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Our last newsletter may not have made it to you. As clever as I thought I was, the list of special new items had words that your mother would not be proud of. Many of you have filters on your email that will find these words objectionable, even though your ears long to hear what your loins quiver for.

Another small glitch was the link to the DVD 2 for 1 offering that was not only generous but will make you very popular with your friends. Some of you told me that link just didn't go.  Click here to read the full, uncut, throb-b-ing version.

So, here is the summary without the dirty words.

THE WINNER OF $300 in cold hard G's
Miss McNally, please go to your mailbox!
If you didn't vote, but still want to listen to the creative genius of Miss Mcnally and her song sung well, click here.

The rest of you will get yours. Runners up will receive a fabulous store credit. Start creating now. New contest begins soon. It will be about your most life changing moment, ever.

MY NEW BEST FRIEND, 2 for 1 on all DVDs

Order any DVD, get a 2nd one for free.
Use the coupon BESTFRIEND when you are checking out. Order as many as you like, get two of each topic for the paltry price of one. Give one to your friend, and you instantly have a new best friend.

Choose from- How to Hypnotize Anyone, Childbirth Hypnosis, EFT training, Advanced Techniques of Hypnotherapist, Money Magnet 6 hour seminar, Self Hypnosis Mastery, Self Hypnosis2 the Power, Stage Hypnosis, How to Spot a Liar. If you don’t have a new best friend to give the 2nd one to, we will assign you one. See how easy it is?




Edison loves power naps and you will too. Complimentary instructions for power napping here.
Then go get your very own power nap, creative genius CD from us by going here.

FAB 5 and BIG 10

This is a great way to taste all the flavors of the rainbow. This is where those words came in that got your newsletter filtered out. So read about the list of delectable delights here.
FAB 5- order any 5 of our new single CDs $99

BIG 10- order any 10 of these for only $149

OK, you are now up to date and feeling great. That will teach me to have such a potty mouth.

With wisdom and wonder,


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