Alcohol Freedom

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This month they were asked to turn it up a notch and show us their hidden talents. We have music! We have poetry! We have funny competing for the munny. $300 US dollars is at stake for the winner. Please go here and

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Sleep I say! That would be a great skill to have. Tuck the little monsters in, look them fiercely in the eye and commandingly say SLEEP... and their little eyes close as they slumber undisturbed. It might not be quite that easy to hypnotize the kids, but I think I have a suggestion that will help you be a little more persuasive.

Unbeknownst to most parents, kids under eight spend something like 80% of their waking time in an alpha state. An alpha brain wave is known to be a suggestible state and it is what hypnotists are trying to achieve during trance.
So you say to your kid- "why are you so mean to your brother" "You are always fighting with your sister" or even better they overhear you saying to a friend, "She hates going to bed, she just lays awake for hours" and voila, you are stunned and amazed that your child is an expert at the very behavior that you reinforced with your very hypnotic self.

A friend of mine asked her daughter to imagine a dot on the ceiling and told her that if she stared at it and counted from 10-1 she would be very sleepy. Previously, her daughter was very difficult to put to bed. Another friend gave her 7 year old my sleep CD and he loved it so much that he couldn't wait to get to bed each night and told his mom that he wouldn't go to sleep without it.

Notice what you are doing to hypnotize your kids to have behaviors and problems. Have your kids ever heard you say "she is really struggling with math"? or "he is so shy, he can't make friends". If you catch yourself doing this, it is time to change. Don't think too long about this. It makes sense, especially for a little brain that spends all it's time in alpha just waiting for the next suggestion to accept as a belief that affects their behavior. What if you say "you get along so well with your sister, I can see that you really take good care of her" or "tonight I have a special story that will help you go to sleep and have a really wonderful dream". Be aware of the power of your suggestions. Little minds are listening.


Inducing hypnosis is not nearly as difficult as you may think. Anyone can do it and if you learn to make positive suggestions once they are in hypnosis you can have a bit of fun and help them to solve some problems. If you have a need, hypnosis can fill it. In fact, speaking of needs, you may find some fulfillment of said needs in the book HYPNOTIZE YOUR LOVER. Juicy good fun.


It is still my favorite subject.
Still longing? Need more... Want more? For you, I have more.

I am very pleased to tell you about an amazing book that is a compilation of favorite inductions from several famous hypnotists. My friend Zali Segal has compiled a book of inductions and techniques from 33 very succesful (a dare I say powerful) hypnotists. The book is huge, heavy and thick. (just the way I like my men) I think you should have one. (the book, not the men)

This book is $110 and over 330 pages of secrets you must know about hypnosis inductions. (it always creates mystery when you are about to learn secrets, don't you agree?)

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Alcohol Freedom

The new program for alcohol freedom is almost ready. It was to be shipped out today, but due to unforeseen and irreversible circumstances beyond our control it will be delayed. The alcohol freedom hypnosis program will go out Wednesday of next week. Hang in there. Hypnotic help is on the way. To read all about it go to

Till next time!


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