If you are looking for love, and can only find a box of bon bons and a puppy to keep you warm, I can help. While the bon bons really do love you, it is possible that human companionship is more fulfilling. Humans don't always taste as good, but sure as heck satisfies longer than the bon bons. As for the puppy versus human- tough call. Depends on the human.

So, let's get to work on finding a soul mate. Over the years, I have helped people get over their issues of past love and hurt, stop pushing love away and bring on the love of their life.
How do I do this with hypnosis, you ask?

First- find out what your issues are with love. Resolve any resistance, let go of blame and guilt.
Second- create the love of your life. Get all warm and fuzzy, write down all of the qualities of you want to fall in and go meet him/her.
And hopefully it is NOT actually a him/her, cuz that would be just so strange. (my apologies to our androgynous readers)

Relax, breathe, close your eyes- you know the drill.

Create a Temple of Wisdom . Go to this temple and notice the entrance, the floors, walls, ceiling. Go inside and notice if there are windows, or furnishings.

Sit in the center of your temple and invite your very wise Sage to sit with you. You can also call this an advisor, or guide or whatever suits your fancy.
It is always fun to discover who this sage is. This sage knows everything about you, all of your history, feelings, experiences, and even knows those things that you are not aware of yourself. (for some of you, this is probably really creepy.) (you know who you are)

Enter the temple, sit with the sage and get specific instructions on what is needed in order to bring love into your life. Ask this “ What do I need to do to bring love into my life”?
You will get some very personal answers like forgive someone, heal old wounds, let go of control, release the anger from an old relationship, learn to trust, etc. At this point you say to the sage, “Yea Right. Like how the heck am I supposed to do that?” And in his wisdom, he smiles knowingly and answers you. Listen to this guy. He knows what he is talking about.

Make an agreement with the sage to meet with him once every day. The sage is your guide and will show you how to be emotionally ready for love. The results will surprise you. Guarantee it.

Meet your Mate- There is a booty call in your future!
Create a future timeline. (in your imagination, don't go out and build a time machine- way too much work)
Ask your higher self to take a journey into the future, and find the point in time where you meet your soulmate. Notice all the details- the feel, the look in his/her eyes, the feel of their body, the smells, tastes, sounds. Ask your hornyliscious self how far into the future this moment is, and ask him/her how you will know that he/she is the one. If you meet at a naykid twister party, all the better.

Come back to the present moment, feel content, calm, at peace while the universe is creating the harmony to bring love into your life. You want to get the desperation resolved, and create as much contentment in your life at this present moment. Desperation is so unbecoming, don't you agree? Naykid Twister on the other hand, when combined with butter, is so very attractive.

Now, write down all the details of your future love, using as much emotion as possible in the description. Write it down. I swear this will work. Trust me.

Of course I have this entire thing on CD, but this outline should get you through.
Just in case you
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The slightly annoying contest from last week is done, the winners are about to be revealed. Jennifer is feeling better- and says thanks for all the very nice emails wishing her a speedy recovery. She has sorted through the 2500 answers and here are the winners. If your name is here, you must email her ONE MORE time to claim your prize. Cool, huh? By the way, these are gift certificates. Jennifer at wendi dot com.

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My methods have worked for many, and if you are struggling with this addiction (although I am not sure it is an addiction) I can help.
The program is almost ready; there are multiple sessions that will help you restructure your values about what is most important. You can still enjoy a full and rewarding s/e*x life, and you will not be suppressing your natural desires, you will simply be free from the force that draws you to explore the vast depths of the juicier pages on the internet.

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I am touched so deeply by the beautiful letters we get. Here are two that I am happy to share with you. If you are ready to stop drinking, and want a private, and powerful way to do it, today is a great day to make a decision that could save your life.


Just more wonderful results from this program!  I just returned from Las Vegas with some people from work who were boozing it up quite well!
I had no desire to drink whatsoever and had a blast!
One evening I was sitting at a bar with someone I met, drinking a diet coke and she ordered a shot of really expensive whiskey.  She said "This even has a wonderful smell", put the glass under my nose and it smelled to me like gasoline or paint thinner! I thought "Ok, if you say so."
There was absolutely no will-power, I just had no desire to drink.
That (and the entire trip) reinforced to me the amazing results of your program.

Kindest regards,
Darryl Hurst


Thank you so very much Wendi.  I ordered your cd's "Alcohol Free" and took them with me last weekend.
Four days later, I was alcohol free.  The test for me was the setting ~ skiing represents a "vacation"; a "party"; and I would typically include alcohol in the celebration... No desire... No sense of lose...    I still have a glass of wine and sometimes two if I'm out to dinner, but it's not a habit for me and I am soooo very grateful to you.  It's been six weeks since I first listened to your cd's and I am thoroughly enjoying my tea and water and my occasional glass of wine.  I have ordered additional cd's to continue to expand on the joy I experience in each and every day... have also ordered cd's for my son.  Thank you Wendi.  Take care & God Bless  


Change your mind, change your life. It is true.
That's all for now!

With Gratitude,


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