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We all have a special message that will surely light up your life- or make you go Hmmmmm… Click and enjoy.


Right now, do the following-

Close your eyes (after you read the instructions)
Think about making some of those gnarly New Years Resolutions.
Let your mind wonder and worry as thoughts of resolutions dance through your head.
Notice what you are first aware of.

1-what IMAGE comes to mind
2-what FEELING occurs in your body and where
3-what SOUND, like an inner voice, are you immediately aware of

when you have completed these 3 steps, open your eyes.

(Really! Do this, it will be good for you.)

Now answer these questions-

The image was
1- negative or heavy
2- neutral
3- uplifting

The feeling in my body was
1- Heavy and tight
2- neutral
3- excitement and anticipation

The sound was
1- and inner voice that said something negative OR a heavy moan or Ugh
2- so, so with an attitude of OK
3- like a kid who cant wait to get this done

If my hunch is right, about 99.9%  of you have a failure trigger that is linked up with the very thought of making resolutions. Making a “new years resolution” will instantly trigger all your past experiences of failure, procrastination and lack of follow through.

Am I right?

Your brain + new years resolution + past failed resolutions = why bother!

Time to make a DECISION.

And wouldncha know, I have a CD for that.
Resolution Activator will make you throw out your resolutions, and finally get committed to the next decision you make about your life.
FREEEEE THIS WEEK with anything you order.
Just put coupon YES in your order.

We toss it in, NO CHARGE.
You are relieved of the inevitable failure of resolution doom.


I just finished this book- stayed up until the wee hours finishing it. This is James Frey’s story about a life of drugs and alcohol and his 6 weeks in rehab. The rehab center he checks into has what they claim is the highest success rate in the country. About 15% is considered the best. AA has about a 5% success and other programs somewhere in between.
His feelings about the 12 step program they used certainly resonated with me. He says that not drinking is a decision. It is not a higher power, not helpless, not making amends, but making a decision. When you make a decision and put yourself in control, you no longer have to drink or do drugs.

Obviously I see the logic in this because it is the very foundation of what I believe makes my Alcohol Freedom program so successful. When you take responsibility to make the decision for yourself and as a result of your values you stand a good chance of success.

The book is revolutionary. It echoes my feelings about how the 12 stop process might make you susceptible to relapse, rather than strengthening you to be the person you want to be. Some of you agree, and some of you strongly disagree according to the email I receive. This book creates even more division between the 12 step devotees and those that choose get sober by decision.

If the success rate of most 12 step programs is less than 5%, and you look at the journey that James took from his most serious addictive behaviors, you  might consider the power of a decision.

That’s all I’m saying. Just look at your options.
There are many paths to the top of the mountain.
Read more about how to make your decision.
Get committed, and get our CD to help BLOW UP your resolutions and put decisions in place.


The rats are taking it in the brain, again. Here is an article that shows that our sweet tooth is really all in our brain.  And if you ask me, that is good news. If it’s in your brain, it can be changed, redirected, redefined and obliterated.
The ability to manipulate the way the brain craves sweets, or lack thereof, is the essence of hypnotic goodness.
Read the Article
Get the CD that stops your sweet brain from making you fatter. It is time.
Eat This! – 2 CDs that will make you laugh at sugar. Learn how.


A regular feature of my news each week is the SOUND OFF board. You can read previous topics anytime here.
This week- put your predictions for 2006 on the board. Check out what others see from their view of the world.
Politics, movie stars, condition of the world, the fate of our souls… anything you think is going to happen, put it in on the board and lets just see what happens.


For all of you who are wondering where the webinars have been, I have some very excellent news.
We are setting up a RADIO STUDIO in the office and this means the webinars will NO LONGER be on pal talk. (EVERYONE cheer loudly, now)

The webinars will be broadcast on internet radio with live callers (that’s you!) and podcasts of all shows and best of all…. (drum roll now) you MAC users will get to listen in!
I will still hypnotize you! I will still say naughty things!  You will still be in a fancy chat room with me! And a webcam will broadcast the studio while you watch the show.

And it is all free. Because I love each and every one of you.

Peace on Earth, blessings to one and all!


PS- what you need for YOUR NEW YEAR-
And get your RESOLUTION ACTIVATOR CD at no charge. Use coupon YES.

DO IT NOW- end procrastination
ZEN OF THIN- fat is really all in your mind
WEIGHT RELEASE- 8 things your brain needs to hypnotically get fit.
ALCOHOL FREEDOM- make a  BRILLIANT decision to be sober. This time, it is a good thing.
WIDE AWAKE- Change your mind while you are working, jogging, driving. Energizing and invigorating and hypnotic.

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