Our March contest was a real hoot. I laughed till I cried. I was touched and inspired. Your votes made John a happy man. Our grand prize winner is John and while we may not show up on your door with balloons, a giant check and a video camera, we will send a really cool envelope that will appear in your mailbox for 100.00 cash and the entire Financial Abundance DVD and CD Set.

Feeling lucky? For everyone who entered, we have a prize. Our staff just loves to hear the limericks and songs and today they insisted that I give everyone a great prize just for entering. So, if you are among the entries, send an email to and she will send you the super secret link to claim your prize.


Last week I was very fortunate to attend an evening with Gil Boyne (a legend in the hypnosis world) and sit with a group of colleagues. I always learn something new from that man. He inspires and educates me every time I see him.

On my flight back from Glendale , while waiting to board my plane, the passengers disembarked from our plane. They were returning soldiers from Iraq . About 200 men and women walked from the plane into the terminal. At first it was silent as we all just stared and wondered what to do. I imagine that most people in the terminal had a similar curiosity about what the reaction would be. (if you saw the superbowl commercial you know what I am talking about)

One person started to applaud, quietly. A second one began to clap and then everyone our area of the terminal erupted in the thunderous applause for these returning soldiers.

More uniformed troops flowed from the plane, our applause continued, as did our tears. I thought I was being overly emotional about the whole thing, but when I looked around I noticed everyone alternating between clapping and wiping their eyes. It was such a touching moment, such a display of gratitude and heartfelt expression. What a welcome home to these men and women who spent months and years in conditions we here at home could never imagine. I cannot imagine the strength and dedication that it must take to so what they do.

If I keep typing, I will start crying again.

Too late.

FYI- if you know soldiers who are stationed in the Middle East , let them know that we send CDs of any type, any amount, at no charge. We have been doing this for about six months, and encourage everyone to spread the word so more of our troops can have something to reduce the stress, increase their focus, help them sleep better and stay stronger.

Also, if you know anyone in the service who needs help with PTSD, they can also have free private sessions. My network of Hypnotherapists have agreed to help by offering a private session at no charge. Some offer multiple sessions. Hypnotherapy is a very powerful and effective way to release the PTSD and stop the nightmares and sleeplessness that often accompany PTSD.


If you, or someone you sleep next to has bruxism, you know how totally annoying and painful this can be. If you don't know what bruxism is, it is a bizarre sexu@l fetish that involved 2 people, a wire wisk, a stopwatch, a large goldfish and a blindfold. (the blindfold is for the goldfish)

Just kidding.

Actually, bruxism is teeth grinding. As the serene and peaceful silence of the night is upon you and you are just drifting into dreamland (having those goldfish in blindfold dream sequences) you hear it.

Like a jackhammer in bed with you, the grinding and gnashing begins. It breaks the silence and sends those fingernail-on-chalkboard sensations through your body.

Time to stop that ungodly sound, don't you think?

Not only is it highly annoying and bad for your teeth, it causes headaches and neck aches. The funny thing is, if you don't have a partner sleeping next to you, you probably don't even know you are doing it. Maybe you wake up with neck or head tension because your jaw has been locked down all night doing the equivalent of road construction in your mouth at night.

Notice this- if you wake up frequently at night, check the tension in your jaw when you wake up.

Use your mind to consciously relax it. Set a self hypnosis trigger to let your jaw go slack and limp.

On the CD I created a trigger that used three things- the feel of the pillow on your cheek, a gentle breath out, and a tone. While you are falling asleep, you can set these actions as anchors that your mind will use these as triggers to relax your jaw and neck, even while you are asleep.

If you are wearing teeth guards at night, they will help to stop your teeth from wearing down, but wont stop the tension. Hypnosis is an excellent way to force the jaw and neck to relax based on your subconscious mind monitoring the tension in your jaw and neck as you sleep.

And now- you know what to do, right? Make it your own. Listen to the CD as you are falling asleep at night. Stop annoying your partner, relax your head, and feel great when you awaken in the morning.

You can also use this when you are at the dentist. You will relax your jaw, go to your happy place, and implant the suggestions for sleeping peacefully.

ARE YOU A DENTIST? What are you waiting for? Ask us about using this CD while your patients are in the chair. Send them to la la land.

Order our Bruxism CD and stop the torture. Get it by itself, or get a special combo deal - Our WAKE UP SLEEPYHEAD that will turn you into a morning person. Get both for only $49.


This week we start our TV commercials! Look for the Zen of Thin on Dish Network channels nationally this week. Let us know if you see them, and let us know what you think!


Oops, you did it again!
April 15 th (for all our American readers) snuck right up on you AGAIN. What the heck is up with that?
Hate yourself?
Singing the song that goes like this? "I am the world's worst procrastinator".

I think it is funny that so many people say that. You can't ALL be the world's worst, that would be impossible.
I have to admit, I used to be one of the reigning champions of procrastination. I will tell you a little story, and you will see that you are not really that bad.
Over 12 years ago I had a retail business and when it closed I owed some money in taxes. Well, the year that followed was the crap year from H3LL and I got very depressed. I didn't file my taxes because it was just too painful and because I didn't feel up to it, and I didn't know what to do. Then the next year I decided to take all the boxes of bookkeeping records that were neatly filed and stored in my garage and get two years of taxes filed. I went to the garage, opened the boxes and looked into the large manila envelopes that were sorted by month.

I never got to open February, since the shrieking sound I was making as a result of January's folder, combined with the speed I was running out of the garage prevented me from any further offensive action on my tax records adventure.

Tucked warmly away in January's manila envelope (I am getting weak just writing about it) were live, pink, baby rats and probably a few adult relatives that scampered away upon opening. Apparently it was family reunion time and the hairy rat relatives came to see the newborns. Chances were good that this same event was occurring in the remaining monthly folders and my already distressed spirit could not handle another minute of trauma.

So, now the problem deepens. I need to do two years of taxes, but the records have been shredded into nesting material. I plunged into a state of fear, and procrastinated even further. No taxes that year. The IRS would understand. (those of you who work for that branch of our government, remember on top of all this that I am a Sagittarius) (Sagittarians don't do well with these sorts of things)

I won't tell you the rest of the story, but I will tell you that previous to this, I thought the biggest challenge of my life was pushing my first baby out of my body. Harder than that, by far, was the internal fight for years of procrastinating to clean up those filings. I hated myself every day for not having the guts to get his done. Procrastination is painful. Putting things off creates an underlying stress that eats at you constantly. But you already knew that.

I know that your spirit cannot fly when you have the pain of procrastination causing internal struggle every day. I also know how to solve your problem.
Lift the weight.
Feel the freedom.
Find out who you will be without the fear.
Clean your house.
Organize your office.
Throw stuff away.
Finish that project.
Get big tasks into chunks that you can wrap your brain around.
Create a compulsion to get things done now.
Actually LOVE being a Do It Now person.
Ending procrastination will NOT be a painful experience, you will no longer torture yourself, or try to tease yourself into submission with empty promises.
After you listen to the CDs you will simply want to get things done because it makes you feel good. No more struggle!
This is where you stop and
take a deep breath AND
Smile! It will get easier now.

If April 15 th haunts you, or if you are not one of the trembling Americans today, I have an offer you can't refuse.
Get the DO IT NOW CD set and we will include LOVE THYSELF for free. You will forgive yourself and let go of the past, no matter how big those garage rats were (and NO, rat babies are not cute just because they are pink).
Use the coupon code SETMEFREE and will include LOVE THYSELF a 29.00 value.

Peace on Earth, and immense thanks to those who are serving to protect it.


PS- this newsletter did NOT contain a political statement, agenda, or opinion. Do NOT email and tell me it did. It was simply an expression of gratitude for the work that our troops are doing. If you are offended, put out, disturbed or bent out of shape in any way, it is solely your responsibility to deal with it and bring yourself into a state of blissful harmony and balance. :)

PPSS- I forgot to include this very touching letter. I am so very grateful for each and every one of you. Wendi, I wanted to write to you to thank you for giving me a second chance at my life.  I haven't had a drink since April 6th 2005. For the past twenty something years, I have been drinking daily and in the last 5 years it has become a problem.  I have been trying to stop drinking for many, many months and have been unsuccessful - even for one day!    After doing your program for only a few days I began to feel different - I started to put off drinking until later in the evening and then drank slower and less.  Then, after a week I quit completely.  When I think occasionally that I  would like a drink, my mantra has become "alcohol is not an option".  Now, in the evening I find comfort and stress relief from drinking a cup of tea.  It has been surprisingly easy.  That is something that I never thought i would say! I love to fall asleep to the relaxation sessions and wake up to the morning sessions.  I sometimes get up before the alarm now.   It feels so good to have a clear head and no hangover!   And, during a stressful moment during the day I can put my first finger and thumb together and my body noticeably relaxes immediately.  My husband and children are so happy to have me back in their lives in the evening.  I used cocktail time to isolate myself by drinking and reading a book.  And that time got longer and longer over the years. I was on the verge of resigning myself to going into inpatient alcohol treatment which I very much did not want to do.  Your program works.  It has made a wonderful change in my life that I will thank you for every day .


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