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Boxing is just weird. I don`t understand why we work so hard to keep people safe, make them wear seat belts, helmets on bikes, and then put grown men in the ring and let them beat the crap out of each other. We don`t allow cockfighting, kids can`t climb trees at school, but men can get their brains knocked silly in a ring (that is padded, by the way) until they are a bloody mush.

However, if you combine boxing with hypnosis, you have my full, undivided attention. Mike Tyson apparently has 2 brain cells left (no less, no more) and will use them up in yet another fight. Some very smart guy from Ireland is using his brain cells, but just to clinch the deal he has a hypnotist in his corner of the ring.
Here is an excerpt from the article-
You can read the entire thing here. (not sure why anyone would want to)

The Irish heavyweight champion fighting out of Brockton and living in Dorchester will face the biggest and potentially most devastating challenge of his career June 11 when he journeys to Washington to face Mike Tyson in what is arguably a must-win fight for both. Tyson will be surrounded by a posse of hard cases. McBride will come with his hypnotist.
You need a strong mind to overcome the myth of Tyson and that's where a hypnotist fits into McBride's plans for an upset.

''That's my secret weapon," said the 6-foot-6-inch McBride yesterday. ''It's good to be around confident people. It's good to talk with confident people. To become a champion, you need that confidence. Hypnotists say all the right things to you.

''I want to be 100 percent ready for this fight and I'm willing to work with anybody to be 100 percent ready. I know there's a lot of negativity out there about my chances but I'm not reading the papers or listening to the media. I'm getting ready to beat Mike Tyson on a world stage."

OK, so I don't like boxing, but I do like hypnosis. I like it when people play nice, and don`t hurt each other. Having two boys of my own, I understand their genetically fueled need to fight and conquer. If I am ever asked to hypnotize a boxer, I would have a real problem. When I help an athlete, I describe the imagery, the feel, the smells, the sounds, and in as much detail as possible to integrate as many senses as possible into the experience.

Imagine this-
Here we are, me and the boxer dude. He is reclined in a very big chair. Soft music is playing. I say very nice, masterfully created words and sentences that put him in a state of blissful pleasure. (my tummy feels funny already, as I write this)
Next, I say, ``As you see your opponents eyes, you are quick, fast, intuitive. You reach, jab, duck, and begin to feel your lightening fast reflexes. You are sensing his moves before he does.
As your punches land, you feel the flesh compress beneath your power, the skin bursts under your relentless jabs, you notice the sound of body fluids squirting from the pulsing veins. The smell of blood mixes with the sweat as it spurts harder with each blow from your glove. (I am not enjoying this) The sheer power of your timing makes your more forceful as you beat out of him any remaining brain function he had. (I told you, I hate boxing) As you see the mouthgard fly out of Tyson's mouth onto the mat, you catch the glint of his white teeth, and instinctively your gloved hands cover your ears as you feel his hot breath and sharp teeth approaching…``

I will probably never be a hypnotist for a famous boxer. I think I will stick to golf, tennis and ice skating. But I have to admit it was strangely interesting to imagine hypnosis with a boxer.

Now I will try to relax my churning stomach.
Breathe in, breath out.

Need a blast of power in your sport? Try this-
Stop thinking and trying.
Close your eyes.
Choose a segment of the sport that you would like to master. Have a distinct beginning and end, such as a golf swing, or a double play on the outfield, or driving it to the hoop on the court.
Go through the sequence in very slooooowwww motion, allowing your mind to absorb every delicious detail. Feel it, see it, even hear the sounds in slow motion.
Do that sequence 3 times.
Now get ready to do it in real time, but first create 3 anchors.
Visual, Kinesthetic, Auditory.
Make sure these anchors have no negative associations.
Put yourself at the beginning of your sequence, use the three anchors.
The thing you see- like the back of your glove, the top of your club, the logo on the bat, etc.
The thing you feel- a squeeze of the ball, the grip of the club, etc.
The thing you hear- find a word or phrase that embodies this power state. Say it over and over in your mind until it resonates in your body.

Now begin in full speed, full motion and bring out all the power and force of your game.
Do this three times.
There is your mini course in sports hypnosis.
The next, and most important thing, is to take yourself to the end of the game. Experience yourself winning and see if you feel you deserve to win. Notice if you have any hesitation or unworthiness about winning. Make this as real as possible, with the prizes, the press, the adulation. Find any feelings that you have that are not congruent with winning.
If you have some negative feelings about this, the next step is to find them and resolve them. Many professional athletes I have worked with are still fighting a negative event in their past that holds them back. Once that is released, they can push forward without crumbling when they are close to a win.

Sports Mind will take you into the mind of your game. Can you put on your face of intimidation? Can you summon your power play when you just made an error? Can you stay accurate when the pressure is the greatest?
This CD set will help. Find out how, now.
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It's true- the reminder letter you received on Monday had the wrong date. You have Shawn to spank for that. He used the text from the reminder last week, and the date slipped by his extremely accurate eye for detail.

HOWEVER, thanks to all of you astute readers I received 1000s of emails alerting me to this error! It was great fun to hear from so many of you! My apologies for not responding personally to each and every one of you. Feel free, however, to harass Shawn in any way you see fit.

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Many of you have enjoyed talking to, and emailing my wonderful staff. Now is your chance to uncover the mystery of who is really who.

I will tell you a little something about each one. Try and match the name of the person in the picture.

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Nicola- she is the organized one, always happy, remembers everything. She expertly keeps us all in line.

Winfield- scrutinizes your orders, the strong silent type. Your order went out fast because of him.

Bryan- Masterfully creates artwork and does CD mixing. This guy is always happy. Some say he was at the last supper.

Jennifer- she taught me how to twirl poi. She is going to light my poi on fire soon. If I need a hug or some organic food, I go to her. Ask her anything. She is made of love.

Roderick- Our photo and video expert. Funny, very creative, full of surprises. Trust me.

Melissa- The nicest, sweetest person you ever want to know. She's an angel.

Sherese- Brave and wise. She is just starting to figure us all out.

Adam- Nutty, whacky, oozes with talent. Hire him for your next party. Elvis would be proud.

Shawn- Is there anything he can't do on the computer? Just ask, he is on it. The glue that holds our 1s and 0s together. Bless you.

Richard- Internet and web wizard. He gets more interesting every day! He could use a good car. Anyone with an extra auto, give him a shout.

Tim- He will always make you laugh. Shoots and edits all the videos and is creating our new tv commercials. One of the most creative guys on this earth.

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You need a strong mind to overcome the myth of Tyson and that's where a hypnotist fits into McBride's plans for an upset.

''That's my secret weapon," said the 6-foot-6-inch McBride yesterday. ''It's good to be around confident people. It's good to talk with confident people. To become a champion, you need that confidence. Hypnotists say all the right things to you.

''I want to be 100 percent ready for this fight and I'm willing to work with anybody to be 100 percent ready. I know there's a lot of negativity out there about my chances but I'm not reading the papers or listening to the media. I'm getting ready to beat Mike Tyson on a world stage."



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