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So, you want to get your Stomach Stapled.
You are worried that your Stomach might actually fall out when the staples let loose.
What's a person to do?
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With stomach stapling surgery on the rise, I have to wonder if it really is an option. Read the current stats on this risky surgery.
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I had a client who lost 150 pounds after her stapling. However, her brain still thinks she is hungry and needs more food- so she eats and vomits, then eats some more and vomits. Get the picture?
She came to see me to help her stop eating so much. Her brain wants more, but her sporty new little itty bitty stomach is bulging at the staples. After we did a few sessions she said that she wished she had known about hypnosis before she did the surgery. Hypnosis made her brain stop the hunger signals.

Did you know that we have a nifty little hypnosis CD that is called Virtual Stomach Stapling? It could trick your brain into thinking you too have that sporty new designer stomach.

What if it really is all in your mind?
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Hypnosis- I have heard from many of our customers who are diabetic that use our hypnosis CDs. Within hours or days of using the CDs their insulin levels go down. Think about this- when insulin goes up the cells cannot break down fat.
The Carbs- those grains and sugars- make your insulin levels go up, making the body store the food as fat while at the same time preventing the breakdown of fat.
Why do people lose the fat with hypnosis? For reasons we don't quite understand, hypnosis lowers insulin, making the body breakdown fat and NOT storing the food as fat. Amazing. Time for your
ZEN OF THIN, I think.

Dear Wendi,
Thought I would just let you know that I lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks, and have reduced to almost nothing my diabetic medications. You are a God Send !!! May God continue to Bless you and your Business. I just wanted to thank you for your CD's - My life has totally changed, I Love you so much, you have given me a new a new look on life. I am happy and very contented. I look forward to a new day every day - Please continue to produce your CD's - You are a GOD Send to me. I was a Failure for 25 years - I thought there was no program out there for Procrastination - Someday I will personally thank you in person perhaps in a seminar.
May God Bless You
Mike R
P.S - I think you have a VERY SEXY VOICE

Do It Now

Mike, you are VERY welcome. I am so grateful to be part of your life in this way and that your health is improving. Good to hear you are loving the Do It Now CDs. They are my favorite too. Changed my life as well. No more procrastinating!



Ten steps to stop you cold on your search for success.
1 Tell everyone you know how bad things are. Tell them as convincingly as possible that the economy is bad, there is no market for your product, people aren't spending money these days, etc.

2 Hang out with friends that you have something in common with. Stay tight with your unemployed slacker friends, wallow in your pity together, and support each other in negative talk about your sorry future.

3 Keep your head down and avoid eye contact. Make sure no one sees any real glimmer of hope in your face and keep ALL opportunities that others have for you from being offered. You can do this!

4 Tell yourself repeatedly why you can't make it. Blame it on your Dad, Mom, boss... anyone who seems to have taken away your will to live. Be sure to state it in the positive. "I am positive I am a loser, my coach was right, I really will amount to nothing".

5 Only focus on what you do NOT want.Of course you do not want more of the misery and failure and bad luck that you have had, so focusing on this may help you to know what you need to prevent.

6 Remember that the past ALWAYS equals the future. Repeat after me "things will never change, my life has always been filled with disappointments". Try to recall memories where you have failed and make them very bright and vivid in your mind.

7 Stay focused. If you have had bad luck in the past, ONLY think about the bad things. Don't let the little successes creep into your thoughts. Repeat (and put it to music for extra effect) "if it weren't for bad luck, I wouldn't have no kind of luck at all".

8 Never ever, no matter how tempting, let yourself write down your goals, outcomes or desires. Don't even write it on a little tiny post it note. Writing is a waste of time and just uses up valuable pencil lead. And you know that nobody ever accomplished anything by writing down concise and clear outcomes.

9 Write a very basic resume, and just fax it to any and all employers. Don't send a cover letter (just a waste of time) and do NOT follow up. Avoid using words and phrases that indicate creativity and desire. When you get no responses you will realize that nobody is hiring. Go back to rule #2 and talk about it.

10 When a free webinar is offered for things like confidence, abundance, positive thinking, remind yourself that motivation never works. Those speakers are making way to much money selling fluff. None of that could ever help, after all, you saw a Tony Robbins book at a garage sale once... and those people were being evicted.

Just in case you want to live by new rules, come to my free ABUNDANCE WEBINAR. Free internet seminar on Saturday May 22. All you need is speakers.Get hypnotized to love what you do and be a magnet to money.
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Your invited. Join us as we grow.
New office, new attitude, new ways to expand your mind and your bank account.

Our new accountant!
(ok, just kidding. He is our electrician)

Peace on earth,


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