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I stared at the pile of clean laundry, again, hoping it would finally put itself away. Every time I looked at it I felt bad, again, knowing that I just didn`t have time or interest in putting it away. I remembered just about everything from my DO IT NOW CDs and fought the urge to put it away, even though my mind was screaming "you love to do it now" as I pondered the deep pile of clothes that were anxiously awaiting their arrival on a hanger.

Since I made the DO IT NOW program about a year ago, I have been able to approach chores with a new attitude and feel the ease in getting thing done right away, before they turn into a mountain of clothes/papers/mail/dishes/chooseyourstack. For the most part, the methods in the CDs have really changed the way I do things. But the clean laundry still daunts me.

Here is where the spiritual part comes in. There is a component to your house cleaning, including all the scary things in your closets, that represents your spiritual wellbeing. The condition of your house has a direct correlation with the condition of your soul. The rooms, location, and depth of you r m ess indicates the aspect of your life that is out of balance or in need of attention.

We all have it, we all struggle with it (well except for a few of you a*n*a*l types, who probably aren`t reading this anyway cuz you just don`t get me) (whatever) and we all could use a moment to reflect on what our house both physical and spiritual needs now.

The message on the CD for cleaning your house and throwing stuff away is eye opening at the very least. If you have never looked at it in this way, a light will go off in your head.

The really fun part is that it works both ways.
When you clean up something in your soul, you will most likely want to clean a room of your house.

If you clean out your closet, you will probably feel a shift in your soul and let go of some issue you have been hanging onto. Many of you know that this works. You are nodding your head right now, as you shove that stuff into the closet. Am I right?

Now, back to the part about me. (my favorite part) I tried to resist putting the clothes away, but the old hypno-session about doing it now just nagged the heck out of me.

So, I did what I had to do. I looked at it as if it was done, felt the feeling of pride and calm, and asked myself if I was willing to trade 10 minutes NOW to feel good EVERY minute that I enjoy the clothes being put away.

The answer was a resounding YES. Duh. And it took 8 minutes. So, the entire point here is this- you can remind yourself that you feel bad about a task you have been putting off, and spend hours and days feeling bad, or you can trade 10 minutes to feel good now and for a long time.
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