December 29th, 2006

New York

I will be in New York, broadcasting Wendi Radio
and on some TV shows on New Year's Day.

Find me here-

Sunday KSTE Talk 650 (stream online)
         4 pm Pacific, 7 pm Central.

Monday morning – Fox News
            Good Day New York  (7:39am EST)
            Fox and Friends- Fox News Channel  (8:30am EST)

If YOU are in New York and want to have lunch, send me an email right away! Just reply to this email.

Let’s hang!

New Years again!

id you know that your Resolutions are doomed
before you even make them?

Your Resolutions are Doomed! Watch the video now.

100 New Year's resolutions that you probably won't keep.
Sound off and let's hear yours!

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You try really hard…you believe, affirm, write it down… and for a few days into January you actually feel
you might make it… this time.

You put the cigarettes down the disposal.
Cleaned out the ashtrays.
And, I know that you honestly believe this is the last time you will stop smoking.

But lo… by 5 pm on January 1, when you are back at the store for a new pack.

Couch Magnet

The couch will not win, you proclaim.
You joined the gym. Made a pact. Committed to 5 days a week. You even enlisted a fellow couch potato to be your buddy.

Week two—and you are right back where you were—too busy, too tired and unable to resist the magnetic couch.

Why are habits so hard to break?
Why are resolutions absolutely useless… or worse, why does a resolution often have the opposite effect?

Last time you went on a diet, did you eat more?

I used to be a smoker…
I always smoked more when I tried to quit.

Last time you decided to stop smoking, did you step up your intake out of fear?

Say amen, my sister.


C'mon, you know it’s true. You have won the title of the World’s Worst Procrastinator.

Yup. You are a card carrying lifetime member.

You think you are too tired to get things done? (you just haven’t had the Wendi fix)

When you swore you would get organized, did you throw in the towel when you gazed at the daunting piles of useless stuff?

Do you have something better to do?

Ready to dig into your closet and throw things away, you suddenly either feel extremely tired or find some other way to waste time so you can put it off?

Why will you fail?
Your resolution is connected only to bad feelings, failures of the past, fears, and disappointments.

Each time you try to get fired up about changing the habit, your brain only accesses the feelings associated with failure.

Think about the thing that you want to change.
File old taxes?
Clean out the garage?
Lose weight?
Stop drinking?

When you think about that, what is the first thing you feel? What emotions, physical sensations and images first fill your mind and body?
Negative ones for most people.

The solution?
You only get ONE resolution this year. This one will change your life.
Want to find out what it is?

To make no more New Year's resolutions

  • Commit!
  • Make a very real future memory.
  • Use all your senses.
  • Energize it.
  • Complete it.
  • Then ask yourself- What is the best feeling about this?

1- Check your self-talk! No matter how much
you say you want to change, you might be your own worst enemy.

Maybe you say to yourself…
I have such a hard time getting out of bed that early
I don’t have time to workout

2- Create a clear "future memory" that is in
living color and in all senses.

Remember when you were a kid and you got in trouble for daydreaming?
Daydream 3 times a day. Feel, see, hear, smell, taste.

3- Find out why you need to fail. There is
always a positive reason that we keep our habits.

For instance, if you pretend that your habit has a face and a personality, you can talk to it.

If you are a Smoker—find the part of you that needs to smoke. Ask it why it needs to smoke.
It will give you a positive reason.
Ask it again, what else it wants.
Uncovering the positive intention is a big breakthrough!

Get busy- here is a list of your problems.
Lucky for you, I have solutions.

Hey. What’s your problem? Fix it fast…right now.

Wide awake – Keep your resolutions while you are driving in your car.
Stop Sugar cravings- No More Night time eating
Get up off the couch- Love to exercise
Go to the GYM year round- Workout compulsion
Run a Marathon- Endurance for athletes
Stop Procrastinating - Do It Now
Keep Your Word - Commitment
Live Your Dream
Speak Your Mind - Bulletproof
Patience with People - Chill out
Connect with others - Karma of Kindness
Stop Lying - The truth will set you free
Never be lied to again - How to spot a liar
Stop Partying - Alcohol Freedom
Stop biting my fingernails
Be nicer to my kids - Patient Parenting
Wake up in the Morning
Stop Being Late - Be on time

Peace on earth, and Happy New Year!


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