am psychic? I can tell you are gaining weight, putting on those extra fatalicious cells, trembling at the very thought of what will happen when January 1 rolls around.  Well, I am sooo psychic that I will tell you. You will muster all the courage you can, step on the scale, gasp in horror, buy a membership to the health club that you will use once (but they will take 12 months of dues out of your checking account) and grab a beer. I know you. When I?m right, I?m right. And I am eating right now, so I know that that this could be a problem. So, don?t weight. Order now. But weight, there?s more.

    If you weight till January, you will have to work hard to get a discount on our weight release program, but if you buy it now you will get the weight and body builder sets for only the price of the weight release. How cool is that? Really cool. You lose weight while you sleep, build muscle from only visualization, and feel better about yourself.
    Health club membership- $1120 per year
    Diet Pills - $89 for a one months supply
    Beer - $1.70
    Feeling better about who you are-
    priceless. (well, almost. If you buy our program there is a small charge for the bliss)
    Go to RIGHT NOW -

How to accomplish all this goodness? Read on-

Drop ship and free gift wrapping. When you check out there are instructions. If you have questions, call us. We love to talk on the phone, It gives us time to avoid any real work. Also, we plan to schedule in several more margarita days so we should be plenty entertaining.

Weight and Body Builder Extreme- just put in the comments field at checkout- FREE BODY BUILDER.

To all a good night!
Good things to come- stay tuned. Things are changing at


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