These folks sat up all night writing, rehearsing, practicing for their big moment. Remember to vote- the limerick and Irish jig contest will end on Tuesday at Midnight. Be sure to get your votes in.
Listen here!

If you have not yet listened to our talented group, you don't know what you are missing. Especially John's song, guitar accompaniment included. I laugh every time I hear it. Thank you EVERYONE for your creative limericks and for brightening my day!

There is a $400 prize at stake, so be sure to cast your vote by midnight!


I am constantly impressed by Joe's work and his generosity. As you know, I rarely endorse or promote others on this newsletter, but I have to make an exception today. This is too good to pass up.

One of the reasons I love Joe Vitale's work is because he is one person that walks the talk. He lives the principles of abundance with his integrity, his generosity and his creativity.

His book is THE ATTRACTOR FACTOR - Five easy steps for creating wealth or anything else.

If you buy it from this link, TODAY (Tuesday April 5) you will get all of these bonuses for free. Over $1000 of great stuff.
He wants to make his book #1 at Amazon and he is willing to give you all of this, but only if you do it today.

To tell you the truth, I am going to buy it for myself. I love learning as much as I can about creating abundance and his teaching and his wisdom are simply the best. And there are some bonuses there that I really want.

Your free bonuses-

* The Relationship Attractor Factor
* Envisioneering - Creating A Master Life Vision
* 20 Tips for Husbands and Wives to Enhance and Save Their Marriage
* The Enlightened Salesperson: Selling from the Inside Out
* How to Make Someone Feel Like A Million Bucks
* What Every Woman Needs to Know About Weight and Stress
* The Complete Guide to Internet Marketing
* 101 Best Tools & Resources to Running Your Internet Business
* Meet and Grow Rich: How to Create a Master Mind Group
* Secret National Television Media Lists by a publicist
* and about a dozen more. Go here for the complete list.

Most of you know who Joe is and are always eager to be first to get your hands on his new work. You will learn a lot from him! Go here to get it for yourself.


What does it really mean to be honest? Is it possible to be honest and to tell the truth in every area of your life? How do we hold others to a standard that we are often not willing to live by ourselves. We expect that others should be honest with us. We are disappointed when they are not. In some cases we are spittin mad.

Would jealously exist in a relationship if you knew your partner was completely honest with you and would not withhold anything from you? Jealously is such a difficult emotion to get a grip on, and I do get a lot of requests for a hypnosis CD to help people stop being jealous. I am just not sure how to approach it. Yet.
I recently completed a CD for honesty and that is what got me thinking. Regardless of how others are going to act in a relationship or friendship, the integrity that you expect in others has to start with you. Once you have personal integrity you can create limits on what you feel is right and wrong in your kids, co-workers, lovers, and others. If you have a high standard for honesty and you are willing to live by that standard you have the right to expect it of others. Agree?
Go to our forum, and respond at the topic Integrity. Give me your thoughts on this, and as I continue to make the program I will use your ideas and suggestions. There is a poll on how honest you feel you are and how honest you feel others should be with you.

As I made the CD, it brought up a lot of questions. How much truth is needed? When is it ok (ever?) to be dishonest? How high are your standards for honesty for YOURSELF?

What I want to offer is a chance for you to have the integrity CD so you can explore this as well.

Our inner circle members get this one included this month along with some unusual induction techniques. The will actually learn how to hypnotize their left arm. How useful is that? Hopefully we will make an honest bunch out of them.
What? You are not an inner circle member? Crazy. Go here, get on board.

It is only $29 a month and you get 3-4 hypnosis sessions each month.
Or you can wait and buy it later when it is offered to in our newsletter.

Either way, come to the forum and discuss it. I am sure it will enlighten us all!

Enjoy your week!


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