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I was thinking- what would happen if New Years day came about once a month, and we had to renew our resolutions each month, with as much zeal and excitement as we do on January 1. How cool would that be? (I can hear you groaning from here) (yes, all 30,000 of you, all at the same time!) So you go to the gym for a week, eat iceberg lettuce with lemon for 3 meals a day, throw away your cigarettes for two days, you stop doing ______ (insert your problem), and start doing ______(insert your solution).

How fun!

No? Not so fun?

It is funny how our best intentions for the new year stand practically no chance of being successful past January.

I have a solution for you, of course.

And my solution? I made a CD that is called the resolution activator. It is not meant for New Years, it is for every month. So let`s say you have these things that you want to make happen and once a month you map them out on paper, then put them into your mind as future memories.
-> Remember, when you create a future memory, put the elements of it already having happened, your brain stores it as a real memory.
-> You then operate from a belief that you have already done this, have the skills, busted through the self-sabotage and so on. Your brain stores this memory in the same way, with the resources and attitudes, but with one big difference.
-> This future memory has only the successful aspects of the new behavior, rather than all the screw-ups that might be mixed in with the past memories. Make sense? I knew it would.

I really like to set my outcomes each month, rather than a year at a time. You can adapt and change the outcomes and stay flexible. I choose five categories- and put down in writing the outcomes I want. Where do I put them? In writing. Where will you put them? In writing. Yes you will, because something truly amazing will happen when you do this.
-> Personal- include relationships, friends, new habits.
-> Financial- How much money you are making (or more), debts that are paid off, investments you are working on.
-> Career- Accomplishments, awards, meetings, opportunities, promotions.
-> Health- Food, exercise, releasing illness or pain, your weight.
-> Spiritual- Emotional healing, forgiveness, nurturing yourself, meditation, loving yourself more.

Now, imagine what might happen if you:
   a)  actually wrote these down
   b)  imagined vividly the end of your month as you experience them having already happened
   c)  did this every month

Well, I can tell you what might happen.
First, you will be amazed.
Second you will say –Dang, Wendi, why didn't you make me do this sooner?- and third you will dance like a monkey cuz you are so happy with your bad self.

I will tell you this. Years ago, my life was a mess. Nothing was working. It was a pit of despair.

The thing that changed everything was the ability to imagine the future vividly, even if I did not believe it, just imagine it - set it in motion. (I wrote it all down of course.)
Soon you will have the Resolution Activator, and you will listen every month. And you will write down your monthly outcomes, won't you?
The RESOLUTION ACTIVATOR is FREE with any order, and it includes the hypnosis session called WHAT TO SAY WHEN YOU TALK TO YOURSELF. This is to help you stop beating yourself up and be a little nicer to yourself. We can be pretty dang successful at saying the meanest things to ourselves, don`t you agree? Now you will get hypnotized to be nice to numero uno, your own sweet and kind, generous and loving self.

Use COUPON code RESOLVE to get this added to anything you order.


Last week I asked you all to try and raise our ranking on Alexa. We are up to 24,000 today. Close to 20,000 that we shot for, pretty close. Since we came close, I will give you all a free abundance session so you can be on your way to abundance, fortune and fame.
Go here, listen to the hypnosis session, enjoy being hypnotically abundant.
Go lie down, relax, take a load off. It`s meeeee time!
You can also get the double induction at this page, which if you haven`t listened to this yet, it is like I am reaching inside of your head and massaging your brains. Some of you are just strange enough to enjoy that.


Here we go again. Where in the world is Wendi? This one is only 4 days long. (thank goodness) Where in the world is Wendi- 4 clues will be coming your way, on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. The first 10 people to guest the exact city win a big fat, super delicious, personally crafted gift certificate for $100. The very first person to zero in on the city gets the $300 gift certificate.


We fell a little short of our goal for our fundraiser, but the great news is - with all of your wonderful contributions - we raised 2,604. Thank you ALL for your participation! The check to the Red Cross will make a difference. Thank you thank you thank you!


You begged, I give.
Stop biting your fingernails! It is gross, makes your jaw and neck hurt, makes you embarrassed to show your hands, and puts disgusting germs in your mouth. And when you are applying for a job, it does not go unnoticed.
BUT, you already knew all that, didn't you? I have had so many requests for a CD to help stop the nail biting, that I sat right down and made one.
Session 1 – Fingernail kisses. Creates an anchor that will make you stop, creates a future belief that your hands are beautiful, and changes the habitual behavior.
Session 2 – Addiction Freedom. This will make you permanently change the way your mind feels about the compulsive need to bite your nails. It unhooks the addictive behavior. Find out how good this will be!


Happiness 101- everything you need to be happy and wonderful. Here is the short description.
How Much? 156.00, but for you today only 89.00. I love you that much. 11 sessions that will make you feel much better about who you are.
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And as always, I want to thank you all for your wonderful letters, inspiring stories and thoughts you send our way. We are honored to be part of your journey.

Peace on Earth,

Wendi, Winfield, Lacey, Nicola, Melissa, Bryan , Jennifer, Bennie, Shawn and Rod and Tim.

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