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Sometimes we need just a nudge to start the flow of our creative juices. A nudge... and a cash prize doesnt hurt.
In our last newsletter I anounced a contest with a $300 (US dollars) cash prize and some of our brilliant and sexy readers got in on the action. As it turns out, they are much more talented than any of us thought.

An Irish jig, a limerick, and a blues rendition, are among the clever entries. You will enjoy listening to this group of stellar performers. I swear, you will be amazed. These are definitely the most talented - and best looking - contestants yet!

But alas, a we hit a small snag. Not everyone got a readable version of the last newsletter. This means that some of those willing and able voices have been denied the opportunity to be broadcast around the world via American Idol's got nuthin on us. Game on, kids!
So, the contest have been extended.

New Deadline! March 24th.
Read the rules, enter and let the world gaze upon the beauty of your beingness next week. Remember the readers will be the voters and will determine your fate..
300 US dollars - first prize.
$100 gift certificates for runners up.
Click here for details and to enter. You can't listen or vote yet, so don't ask me. Just trust me, the entries so far are very good.


By popular request, I have created a new Freedom from Alcohol Hypnosis program on CDs. I really believe that you can feel powerful and in control and reduce or eliminate drinking with hypnosis. Many of you have written to me (actually begged and pleaded) and asked about reducing the amount you drink, and feeling good about having just one.
Good idea in theory.
In reality, the problem begins with that first drink.
It often removes your ability to make such great decisions, such as "shall I have another drink?" or "should I keep my clothes on", or "should I give that guy a piece of my fist", and so on.
You get the idea. (not that any of you would actually enter the mud wrestling competition after just one drink. Our readers are much more sophisticated than that. It would be more of a two martini decision)

You can approach this in two ways. The CD program gives you options.

Just one is fine. This hypnosis session is created to make you feel the effect of one drink, be relaxed, think you are funny, and have no craving for a second one. You just stop after one.

The elimination of all things evil. If alcohol is a real problem you can use the program step by step to become free from alcohol. This works in much the same way that the smoking program does. You will experience a dramatic reduction in the first week and sometimes just forget to have a drink... and opt for water and other life sustaining substances.

Commitment. You will go into the future (not for real silly, just in your mind. It's not like we have a time machine. Jeez) and experience yourself as a non-drinker, healthy and free from the grips of alcohol.
In my world (welcome to it) I believe that a person who does NOT drink is a non-drinker. I dont see you as an alcoholic and I do not feel that you should label yourself as one. Hypnosis involves the use of changing beliefs about yourself so that you operate from new core beliefs.
If you are ordered to label yourself as an alcoholic, then you are choosing to operate from that belief. Useful? Not in my world. (you AA folks know what I'm talking about)
And if you stop drinking and can believe that you are NOT an alcoholic, you are also POWERFUL, not POWERLESS. That whole AA model just doesn't fit into the hypnotherapy structure that creates new beliefs that become your core values.

HOWEVER, if AA is working for you, stick with it. If you are looking for something that gives you power and makes your brain seek HEALTH rather than WEAKNESS, then this might be for you.

What's on the CDs?

Parts therapy- to find the secondary gain issue, and end sabotage
Future time line- to experience yourself as powerful and free from alcohol
Release of old hooks, and triggers
Past time line- to times when you started drinking. You will release and heal these memories.
Temple of wisdom- to find guidance in a spiritual sort of way.
Moderation- be able to say "no thanks!" and make your second drink of choice juice or bubbly water.
Create an overwhelming desire for water, juice or tasty beverage when your mind used to want Jagermeister. Seriously, don't ever drink that stuff. It tastes like motor oil and makes you do nasty things that are illegal in some states.
Belief change- When you no longer drink, you are not an alcoholic, you are a person who is in control, loves your free choice and chooses a healthy body and mind.Your choices will become easier when yo are operating on this core belief.
Aversion therapy- for those who need a hard core approach. The very thought of alcohol nearly makes you sick. I am not a fan of aversion therapy, but for some tough cases it might be just what you need.
Alcohol zapper- my secret hypnotic formula for success.
The Journal- takes you step by step through the program for cutting down or abstaining.

PRE ORDER this CD program. It will be shipped on March 26th. The price will be $149. You can order it now for $89. Click here to get in on our preorder special.


The Sacramento Hypnotic Slimdown is on March 29th in Eldorado Hills and the Serrano Country Club. 6-9 pm. It is free and you will be hypnotized. Repeatedly.
In fact, I am not letting you leave until you are all skinny.
Sign up here. Space is limited to 200 people.

Media is welcome to attend. Please contact for VIP tickets.

Ok. Here ya go. Money Magnet Training schedule.

San Francisco- Sunday April 25, 2004 10am 6 pm - Fort Mason

New York City- June 12&13
Includes hotel!

Memphis, TN- May 15th. A Hypnotic Miracle-
the Zen of Thin Training, Live.
Email for details-

Remember- you can never be too skinny or too rich. Both of which we can help you with. :)

Have a blessed day,


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