Limericks are here. Nice, naughty, nasty… these people put their Irish spirit into it and recorded them for your listening pleasure. I guarantee that you will experience pleasure and enjoy the newfound power as you vote for your favorite. American Idol has nothing on us. Not one of their contestants has come up with a limerick yet. Pshaw, I say.

VOTE NOW! Come vote on the best dang limericks - see if you can spot the real Irishman. The winner gets $400 in cash and prizes. Your vote will make someone's world a better place.

As for Idol- that Bo was just too darn sexy until this week. Now he is just yesterday's news. Carrie is my favorite, but that Vonzell girl sure did a great job. What is it about Idol that makes it so addictive? Is it the power of being able to vote, knowing that your opinion matters?


Speaking of opinions~
Many of you had some opinions about my opinion from my Mondays with Martha newsletter last week.
It strikes me as funny, mostly.
I will tell you why.
Of course.
Because I have an opinion.
And I am not afraid to use it.

I express an opinion about Terry Schaivo and for some of you, it is not ok that I have my opinion. It is ok, however for a few of you to express your opinion in as rude of a way as possible.

People are a funny bunch.

As I said in last weeks newsletter, the country and world is talking, exploring, finding out what their values really are and for the most part feeling very passionate about their beliefs. And some of you are so passionate that you chose to respond in the simplest possible way by replying with nothing more than "YOU IDIOT". Read the rest of the responses in their entirety.
The good, the bad, and the ugly. A little slice of my email inbox, just for you.
If you are not as confident and sturdy as these opinionated folks and would like to learn how to puff up your chest and be intimidated no more, click here to get our Power of Persuassion CD set. See the free gift offer at the bottom of this newsletter.


I've said it before, and I guess I will say it again, "surround yourself with happy people". You will become what you are exposed to, and if your spouse ain't rockin it for you, then you are going to be a little more miserable. Not rocket science.

This article SPOUSE HAPPINESS CONTAGIOUS will show you just how important it is to have a happy spouse. Read the article
Of course you will be happier. DUH. Why? Because the state of mind of your spouse means that you are doing something right. If you are a man, this is even more of a factor. A man's self worth is largely based on his ability to keep his wife happy. If he can't please her, it reflects on his ability to be a man. I am not sure it goes the other way though. For the most part, women don't base their self worth on how happy their husband is.

As I have said before, and will say again and again, you get the results you are asking for. You are actually hypnotizing your spouse to feel a certain way.

You come home, you are tired, the house is a mess and you say "dang it woman, this house is a pig sty. I am sick and tired of coming home to this".

And she says "well honey, I am just so tired today" and you say "you are always tired, you never get anything done".
You have been very persuasive and successful in creating a state of mind in her, you have anchored this state to you coming through the door (cuz you have done this repeatedly) and you reinforced the suggestion that she is always tired and never gets anything done.

Now she says "A55HOLE!" and you say "B1TCH!" and your evening is pretty much good to go.

Another way to do it is to make powerful and persuasive suggestions to get the response you DO want. Use the law of reciprocity. Do something for someone else without expecting anything in return and they will respond generously. Here is how that law is going to look when you come home and walk in the door.

"Dang, woman, you could use a backrub! You look like you could do well with some tender lovin." (You know this because the house is a mess and the Ben and Jerry's carton is empty)

"Looks like you have had a rough day. Here let me help you feel better in 5 minutes."

You rub her the right way, her tension melts, and then you say "Hey, can I help you get things cleaned up around here? I am sure we would both feel better if we spent a few minutes picking up". AND since you just gave her a backrub without expecting anything in return, she is now abiding by the law of reciprocity and says "Oh no, I will do it. You just put your feet up and let me pour you a cold martini" .

So, what did we learn? You can create the state you want and that state will expand and become more powerful with each passing minute.

Bad Good
House is Pig sty You could use a backrub
I'm sick and tired of you need some tender lovin
You never get anything done You've had a rough day?
You are always tired Let me help you feel better
You say "B1TCH" You get a martini

See how it works?

Now if that is not enough reason to take a look at how you are creating your state, nothing is. Remember this reciprocity rule. I am sure you know people who do a lot for you, always thinking of you, doing little things and expecting nothing in return. You probably feel inclined to do something nice for them, just because. Easy. Works in relationships, business, sales, just everywhere.

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This year, I have decided to try some new things. One of them is to buy and sell stocks all by my little self. In all my years, I have just never done this. Even though I hypnotized the market makers weekly and watched them make millions I just could wrap my Sagittarian mind around the numbers, charts and graphs.
So, one of my stocks did exceptionally well for about 1 month. I bought BOOM and watched it climb steadily, and made a 40% return. Then I had a dream last Sunday night. In my dream BOOM went down like crazy, just fell and fell. So, on Monday morning, afraid to NOT heed the vision in my dream, I sold it all.
And wouldn't you know, that very morning (last Monday) it fell and continued to fall for 4 days. I don't know how the heck a dream could predict the rise or fall of a stock, BUT you know what this means? Maybe we should work on this a little more diligently.

You have read about my adventures with dream programming, finding solutions, answers, solving problems in my dreams. Well maybe it is time for a CD to help you know what to do with your stocks by asking your very powerful and mysterious self as you sleep.
I think I will call it the Tao of Dow.
Next week- I will share it with you. In the meantime, don't be afraid to ask your subconscious mind to give you guidance, for stocks or anything else, in a dream. Ask your mind to make it clear and obvious upon awakening, and have a pen and paper handy.

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Dream it, live it!

Peace on Earth,


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