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Ethical use of Hypnosis?

And now for something completely different.

The Gun, the Canvasser and the Nakedness-->
Some of you know my brother Tim. He made a video about why you should
vote for Ron Paul. What you will see might shock you. See it here.

I made a video response (which is actually quite fun, I think I am hooked) and here is the first response.

My Next Response, is this an unethical use of hypnosis, or just too much fun? -->
But even better (hopefully) you might be shocked and amused at my video response. (Caution- grown up words here)
I can only ask, Is it Wrong?

And this caused a bit of commentary, in my previous video response some folks seemed to think I wasn't
quite "the thing". (ok, well actually it was because there was one comment that I was not quite a MILF. If you don't know, don't ask)

I don't know what it means to get honors on youtube, but I got two.

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No Juice For You!

wendipatioDang, it is frustrating when the power goes out. No internet! Today on most of the peninsula the power is out. I have 55 minutes of battery left on my laptop.
When the power goes out, life feels so different. I am sitting on my
patio. The power is out everywhere and quiet has decended on the street.

No hum of electricity, motors, power tools... just the quiet. Right now, it
feels like I have super hearing powers. I can hear the birds in the
trees way down the street. I can hear single sounds that would have
previous blurred into the hummmm.
A neighbors voice that is obviously so far away, sounds clear and distinct.
We don't often know what we are missing, or what is intruding into our
minds when the whirl of all the power hungry devices consume our
silence. (and I am pretty sure the neighbors way down the street dont know how well we can hear them)

In the morning I often walk to the beach. I stand at the edge of the
water  and stare out into the glittering morning ocean. On my
headphones I hear Cat Stephens singing Morning has Broken. That song, along with the sand, the water and the glistening sun has become my morning moment.
It sometimes brings me to tears.
I feel like I am inside of a beautiful painting. Then I hear him sing How Can I Tell You (that I love you.) Those of you who remember these songs with fondness are probably as old as me.
My morning's are a blessing and my heart is full and at peace.

Just thought I would share.



The Addiction Project

You can be part of this. If you are struggling with an addiction, or you are a therapist or addiction counselor, a family member or just want to see what the fuss is all about, go to www.TheAddictionProject.com and see what I am up to.

If you decide to attend, please wait to sign up until you get the BIG COUPON in my newsletter later this week.
Or email me directly by replying to this email.

January 12, 13, 14 The Revolution
Newport Beach, Ca.
A mind expanding experience that will change the way you look at addictions.
This seminar is for addicts, ex-addicts, white-knucklers, doctors, counselors and family members.

Guest speakers from the Medical Addiction field, rehab experts that use evidence based treatments, authors and researches... all here to show you why it is time for a REVOLUTION in the world of rehab.

January 26, 27, 28 Therapist Training
Newport Beach, Ca. Join the team around the world, as an Addiction Specialist. Become an inspiration and help people succeed and overcome addictions with our proven system. This might be the most important training you ever attend.



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