The magazine editor asked me what the name of the doctor that I was working with, and while the name escaped me, I said "it will come to me in a minute". (resisted the temptation to say, "I can't remember") He needed to interview the MD that I worked with years ago. The harder I tried to think of it, the more elusive it became. Dang. Itís in my brain somewhere. (in a moment I will tell you how cool I am) ;)


They say we remember everything we ever learned; the problem is accessing the information. The stress that is created when we TRY to think of something creates a gap between the stored information and our conscious brain.
I know that you know what I am talking about.  Especially with names, we have hypnotized ourselves to believe that we have a bad memory. How many times have you said to yourself, I am so bad with names! Amazingly enough, you get what you ask for.


As I was talking to the editor, I stopped trying to remember the doctorís name, took a deep breath, closed my eyes, and imagined a door.  I told my brain that the name would instantly come to me when I opened the door.

Crazy stuff our mind can do when we ask. And it is so much easier than trying.

I barely cracked the imaginary door and the name Dr. Rose flew out at me. When you give your brain a technique to search for something and then make it an unconscious process, you

And that is how cool I am. You can be this cool, read on.

When you need to remember something important, like a phone number, finding out where you put your dang keys, or what you named your first born, you can imagine a door. The answer is going to smack you in the face when you open it. Do the process rather quickly so you donít have time to screw it up by overanalyzing it. 

If you need help getting the process drilled into your brain, just get the PROBLEM SOLVER CD and you will be a master of your very own mind. There a special deal on this at the bottom of the newsletter.
You can do other amazing things with your brain and this CD. You can find lost objects, make hard decisions, find solutions when you are stuck. Honestly, I donít know how I got along without this. It is so much easier than running around saying, where did I leave my #@(*$& keys. Breathe, close your eyes, think about a door that has the answer on the other side, open them and be amazed.




Two things-
Being tired is a bad thing.
Driving while you are tired is a really bad thing.


Donít you hate that feeling you get while driving? Your face gets warm, your eyes get heavy, the AC is turned on high, you stick your head out the window hoping that a 70 mph blast of air will wake you up.


Nothing seems to work and you begin to wonder if the next thing you will notice is the sensation of flying as you wake up just in time to enjoy soaring through the air over the edge of the freeway. You land safe and sound in grassy field, but still it scared the shlt out of you.

Vowing to never drive tired again, your reach over to turn down the radio that is still blasting. As you realized that you are not paralyzed from the landing, your fingers reach for the knob and you stop. You hear it. That ad again.
Yes, that ad. The one that has annoyed you with great frequency.
You know the one. Wendi`s voice yapping away about the power nap CD.
You regain consciousness just in time to hear her say ``and feel refreshed and energized in just 10 minutes`` and you wish you had it about 10 minutes ago.

Truckers love our power nap CD. Why? Because they can pull over and get a quick fix, get energized and continue driving with a buzz of energy. The power nap is not a substitute for a good nights sleep, but it sure can get you through the rough spots on a long day. A movie director tells me that she uses it when she has one of those 24 hour shoots and she stays alert and focused all night. Students tell me that it helps them study when they are dog tired and have an exam the next day.

When will you get yours?

What will you use it for?

When I was making the power nap CDs I was totally amazed at the energy I had just from recording it. I am not kidding. Whenever I record CDs I get the effects of whatever I am recording.

Truck drivers, delivery drivers, commuters, students, and anyone who needs a blast of energy in just a few minutes, get this now. POWER NAP special below.



Hereís the deal. I am going away. Far away. If by any chance there is broadband on the island, I will do a webinar from my laptop. I will send out an email if I am able to get it all figured out. I am on strict orders to do NO work on this excursion, but I would miss all of you so much. I really enjoy our webinars. It is great fun for me and I learn a thing or two every time.

Last Monday we worked on changing our core beliefs. The basis for creating change in our personality comes from our beliefs. Our beliefs are held in place with six major aspects that create and support our personality. No matter how firmly you resolve to change something bothersome about your personality, unless you find and resolve all six aspects, you will be stuck with your annoying self for a few more decades.
I have a CD that explains the Six Elements of Permanent Personality Change. You can get it free when you order LOVE THYSELF or HAPPINESS 101.
If you donít like yourself, change.
If you are sad, get happy.  Learn how, now. This bonus is worth 29.00 and will be included with every Love Thyself or Happiness 101 order.

You can change. You are not hopeless. (phew- had you worried) You just have to understand what is lurking at each gnarly level of your core beliefs. After 10 years of manipulating minds, I know that these aspects of belief must be resolved entirely before change can occur. Resolving all six of the aspects might be the reason that my programs have been so effective.

The ALCOHOL FREEDOM program is a great example. Quitting drinking shouldnít be easy by any stretch. But, (and it is a big but) there are 1000s of people who have used my Alcohol Freedom CDs and they say it was easy. Sort of.
By changing the core belief about being a non-drinker and letting go of the belief that says you have to struggle to stop, they set in motion an entirely new belief system about drinking. Read all about it on the forum.

The Webinars are getting to be more fun every week. We have a great crowd and always have a few laughs. I get to hypnotize you and you get to win prizes. What could be better?

In the first five minutes of Mondayís webinar I realized my little dog was barking in the back yard. She never barks, so this must have been a cataclysmic event of extreme importance. I told everyone in the webinar room to hang on a minute and I went outside to see my crazed bichon barking at nothing. Well, it turned out I just didnít look hard enough. That odd ticking sound clued me in.

The second biggest rattlesnake I have ever seen was coiled and getting curious about how we would taste as a combo. Screaming woman, little white dog, and now the kitten ventures out to see what the commotion is all about. With my sweet little barking dog in my arms, I swoop up the cat (my adorable little Bengal), I run with my still squealing self, and make it back into the house.
The good news is that I now get to call the fire department. A house full of firemen is never a bad thing.
As I breathed heavily into the mic we continued the webinar. There is something about the sound of rattles that creeps me out bad. Especially when it is at the end of a snake. These particular ones were about the size of my little finger. Big snake.
Now, if your heart is beating a little fast and you stomach is a little tight and your head feels a bit woozy... you may have...
a phobia of snakes? Try our NO FEAR CD. Banish that fear.

Power Nap- get it now, and get a 50.00 gift.
Choose either one of these below.
Use coupon POWER.
Power Nap essential- teach your brain and body to perk right up. 49.00
Power Nap mega- learn to power nap AND end insomnia. 99.00
THE GIFT- 2 CDs. Power Experience and Power Posture. You will be one powerful being!


Problem Solver- Free with any order! Pick out a CD that you have been wanting, craving, desiring, and use the coupon SOLVER and we will add this to your order at no cost.

Coming soon, from a beach in the south pacific,,,
My search for peace on earth.


With gratitude from all of us at





PS- you can still get the two for one on the Alcohol Program this week. Give the second one to a friend, to a shelter, to your local club for an auction. Enter coupon 2for1 at checkout. You are just about ready to quit drinking and get your life back, arenít you?


PSS- go to the forums, read, post and learn.


PPSS- oops, almost forgot. is a huge directory of Hypnotherapists around the world. Get on it, and get yourself registered. Find a great therapist in your area. Did you know that the Zen of Thin and the Alcohol Freedom programs come with a complimentary PRIVATE session with one of these therapists?

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