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I know I just sent you our newsletter yesterday, but I meant to include this, since it is really interesting and it applies to all of you who are suffering with allergies.

From a study in Switzerland (so it must be good) comes this piece of research.
Self-Hypnosis Effective On Hay Fever Symptoms

The article is below.
The important thing for you to know is this- Allergies are a mistake that the brain makes. The brain thinks that pollen (and other allergens) are life threatening and send out histamines to protect the body, creating the allergy response. (sneeaing, eyes watering, coughing and my favorite, excessive phlegm) (six letters and only one vowel)

You can stop your allergies. I have. My clients have. One woman came to me for her severe cat allergy. In 20 minutes it was gone and never came back. She now has three cats.

I have helped kids with asthma to stop the bronchial spasms (another six letters and only one vowel) by creating imagery of airways opening up.

Probably the most interesting proof is the ability to make the brain have an allergic response. In hypnosis, if I suggest that a person is in a field of flowers with the grasses swaying, their eyes water, they sneeze repeatedly and get on board the phlegm train.

If the brain can produce it based on the suggestion that these allergens are present then it can also not react in the presence of them.

Read the article.

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Self-Hypnosis Effective On Hay Fever Symptoms

22 Apr 2005

A group of researchers of the University of Basel, Switzerland, has performed a randomized controlled trial on the use of self-hypnosis (which was likely to induce relaxation) on a hay fever symptoms.

Many people suffer from hay fever symptoms. Hypnosis has proved to be a useful adjunct in the treatment of conditions where allergic phenomena have an important role.:

Randomised parallel group study over an observation period of two consecutive pollen seasons. Outcome data include nasal flow under hypnosis, pollinosis symptoms from diaries and retrospective assessments, restrictions in well-being and use of anti-allergic medication.

We investigated 79 patients with a mean age of 34 years (range 19-54 years; 41 males), with moderate to severe allergic rhinitis to grass or birch pollen of at least 2 years duration and mild allergic asthma . The intervention consisted of teaching self-hypnosis during a mean of 2.4 sessions (SD 1.7; range 2-5 sessions) and continuation of standard anti-allergic pharmacological treatment. Of 79 randomised patients, 66 completed one, and 52 completed two seasons. Retrospective VAS scores yielded significant improvements in year 1 in patients who had learned self-hypnosis: pollinosis symptoms -29.2 (VAS score, range 0-100; SD 25.4; p < 0.001), restriction of well-being -26.2 (VAS score, range 0-100; SD 28.7; p < 0.001. In year 2, the control group improved significantly having learned self-hypnosis as well: pollinosis symptoms -24.8 (SD 29.1; p < 0.001), restriction of well-being -23.7 (SD 30.0; p < 0.001). Daily self-reports of subjects who learnt self-hypnosis do not show a significant improvement. The hazard ratio of reaching a critical flow of 70% in nasal provocation tests was 0.333 (95% CI 0.157-0.741) after having learnt and applied self-hypnosis.

And if you can figure all that out, you obviously didn't sleep through statistics class.

More peace,


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