"He's so shy, he never talks to anyone." "She always clams up around new people." Maybe when you were growing up you were protected from conversation because you were shy. Perhaps you were the little girl in the beauty shop next to me recently, getting her hair cut.
The girl of about 6 years old obviously wasn't in the mood to talk. Her mom says, "Oh she is just shy. She is really good at the silent treatment." And the hairdresser says, "I feel really sorry for the husband she will have".

And the little girl sits there taking it all in. She is wondering why anyone would feel sorry for her husband. And since there are at least three people staring at her, this becomes an emotional memory.

As an adult, you might wonder why you are not as social as you like to be. Why do you blush when you are around other people? What makes you become insecure and scared when others are having a conversation? Why do you clam up when you really want to speak your mind?

If you repeatedly heard your mother or father or teacher saying "She is just shy, she won't talk to anybody" how on earth are you going to start opening up and feeling comfortable around people?

We learn who we are and how to act when we are very little. The things that are stated and then REPEATEDLY hammered into your tiny little very receptive brain have tremendous power. A young brain that is like a sponge ready to soak up every word and idea and make it into a belief, takes these words and says "hmmm, I guess I am shy". Since mom seems to be the authority around here, she must be right. And since I have heard this no less than 10,456 times and she always says it when someone tries to start a conversation with me, I will simply shut the h3ll up". Although the child probably doesn't say h-e-double hockey sticks.

(I am laughing now, because I actually had an adult customer call me who was not able to say he11 so she said h-e-double hockey sticks)

Anyway, the thing is, we become what we are told to become.
What is your problem? Pick as many as apply.

I am painfully shy
I blush around people
Stammering expert, that's me
Can't think of an intelligent thought around others
Bad at eye contact- please don't look at me
My bad posture says it all- I'd rather be dead than around all these people
Never think of a funny line until way too late
Intimidated by anyone who is confident
I won't go out of the house
On a date, I say the stupidest things
I put myself down, talk myself into feeling useless

When you think about these things, do you start to recall the comments you grew up with? Do the faces of any of your teachers come to mind? I know I have a few that pop into my head instantly. If I can find Mrs. Fast from 3 rd grade I am going to give her a piece of my mind.

First thing- stop reinforcing shyness in your kids. If you are dealing with a shy child, start saying, "it is easy to talk to people, it will be fun for you to ask them questions." Let your shy kids answer questions when asked, rather than jumping in and answering for them or stating that they are too shy to answer.

As we move through the many stages of life CONFIDENCE is the single most important quality we can have. In every interaction, business, love, parenting, travel, socializing, our level of confidence determines the joy in our experience. Let go of fear. Be the person you know you can be. Experience yourself as the grand and wondrous being you are when you are confident.

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