I want to teach you something valuable in every newsletter. Your input into my focus group taught me a few things!

Well, well, well. I think I have discovered something rather nutty. You all are an excellent focus group. That is not the nutty part. What intrigued me the most in last weeks opinion polls is the variety of responses to the ads. Everyone hears things differently and we all have a style that appeals to us and motivates us. From the hundreds upon hundreds of comments I received ( I read em all) I learned that one man's ying is another man's yang.
Below are a few comments from Ad #3. As you can see everyone interprets what they hear in a way that fits with their values.
Here are a few comments on the radio ad test; each one is from a different listener.

Slow down, you sound like a huckster.
You sound VERY earnest during this commercial
Hi, this is Wendi the Hypnotherapist- makes it sound cheesy
This has a lot of compassion, and may be good for the person who needs a gentle nudge.
This is it. Sounds genuine sincere and personal.
This one sounds too pushy...too unbelievable...
You sounded sincere, concerned and a woman with answers.
Your delivery is very inviting
Too whiney and pleading.
Can you change your number to 69 happy?
What the heck is a patient-parent??? (Find out)

All of this brings me to an interesting point…
The point is this- if you are in the business of selling things to people, you need to fill their need, not yours. Your brain thinks in one mode. Slow, fast, intense, serene, whatever. If you are an intense person, and you present your product or service to an intense person, they are going to think that you are a gift to the world. If however, you are presenting this to a serene person, they will hope you will crawl back under your rock and shut the h-e-doublehockysticks up. Some of you are clueless about creating rapport, while others are experts and know how to astutely fine tune your delivery to your recipient. The real art is in connecting with a person to make them feel comfortable. Once they are comfortable (because you are just like them) you can give them your very convincing pitch in a way that resonates with the way they hear things.
Our focus group results show such an excellent example of this. One person says it sounds sincere, or earnest, while another says too unbelievable and pushy. You were all listening to the same ad. Trust me, I read hundreds of these comments. Once size doesn't fit all, folks. But it does give me an idea for future ads. More about that next week. I will mend my ways.

How do you get your communication to have impact?

  • match the listener- feel their pace and go with it
  • feel what they feel- uncross your arms and legs. Open your space to listen and feel. Don't be so eager to jump in and talk. Ask a question and feeeel the answer. We connect on emotion and non-verbals.
  • create rapport- let them know you understand. Repeat back to them what you think they are saying, what you think they need, what their goal is.
  • choose your outcome- get into a light state of trance while talking to them and let your intention be silently communicated. (just don't let your eyes get all glassy. That is really creepy) They can smell fear, OR they can absorb your confidence and certainty. And what should your intention be? Glad you asked.
  • create an intention that benefits THEM
    Here we go!
    Scenario A- your outcome is to make a sale, get some money in the bank, you have to close this one or you will get fired and kicked to the curb.
    Scenario B- you understand that your client needs to streamline their thingy (insert their need here) and you imagine and visualize how smoothly their business will operate and how happy and pleased they will be with your super widgets catapulting them to success.

    Either way, they are going to sniff you out.
    Fear and desperation, or sincerity and compassion.
    I am very sure that you have been around a few of the salesman who are desperately trying to clinch the deal and have no interest in who or what you are all about. And you probably have been eager to buy from the guy who really makes you feel like you are important and that your feelings matter.
    (side note- Almost everything we need can be summed up by one basic core need. We want to matter. It matters that we matter. Bottom line, if we matter, we are lovable. In all my years of doing therapy with clients, being lovable is at the core of all our needs.)

    You can't hide your intention. If you are struggling with success, check your intention. Those of you who have done my Abundance program
    already know how important your intention is. The sniffers are sniffin ya. When it smells real, you're in.
    And how do you go about having this stellar intention? I am glad you asked.
    It happens from the inside out.
    Stop talking! Hear, really feel, relax and breathe it all in. My Persuasion program
    is the kick butt solution to make you shift from the inside out. Nothing better than persuasive innards.
    You will stop interrupting others, create rapport intuitively, connect with others without words, learn language patterns that change minds, and just a lot more. There is even a cold calling cd included
    that will hypnotize you to love this unbearable task. Just don't call me at dinner time.

    It is no big secret. Penn Jillette says I can cure cancer. I better hurry up and bottle that up. If only it was true… read my blog about how a famous magician does the greatest act of all- making the truth disappear. Go to the blog, read and comment.
    And for gosh sakes, don't believe everything you see on TV. Or on the radio. Except for my commercials. Okay?

    Read, rant, reply. You can post your comments about these newsletters for all to see. I get such intriguing and stimulating (that is putting it mildly) responses to my newsletters.
    Guess what? I read every response. Then I lift my bloody stumps of fingers back onto the keyboard and try to answer them all. Dang, I type way too much.
    And now, if you want to share your comments with the world, you can do so on the blog. Just find the comment button. Go crazy. Really.

    From Last Week-
    Some of you got it!
    Wendi's Thumbless News- referred to the finger found in the chili at Wendy's, in case you missed the obscure reference. Hot and juicy. Two of my favorite things in life.

    Your help is needed and there is something in it for you, of course.
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    Hot and juicy, I promise.

    Something FREE for everyone!

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    Enjoy your weekend!
    Peace on Earth,


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    More results from our focus group last week.
    Audio track number 1
    145 votes  --I love this ad, it gets my curiosity up
    187 votes  --I feel mildly interested, sounds good.
    38 votes   --I feel nothing, not even a blip on the radar
    67 votes   --I would reach over and turn off my radio if I heard this

    Audio track number 2
    137 votes --I would instantly want to call and get this for myself
    212 votes --Probably a good thing, but doesn't light a fire under my butt
    27 votes   --You are really thinking of putting this on the air?
    4 votes    --This ad makes me want to throw my radio out of my car window

    Audio track number 3
    123 votes --This is just smokin hot, a brilliant piece of work.
    156 votes --Ya know, I will think about it.
    12 votes   --This is just a load of crap
    10 votes     --OK, now I am going to just drive off the road and into the lake

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