Last week I had the chance to work with a softball team at a local College. I hypnotized the players, set the anchors for hitting their line drives, and put them up to bat with the ball machine. This was being filmed for an upcoming TV show about hypnosis, so you will be able to see the results on your very TV, very soon!

The most dramatic thing I observed was the negative anchors and the verbal triggers that they used to make them hit worse! Bad thing.

Whenever I work with athletes, I have to look for the negative triggers, remove those, and then create the positive ones.

In this instance, the batter is up, they swing at the ball and it pops up or goes foul. I hear the batter mutter "how embarrassing" and another says "that sucks" and another says to herself "I can't hit the ball". During the hypnosis session, I set anchors that are visual, kinesthetic and auditory. So, even though the batter uses the positive anchor before hitting, when the hit doesn't go exactly right, they fire off the failure anchor and put their body and mind in a weakened state.

To prove the effect of this, I do muscle testing. I ask them to use the positive anchor- the word or phrase that they created in our hypnosis session that gives them power and control. They put their arm straight out to the side and resist as I push it down. In most cases their arm stays strong and rigid.

Next, I ask them to use their "how embarrassing" anchor and try to hold their arm rigid and resist my pushing down. This is where it gets fun. Much to their surprise, as much as they try to resist, their arm becomes soft, mushy and weak. This proves how powerful their anchor is, and how deeply rooted their negativity can be.

How to do this to yourself-
You are up to bat. You swing and miss. You say under your breathe "I suck at this" and then you get ready to hit the next ball- BUT your body and brain are in a weakened state. Next, you reinforce the negative even more after the next bad hit, and say "I really suck super bad" and so on.

I have worked with athletes in almost every sport. Universally their performance and accuracy problems boil down to the negative anchors they set in their brain.

COACHES- find out what your players are saying to themselves to weaken their state.
PARENTS- when you child is discouraged, ask them what they say to themselves when they are at the critical moment.

ATHLETES- no matter how good you think you are, find out what you are doing hypnotically to make yourself weak.

And… once you stop telling yourself that you are a stupid bone headed idiot because you didn't make the free throw, you can start telling yourself the very thing that will put you in a power state. "I am one big bad stud on the court, let me show 'em how it's done".

Setting anchors- Here is the quick training.

Close your eyes (not now)

Breathe deeply (repeatedly)

Count down from 5-1 and relax.

Take another breath ( you are doing that now, aren't you?)

Imagine yourself ready to make your move- swing, hit, shoot, kick, run, jump, spit or whatever it is you do for your sport.

Do the excellent action in very slow motion. Include the feel, sounds, visualize the result.

Now choose a visual anchor- logo on your shoe, glove, etc.

Choose an auditory anchor- a word that describes your powerful bad boy self.

Choose a kinesthetic anchor- squeeze the bat, touch your finger and thumb together, rub the golf club with your thumb- any unique movement will do. Just don't touch yourself there.

Now make your swing, or hit, or movement in full speed.

Use the anchors again, make your move again.

Your brain is reinforcing the sequence of strength, control and power.

The really important next part is to actually use these anchors consistently before you make your shot, and ALWAYS after a good shot, but never after a bad one. Duh.

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