March 1, 2003

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Yesterday, we finished shooting the video footage for our newest video. How fun was this? Really fun. With my video producer Tim in tow, and our technical director Jason directing our every move, we went from bars to back alleys looking for suitable liars to tell their revealing stories on camera. You would think this would be an easy task. But, no.

We approached some bad-ass biker dude, who looked like he could spin a good yarn for the camera? but then we realized he was trembling with fear at the very thought of being filmed while telling a story. His lower lip was quivering. I am not lying. Mr. badass was just a creampuff with tattoos.

Then we approached a couple of guys drinking beer at a bar. We offered to buy them beer. They said no. But they told my camera man they would do it in exchange for a date with me. GET OVER YOURSELF, boys. We begged, we pleaded. We left.

Next we spot the perfect victim?. The guy on the sidewalk twisting balloons. Surely he is an outgoing and fearless man. He wears balloons on his head.
He has no fear.
In my most persuasive style I asked him if he would help us out by telling a story that is not true. He refused. I offered to buy balloons for kids if he would do it. Still he refused. His lip quivered. We left. There was a guy in a Daniel Boone suit with clown make up on his face who looked interested. It just didn?t seem like a good idea at the time.

Then came Jerry. He told us stories that made us smile. He lied through his teeth. We were happy. The footage was stellar. Just wait until you see Jerry telling his story- his body language was impressive as he revealed his lie. When you learn how to spot a liar you will see how totally obvious it is with anyone.

We also filmed several willing victims who were muscle tested to obtain the truth about their statements, we followed eye accessing cues to determine remembered events and made up events, and revealed a the secrets of detecting lies during a job interview.

Let?s get honest about all this? believe me? this is going to change the way you look at others. I am telling you the truth. When you do the hypnosis process in the video, you will learn how to calibrate others to detect the truth. This hypnosis process sets up and internal lie detection mechanism in your mind that will alert you when the signals don?t match. How cool is that? Of course we have special guest stars Michael Jackson and Bill Clinton who will assist with the training.
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Note: No bikers were harmed in the making of this video. Honest. The balloon twister? ...well that?s another story.


By popular demand, and with extreme Gratitude to Barbie (not the doll with big knockers) we have many new script programs for sale.
NO. These are not like some of those one paragraph script programs you have bought from other hypnosis companies.
NO. These are not some lame-o sentences strung together by monkeys that you downloaded free on the net.
NO. These are not re-written scripts from some book someone checked out from the library. (now has $147 of fines)

These are the high level, technologically advanced, scientifically verified by highest form of intelligence available, scripts from Wendi. They are word for word transcripts from my extensive programs.  They were lovingly transcribed by Barbie (no, not the anatomically incorrect doll with legs that go all the way up to her ass) to make complete multi session programs that you can use to assist your clients, conduct hypnosis classes, inspire your self to be more creative and just plain amazing with clients.

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Here?s what we have.
BODY MASTERY - (the holographic bodymind) Nine sessions. Amazing on every level.
WEIGHT RELEASE - Eight Sessions
FINANCIAL ABUNDANCE - Eight Sessions and the entire course work.
STOP SMOKING COURSE - Three Sessions, plus the entire outline for clients and groups. This includes the book, homework, CD set and everything you desire.
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Honest. I am telling you the truth. (Is she lying? Buy the video HOW TO SPOT A LIAR. Find out )
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If you haven?t been to our LIVE INTERNET WEBINARS, well I have just one question. Why not?
It is FREE
You will LAUGH ( At me, or with me? as long as you laugh)
Your life will CHANGE (it is an hour of your life that you can NEVER get back. Bwaa haa haa)

You will never look at cornflakes the same way again. If you have been attending our WEBINARS, you have learned that CORNFLAKES were invented to stop masturbation. Now there is a leap that is difficult to make. Apparently this guy KELLOG was one frustrated dude. He wanted to find a way to make boys stop masturbating. One of my very esteemed attendees sent me this to explain it all. Click here. You will also learn something about circumcision that I don?t think you knew.

So, the plan (mine, not Mr. Kellog?s)  is to make cornflakes actually increase your desire to pleasure yourself beyond your wildest dreams. It all started so innocently? the hypnotic trigger when you see the box of cornflakes? then you asked about frosted flakes and of course, that led to the TONY THE TIGER trigger? and I suppose a few flustered grocery store owners are wondering about the strange behavior in the cereal aisle worldwide.

I know I sure don?t look at TONY the same way I used to.
Anyway, back to business. In addition to learning and experiencing hypnosis LIVE ON THE WEB, you will shop with a smile on your face. Join us, and learn with colleagues from around the world. It is always a good thing to gather great minds and share knowledge. I am honored to have such wonderful people in our webinars. Thank you all!
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Topics? We have topics. Financial abundance, Public Speaking, Golf Mastery, Confidence, Remote seduction, Love of Your life, Eyesight Excellence, Instant Rapport, and so much more.

JOIN US! Fun, free, and there are prizes. And embedded cornflake commands. Read more about cornflakes.
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Just a great book- for free. Share the love.
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NEW YORK CITY - April 4 and 5
FINANCIAL ABUNDANCE 2 day training. This will change your life. Sign up in the next week and you will get TWO tickets for the price of one. You will also get free merchandise that makes it a whopping good deal. Email Bethani for details and special offer. If you have talked to anyone who has attended the MONEY MAGNET abundance training, you already know that this will change your life. Read the testimonials.

CAPETOWN, South Africa April 11, 12, 13, 14
HYPNOSIS TRAINING CERTIFICATION. Attend any one day, or combination of days at special segment pricing. Stay for all four if you would like to have your basic hypnosis certification. We are offering this at a very reasonable rate for those in South Africa because, well, you begged us.
For a short time we have a two for one offer.
Bethani and I are very excited about coming to Capetown. Everyone who is part of our seminar team in Capetown has been just amazing and generous in helping us set this up. THANK YOU. We will be ready to spend some quality time with you all while there. Email Bethani for sign up details.
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Ha! I discovered something really cool. At first I was a little shocked and scared, but then with the help of my very wise brother Richard, I discovered the truth. I have been dealing with some unpleasant vertigo in the last few days. After calling my friend the brain surgeon (it is good to have friends who are brain surgeons) and asking him to remove the tumor from my brain? and of course he assured me I don?t have a brain tumor? I told Richard about my dilemma. Everything is spinning all around me, I told him. No matter what room I am in, it spins. When I am outside the trees and houses spin. When I look up at the sky, it spins. (by the way, this is NOT a good thing)  He told me to relax. ?It is obvious that the universe has finally complied with your wishes.? Richard explained, ?Wendi, it seems that you have really done it. The world finally does revolve around you?.
I am thrilled. But not sure this is what I had in mind. Stress does funny things to us. Now if I could just find a good hypnotherapist to get to the root of this. I?ll bet Barbie (the doll) never had vertigo. But being anatomically incorrect, I?ll bet she never felt the earth move, either. 

Feeling the earth move?Something Barbie cannot do? but you can next time you are in the grocery store gazing in to the eyes of Tony the tiger.
Wendi, you?ve gone too far.

Peace on earth.
Hug your children.


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