If you have waited until now to get that perfect gift for your sweetie, boss, neighbor or annoying co-worker, here is your chance. First you get a spanking for waiting so long. (may I suggest our DO IT NOW program) and next you get rewarded for your bad behavior.

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Order Tuesday or Wednesday by 3 pm and we will send it 2 nd day air UPS and you will have it by Friday.

Check out our gift idea list and get it going on from your generous heart. Any item, any price, any time ľas long as it is before Wednesday at 3 pm- and use the code MYBAD and we will rush your package to you.

Remember this. We are here to help.

•  You waited too long.

•  You cant think of anything to get for that person who has everything

•  You hate the malls, crowds and can`t look yourself in the mirror

•  We ship it 2 nd day air at no cost, you have it by Friday.

•  We solve all your problems (well at least one) and you love yourself immensely.

•  You worship the ground we walk on.

See our handy dandy gift guide right this second , do NOT put it off one second longer.

Here are the ABCs of Christmas shopping at

•  Alcohol Freedom Enlargement C- Confidence and Power D- Dry at Night E- Eyesight Excellence F- Financial Abundance ($50 off) G- Get over the Loss of a Love H-Heal Your Body I-Intuition J-Joint Freedom K-Karma of Kindness L-Love of Your Life M-Music, mind and spirit N-No Fear, O- The Big O (of course), P-Power of Persuassion, Q- Quit Smoking, R-Reading Body Language, S-Self Hypnosis Mastery dvd, T-The Mental Edge, Hypnogolf, U-Ultimate Org.a.s.m (new, improved, longer lasting) V-Video for Childbirth Hypnosis, W- Wake up Sleepyhead, X-Xmas Secret Fantasy, Y-Yes, Yessss, Yeeesssss, Z- Zen of Thin

Or see our entire product list.


You are special, doggone it. We like you just the way you are. We are going to include with every order on TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY by 3 pm (pacific time) the CD that we all love- The Karma of Kindness . This will melt away your stress and frustration when that pesky aunt shows up at your door. You might just want to give her a hug!

To Your Bliss filled New Year!

Wendi, Shawn, Bennie, Nicola, Winfield, Taryn, Jen nifer, Tim, Laura, Mikey

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