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Monday- at 11 am PST and 6 PM PST
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One of the most important and often most challenging aspects of therapy is finding the self sabotage or secondary gain. I will have a one hour F-R-E-E seminar on the internet that will explain how secondary gain works, what the heck a part is, and what you can do to find the positive intention.
As always, I will hypnotize you during the webinar.

Every behavior (I am talking about the really nasty, gnarly behaviors) has a positive intention. A part of us wants something good, but the only way it knows how to get it is by doing something bad.

In our forums, I get asked about this parts problem repeatedly. Many people will do their parts therapy session and say that nothing comes up! They draw a blank and get frustrated. Others start to do the parts therapy and the part is just raging out of control and as soon as they ask, their heart starts pounding and the emotions, tears and snot begin to gush. (kinda like Paula Abdul when Constantine got booted) (Can you believe that snot running down her nose? ICKY!)

The best way to do parts therapy is with a therapist in person. For those of you who are not ready, or cannot afford a private session, the CD is a great way to learn about our parts, create communication, ask the part what it needs and begin to resolve the issue.

Life feels very different when you get your parts issues sorted out, and no longer have two parts that are fighting each other. I believe that these parts conflicts (also called ego states) are responsible for most of our bad behavior.

If you have ever said to yourself, "A part of me really wants to exercise, but another part really wants to lay here on the couch and watch Dr. Phil yell at those pitiful, lazy people". As you reach for another chocolate ho ho, you realized that these two parts of you are fighting, and you know which one is winning! Hand me a ho ho, girlfriend!

Positive intention- the part wants to keep you down, on the couch, letting chocolaty sweet crumbs collect on your face. Why?

A. because you are a bad person.

B. because that part of you wants love and it knows that mom always gave you ho ho's when you were sad, and now mom is gone and dang those ho ho's taste like a hug.

The correct answer is B. See what I mean? Your sad little part just wants a little love.

If you are sabotaging your life by drinking out of control, you have a part that thinks you should drink more. You ask the part why in the heck it would try to destroy your life like this. Pick one-

A. because you are a bad person

B. it is scared, and the only way it knows how to stop being scared is to drink. Then the part says, "Remember when mom and dad used to fight all the time and you were scared? And then mom would come in and hold you and cuddle you and tell you everything would be alright? And remember how she always smelled like alcohol?"
Now, the smell and taste of alcohol (and even the sound of the ice clinking in the glass) makes you feel less scared. And whenever you think about quitting drinking, the part feels threatened and says NOOOOO you cannot do that.
We need love.

I have included parts therapy in most of my programs because I believe it is the heart and soul of creating permanent change. If you keep on doing stupid things (and it is not a result of being dropped on your head as a baby) to mess up your life, or you just procrastinate, or make stupid mysktakes when you are close to really succeeding at something, you have an issue.
Don't we all.
Yes we do.

One of my customers posted about her part on our forum recently. It really describes the parts problem very well. You can read this and more posts and comment and ask questions. At least when she went on the food blitz her new veggie craving took over! Forums are listed below.

Dear Wendi,

I am on day three and I have been doing fantastic eating better and working out harder, this really has worked. BUT as I started into the parts therapy I started crying , my heart started beating hard and fast, I got a heavy sad feeling in my heart, so that was my spot ?, when I asked for an answer all I (thought )? was LOVE. I got to the third question to my heart what do you want I got so mad or aggravated I got up went straight to the kitchen and ate! I am still mad writing this but I am going to stay positive. WENDI, I just have to ask what do I do now? Start over, try parts again......I have been so high on the feeling that I am making positive changes and seeing results.
P.S. I did go to the kitchen and eat, BUT it was a salad!

The great thing about this post is that it helps us realize how powerful our parts are when they are threatened. This is a screaming lou d example of how much emotion is packed into our parts, and when they are threatened how much harder they will work to get what they want. In this case it was food.

For me personally, my biggest breakthrough in my struggle with money was when I found the part that wanted me to stay poor. I was blown away at what I discovered when the real motivation of the part was revealed. My entire life changed and with a few other hypnotic adjustments, I got over my need to fail, and life just got easier and more abundant. Yes, indeedy, it did.

The following programs have sessions with parts therapy that is focused on finding out specifically WHY you do the bad thing when you want to do the good thing.

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Until next time,
Peace on earth!


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