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On CBS Sunday Morning, they had a great piece on hypnosis and medical issues. Hypnosis is gaining widespread approval as a medical modality for healing, pain, and even anesthesia. They highlited the use of hypnosis for Birth and showed a woman giving birth and her baby was born in three pushes. It is a wonderful way to give birth.

Heart Surgeons Try Using The Power of Suggestion

Major Hospitals Play Tapes For People Under Anesthesia; Addressing Patients' Fears


In many ways, Xavier Lividini's heart bypass surgery last month at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York was no different than the procedure performed on hundreds of thousands of other people every year.

Surgeons used a saw-like device to cut through his breast bone and open up his rib cage. Then with a blood vessel taken from his leg, they created a bypass around the blocked sections of his coronary arteries, allowing more blood to reach his heart.

But there was one major difference. During the six-hour procedure, while he was under anesthesia, Mr. Lividini had a Walkman headphone on his ears. Through it, a tape played carefully crafted, medically detailed messages over and over. His doctors hope that what Mr. Lividini heard while lying on the operating table, and in repeated listenings both before and after the surgery, will help speed his recovery and lower his chances of having further heart problems.

"You can feel new strength flowing through you, through arteries that are wider and more open, more flexible with smoother surfaces than before," a soothing woman's voice said in Mr. Lividini's ear, as soft music played in the background.

Calming recordings have been used for years to help cancer patients cope with the side effects of chemotherapy and chronic pain sufferers gain some relief. Those tapes typically offer fairly generic, positive messages, urging patients to relax and imagine themselves in a safe, comfortable place. Now, a new generation of audiotapes are finding a place inside the operating rooms of some of the nation's most prominent hospitals including Columbia Presbyterian, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, and the Cleveland Clinic. Though the heart-surgery tapes feature a calming voice and serene music similar to the standard cancer and pain tapes, many of them go far beyond, conveying pointed messages aimed at addressing specific medical concerns and fears of major heart surgery.
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