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True enough, your thoughts are making you sick. From the ďWendi told you so departmentĒ we have the definitive study that shows how stress makes you sick. It is not about stress making you more susceptible are making it harder to heal, but actually causing illness.
Some of you are saying, Hey Wendi, you told us about neuropeptides  and how our emotions and thoughts send them to our body to fuel illness long agoÖ but was anybody listening?
Read the article here. It is from Australia so it must be good, mate.

I can tell you what makes me stressed. Easy checklist of daily events. But I have a solution, read below.
What makes you stressed? Are you freaked out by the little stuff, or does it take a real disaster to get you crazy? Enter your stress du jour here, and read everyone elseís at the same time. Good times.
Go here and bang away on your keyboard as hard as you like.


I donít know about you, but I get a little stressed around the holidays. Ya know how it is, there was already more than enough to do and now I gotta vacuum pine needles off the rug and see how quickly the cats can undecorate the tree.
Itís all fun, but in a stressful, worrisome, exhausting, irritating kind of way.
I am really excited about the Sweet Surrender CD. This will transform your attitude in only 3 minutes.
Even if you donít get the CD, imagine how sweet it will be if you stop yourself in mid screech and breathe, relax and experience the moment from a new perspective. Here is how to do it.

Attitude is Everything.
We all know that our attitude affects our health, pain levels, anger, and illness. What we donít know is how to remain positive and see that glass as half full. I always see it as a glass that needs to go into the dishwasher. Along with the rest of the pile of dishes.

Sweet Surrender is all about your attitude. You got one, you know you do. Your mother knew.

What I did in this session (after I sat down to record and realized I had no idea what I should come up with) was to create an automatic monitoring system in your brain that will detect stress. Physical, mental, emotional, whatever. All the kinds of stress your brain can find will be transformed.
Once your brain finds the feeling, or tension, or anger-  it will trigger your body to do three things.

Each of these words is tied into specific commands that your body and mind must carryout. It gets deep, trust me.
Breathe- not just a normal breath, but a deep breathe into your belly. When stress we breathe shallow. Teach your brain to automatically go into deep breathing mode, that alone will change your bad attitude.
Relax- make a trigger that melts the muscles in your body from your scrunched up face, down to your curled toes. Make yourself hear and see this word, and connect that to tension that the brain detects.
Experience- make a trigger that takes you into the experience, not reacting or battling, but a simple and easy experience of the events around you. At the same time this can bring the wisdom into the experience.

The first session teaches your brain how to monitor and respond with this sequence. So far, I think this just rocks.

Look at it this way. You are fighting for the parking space at the mall, about ready to run over the old lady in the walker to get that empty space first, swearing that this is the last time you ever come to a mall in your life, and suddenly a moment of surrender takes over.
The events around you melt away, you have a new perspective and a huge smile spreads unexpectedly across your face as you expertly dodge the walker and swoop into the parking space, easily beating out the guy in the very big truck.
Yes, I can do that TO YOU with hypnosis.

I love my job.

Next, we get to chase a tiny pinpoint of light out through the ever famous velvety darkness. Make this light so appealing that you will want to go to the light. If you do this, mix it with massive desire to feel an enlightening moment. When you get there, something unexpected will happen. In fact, when I made the CD, I had no idea what I was planning, I just knew that this little point of light would be crazy good.
Once you are there, it is a unique experience every time you do it. Trust me. I am still tingling from the recording session.

Of course attitude is everything when it comes to health issues.
Ready to get the cells in your body dancing? This might do it. You will add to this sequence, a program to put your immune system into the healthiest balance and more healing state possible. You will also be able to move around inside your body and explore the many regions of your inner world. Never disappointing in my book.
Take a journey inside your body and look for the places where the evil stress has settled in for the winter.

With all of this in place, we must make the brain not only go into this sequence automatically, but make it happen in three minutes.
If you are trying to create this on your own, it is do-albe, but it may seem a little daunting. You could always just buy the CD, ya know.
3 minute blast of bliss brings it all home.
Session 4 will take you there. And once your there, you may never come back. But if you do, I guarantee you will be smiling.
I am not sure how I can tell you how to do this on your own, it is a delicate method that requires the expertise of a wildly creative hypnotist. Now you have to get the CD, huh?

I have to admit that my busy life gets me a little wigged out now and then. But, after I made this CD this morning I was bouncing around like a kid. I am in awe of my happy self. When I walked in the office with the master to my new CD in hand, my staff must have wondered where I got the nifty brain transplant. Happy happy me.
And soon, (in 3 minutes perhaps) you will meet the happy happy YOU.

Say goodbye to stress, instantly
Experience the best 3 minutes of your life as you instantly change your perspective

1- Breathe ~ Relax ~ Experience
2- Transform
3- Heal
4- Bliss Blast- 3 minutes to stop stress in itís tracks

2 for 1!

ORDER it this week and a very magical thing will happen.
TWO of these CDs will arrive in your box. Give one to a friend and show them how much you care.
The CD has four sessions on it, and it is 49.90 39.90


Got a great hypnotic one liner?
Hereís a contest you wont want to miss. 300.00 in cash awaits the winner.
Your very short quotes will be used ON THE RADIO in our new ads in January.
If you have had a life changing experience with my hypnosis CDs and can describe it in 5-10 seconds, in a way that amuses and entertains, you will find your voice on the air all over the country.
People from all parts of the world can enter.
You can say your first name, or use your entire name.

The really cool part is that next week we will ask all of you to vote for a winner.
Prizes for the top ten, and 300.00 smackers for the grand poobah.

Go here to enter.
You will need a PHONE.
After you enter, send an email to
State your name that you used in the audio recording and we will be able to match up your name with the email.
We will use hundreds of them on the radio, so all of you who enter might finally be discovered and well on your way to glitter and fame.


Interesting article on placebos. I always love these, it tells us so much about what our brain can really do.
Read it here

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I know that you donít really want to wrestle that lady in Macyís for that trinket for your mom that she will never use and will probably donate to the next church auction.
Make it easy.
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Now and always,
Peace on Earth.

And Shawn, Winfield, Bryan, Melissa, Rod, Jennifer, Eric, Jen, and Tim!

PS- letís review
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