March 21, 2003

SPOT A LIAR Last chance.
NYC- postponed


Our Wednesday webinar was a blast. The topic was Charisma and being that I was in no mood to be charismatic at that moment, I decided to go with anti-charisma as our topic. We tossed around the idea of how you create non-charisma and turn people off instantly. You may notice that someone comes to mind right now? who possesses this special quality and can turn someone off in record time.

During our Webinar it became even more interesting to discover how we had to look at ourselves to see if we were committing these fatal errors in communication, body language, phone skills and such. You might wonder just how anti-charismatic you are without knowing it. As everyone at the webinars contributed their ideas about how to bust up that all important rapport instantly, I had to admit that there were a couple of anti-charisma sins that I was guilty of.

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Are you in need of a quick lesson in covert hypnosis, and embedded suggestions? ? here is a new way to deal with telemarketers. When you are giving your spiel be sure to emphasize the embedded suggestions that are in italics. If everyone participates every time they get a telemarketer call we can get the word out about this important research, and those annoying phone calls will soon fizzle out and you won?t have to get up off the couch ever again.

The next time a telemarketer calls, say this:
?I am so glad you called? I have a very important message for you ? and by the way, I want to thank you for letting me know about that great offer for long distance service?
I don?t know if you are aware of this, but a new study reveals that 98% of telemarketers are impotent. This research study has not figured out why this happens, but since the majority of those in the telemarketing industry become impotent during their time as telemarketers, I can imagine how concerned you are right now .?

?I know you are listening closely now , so I will let you know that even if you are not impotent now , that you may begin to notice symptoms very soon . It might happen the next time you think about your girlfriend, or you might notice the total failure when you attempt to have sex, or it might be more subtle and just begin very slowly and innocently enough. How soon do you imagine this will happen to you? What kind of symptoms are you having now??

?Coincidentally, I do have something that might help you with this problem or even prevent it from happening. I have a great hypnosis CD that will help you maintain better erections, pump up your manliness and make you feel more like a gladiator in the bedroom, rather than a pee wee on the playground. As you think about it now, doesn?t this sound like something you must have now? What is your name? and where would you like this CD shipped?... ?

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What was I thinking? It seemed like a good idea at the time. I put a survey in the last newsletter and it seemed like a great way to find out how we feel about putting off all those gnarly tasks..
I never really gave it much thought... about how many people would actually take the poll. And as it turns out, I got exactly ONE email for each response. Now that may not sound like a problem to you? but there are over 7000 devoted readers on our newsletter list. I knew that a few of you would take great delight in the survey, and as it turns out most of you responded very quickly.
?oh... my ... god...? she said repeatedly as she opened her email program.

The emailed poured in. And then it poured in some more. Remember, I got one email for each response.
Feel the love, Wendi? Feel the love.

After tabulating the results (just insert an image of Wendi opening her email for DAYS with a surprised and perplexed look on her face) of the procrastination survey, here is what was discovered.

Those who responded the first day were somewhat different than later responders. 

1st day

Later in week

You chose...



 I am compulsive about getting things done right away. I rarely sleep, have no friends, keep lists, and live in a hermetically sealed house



I do most things right away so I have time to relax. I have never paid a bill late in my life.



 I do small tasks first, keep my house clean and I always have a fresh supply of clean panties in my drawer. I put many things off, but my life is still manageable



 I have stacks of mail on the table, my cat is still waiting for me to feed her... since last Thursday.... but I am late for work and dont have time to answer right now. ( I am late because I couldn?t find any clean underwear.) Gotta run..



I am typing in the dark, because my electricity got turned off - again- I was going to pay the bill... it is around here somewhere.



 I don?t wear underwear. and to tell you the truth, I really don?t feel like answering these questions... Tell you tomorrow.

What do these results tell us?????????????

Drum roll please?. What this proves beyond the shadow of a doubt is:
that you are all mostly average in your own unique way.

I continued to get responses to my survey for about a week. The results changed as time passed, of course. Those who answered in the top 2 categories in the first two days are somewhat different than the others.
As the week wore on, the responses were highly in favor of not wearing underwear (my scientific observation)
One thing we know for sure, is that there are an awful lot of you who don?t wear underwear. Jeeeez.
And that is good science.

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Yes it can.

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Bethani says I still need to offer you something special. I say make the procrastinators pay for the errors of their ways? She says, they deserve love? I say let the slackers suffer in their usual style? She says, Wendi you are a cruel and heartless woman? I clamp my hands over my ears and drop to my knees in shame? and say ok, Bethani- give away the store. See if I care.  I will even name the coupon after you.

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AND the sooner you order, the better the gift.

Each day the love gets a little less.

She is quite certain she can condition you to you act now. We shall see.
She thinks she is hot stuff cuz she?s a psychologist.
I say ?what-e-ver?? as she succumbs to my hypnotic power once again.


Yes it is true. I was asked to make a hypnosis CD so that you can see the inner beauty in people you meet. If you saw the movie Shallow Hal you will understand what I am talking about.  I am going to work on it this week. If you are a hypnotist and you have ideas that you would like to offer me that might make this a most interesting program, please email them to me. If I use your idea I will send you the CD free when it is finished. I will also put your name on the cover as a contributor.


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NYC and CAPE TOWN training

We have postponed our April trainings due to the uncertain political climate. We will reschedule these for June. Stay tuned.


Remember during these changing times to support each other, put aside your anger, overlook the petty differences and let your love show. Now more than ever, remember what is important. Let go of the little stuff. Create peace in your soul. Connect with your family. Cherish your children. 


PS - let us review. There will be a test.
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